View Full Version : Upgrade path for BMCC v2 (hypothetical)

11-30-2012, 11:03 AM
With all the of time on our hands, we have given to flights of fancy and v2 designs on a camera yet to debut for most of us. But I wonder... If v2 is announced at NAB, that would be just 4 months of use, given that they probably would try again for a summer release, and given that their learned their many, many lessons from this fiasco, it would only give v1 users about 9 months of use, and that's only if there aren't further delays into 2013.
So, what should we get for staying with the v1 camera? I would be PISSED if they announced a better camera at NAB and I just got the one I was supposed to get 9 months before a matter of weeks prior to the announcement! I would have a great many demands and a great number of complaints, and I would want a way for my idiotic and foolish loyalty to be rewarded instead of spat on.

I know it seems stupid, but this may well be the reality for a great many of us.
What do you think...