View Full Version : For Sale: Quadro 5000 with 2.5GB Ram

11-26-2012, 10:18 PM
I just pulled this from a brand new Dell Precision Workstation that we are using that does not need this kind of graphic horsepower. I am debating wether to keep it or not and use it for my editing system at this point but it might be overkill even for that. I'd consider selling it for about half of what they go for new....so maybe $800 or so. Anyone looking to upgrade but didn't want to sink $1700+ interested?

FYI....I have been around on the DVinfo net forums since around 1998 and have sold dozens of items there including several $4000-$5000 cameras so my rep is a good one. I can give you more info about me if you are seriously interested. I was also a regular at DVXuser back in my DVX days.