View Full Version : audio setup: mic, pre-amp and field recorder.

09-07-2012, 12:29 PM
hey, right now i'm debating on a couple different options for my audio rig. I have a shoot in november that will be entirely one location indoors.
I am trying to figure out a dual audio solution that will provide optimal results. For the mic i'm looking into the sennheiser mkh-416 however i need a decent preamp and field recorder.
on a couple of my last shoots I was using various condenser mics going into a pre-sonus firepod and then recording into logic pro. I was able to achieve excellent results however I was very limited as far as portability.
any ideas on a simple 3 component setup including a mic, pre-amp and field recorder for under 2k. i need an extremely low SNR sort of like what i got using the firepod. i know the firepod doesn't have the best pre-amps however,
they were way better than any of the cheaper field recorder such as the zooms and tascams I have used without an external preamp. thanks in advance for any advice!

so far I was looking into the sennheiser mkh-416 and rode ntg-3 for a mic.
as for preamps/field mixers I checked out a couple sound devices and some of the juiced links.