View Full Version : HD-SDI output: Pulldown?

Peter J. DeCrescenzo
05-01-2012, 06:14 PM
I'd like to use an external HDSDI-to-HDMI converter with the BMCC to connect to relatively inexpensive >17" 1080p HDTVs primarily for focus.

Apologies in advance if I'm asking this question wrong ... ;-)

Might some HDTVs be incompatible with the BMCC unless the cam can add pulldown to the HDSDI output when the cam is recording 23.98?

Am I correct that converters such as BmD's Mini Converter & Battery Converter (or Hyperdeck Shuttle for that matter) only pass through the source format w/o adding pulldown?

Or is this a non-issue because most HDTVs can cope with 23.98 sources?

Appreciate clarification on this.

05-01-2012, 08:41 PM
Technically a 23.98 source (no pulldown added) via SDI then converted to 23.98 HDMI signal does not meet the HDMI spec. That said, I have yet to find a monitor that will not read it. Some converters (the better ones) will automatically add the pulldown to make it to spec. So a true 23.98 SDI will convert to 29.97 HDMI (23.98 with pulldown added). I personally have a 24" Sony Google TV that I use for a client monitor and it excepts the 23.98 conversion out of my Hyperdeck shuttle 2 just fine. My SmallHD DP6 also excepts the nonstandard signal.