View Full Version : 2nd Unit Needed for B-Roll in Paris

09-24-2014, 07:11 AM
Hi there,

First time posting on the forum. I'm working on a feature length comedy that takes place in Paris. Think North by Northwest meets Charade sprinkled with a little Hot Fuzz. Much of filming for interior shots (more than two thirds of the film) is taking place where I'm based; NYC.

My team was just out in Paris a few weeks ago but due tight schedules, we didn't get all the shots we wanted. We really want more b-roll for coverage. i.e. various landmarks, random street shots etc. I have a full list.

This is a microbudget project so unfortunately it's not paid. All of us involved are just doing it for free. I make a living producing promos, adverts, things like that. This is more of a passion project. Though if the film gets attention at festivals we'd want to make sure you're getting your fair share of acknowledgement and proceeds (if it reaches that point).

We shoot on the BMCC and BMPCC and just so things are smooth in post, I'm looking here for fellow Blackmagic shooters. If you live in the Paris area and would be down for some quick b-roll or if you already have some that you'd be down to share then please do let me know!