View Full Version : Advice regarding Pro Res 422 LT converted from EX3 footage

09-25-2012, 06:14 PM
Hi - if I may take advantage of the collective knowledge here...

My work uses EX3s to record events and talks along with other kinds of filming and is partnering to create a TV channel using a TV app. The delivery format needs to be Pro Res but we're in some dilemma about which version. The EX3 info I can find tells me it records at 35Mbps in the highest quality setting and Pro Res 422 LT can handle up to 85Mbps so I would think this would be fine as a delivery and storage codec. Some colleagues are worried about losing quality and so would rather use Pro Res 422 HQ or at least Pro Res 422 even though these will take up a lot more storage space. As far as I can see though, the HQ setting won't add quality that's not there to begin with and LT will be able to handle all the information just fine while giving us smaller files. We have a 24TB server so storage isn't an issue right now but I don't believe in pushing work further down the line if it can be resolved now!

Basically are the different Pro Res settings just a Mbps numbers game? Or is there another element in play that means 422 or HQ is the better option for the EX3 footage? Another colleague also suggested that LT isn't 'an ideal archive format' suggesting some kind of instability? I've never heard that before so would also appreciate some assurances there! (Otherwise I've got a lot of re-transcoding to do at home...)

Thanks so much in advance for an advice! All the best


09-25-2012, 08:20 PM
Best option is to run some tests. ProRes LT is not unstable but it's the lowest quality ProRes above Proxy. It was introduced to satisfy environments with only a 100Mbps infrastructure (regular ProRes is a bit higher) if i recall correctly. Here's the official white paper: