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  1. Nikon Lens adaptor for BM URSA
  2. Speedbooster Backfocus Adjustment
  3. A Prime Lens with a non-fixed zoom OR A Fixed Zoom lens
  4. Color Shift in Vari-ND's
  5. The end all solution to the Vari ND vs Standard ND thread.
  6. Help With Metabones BMPCC Math
  7. Speed Booster + Sigma 18-35 Field curvature
  8. Anyone using the Rokinon 100mm macro DS?
  9. Considering the Sigma 8-16
  10. Is there a reason I should not purchase these lenses? (BMPCC)
  11. fisheye for bmpcc?
  12. Nikon 20mm f/2.8 AI-S for BMCC Speedbooster
  13. Neutral Density questions for BMC's from a landscape photographer/filter designer :)
  14. will Metabones Speedbooster take long lenses safely?
  15. Anamorphic lens
  16. Lenses for Sony A7S (1000 - 2000$ Budget per lens)
  17. My Panasonic blooms quite a bit @2.8
  18. (EF?) Lens(es) for practice with BMPCC and possible future use with Ursa Mini
  19. Canon FD lenses help
  20. Sigma 18-35mm Replacement???
  21. B4 Iris control
  22. Metabones MFT- EOS active- Limited Stop Increments
  23. Panasonic 42.5mm f1.7 on BMPCC
  24. Alternative Lens Hood When Using Step-Up Ring/Larger Filters...
  25. SLR Magic 2x Anamorphic 70mm lens
  26. Gear ring for Kiev lesnese
  27. Hoya ProND sale and (maybe) larger and square sizes w/ TOKINA brand
  28. Review - Cheapest, Widest and Fastest Lens for the BMPCC
  29. IR/ND options for BM camera with 112mm lens housing?
  30. panasonic 20mm aperture issues with bmpcc
  31. What MFT Focal length for BMPCC.
  32. Zeiss Jena Tevidons - Quick Review
  33. Sigma 18-35 Nikon Mount to EF?
  34. VND Polarization Effects: SLRMagic vs. Genus Eclipse
  35. Bought three C-Mounts and a cool Rear Cap
  36. speed booster + Canon L 24-105 IS
  37. Good macro lens? 1500$ Budget
  38. Difference between these lenses? 1500$ vs 800$
  39. Sigma's new full frame 24-35mm f/2 DG HSM Art Lens
  40. Someone please help me choose, so much confusion.
  41. The EF Mount Lens I Want for a Mini is. . .
  42. Panasonic 14mm F2.5 - Distortion?
  43. Metabones FD to M43 Speed Booster
  44. Some might find this useful
  45. Nikon 20mm f/3.5 AI-S compatible with Metabones Speedbooster?
  46. Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art Nikon + Speedbooster (comparisons to some other lenses also)
  47. Pocket and Speedbooster
  48. Canon 'L' Lens with the BEST IS?
  49. Samyang/Rokinon 16mm image circle
  50. Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm F4-5.6 BMPCC Compatibility
  51. bmpcc wide angle lens (not too heavy for small gimbal) ?
  52. 138mm circular polarizer Scneider Tru-Pol or Tiffen
  53. 138mm circular polarizer Schneider Tru-Pol or Tiffen
  54. Leica R primes test and comparison on BMPCC+Speed Booster
  55. Leica R Primes on the pocket
  56. Considering the Four Thirds lens: Panasonic Leica D Vario-Elmarit 14-50 mm f/2.8-3.5
  57. 100mm Interview Lens
  58. 70-200mm support on rails
  59. Autofocus update for EF Speedbooster
  60. Tokina Cine Lenses
  61. August 10tht is the day when things change in cine lens world
  62. Rokinon 24mm for BMPCC? Help
  63. Using camera crop factor to get two focal length from one lens?
  64. Voigtlander 10.5mm
  65. Eeek - Just purchased the Nikon Metabones speedster and a Sigma 18-35mm F1.8
  66. SLR Magic Rangefinder, samyang/rokinon VDSLR and Xeen
  67. Choosing a new 50mm taking lens for anamorphic
  68. Veydra in E-mount C-mount lens support coming
  69. Celere HS primes
  70. Price drop for Studio Cameras
  71. New Metabones "T" EF Speedbooster
  72. Canon 24-70 original and Mkii on the BMCC?
  73. Duclos Lenses rear 2x anamorphic adapter
  74. Problem with Panasonic 20mm Lens
  75. Canon Blue Spectrum Refraction - 35mm f/1.4L II USM
  76. Micro Studio Lenses for Students
  77. Affordable lens case option
  78. Looking to get URSA Mini 4K or 4.6K. Lens dilemma.
  79. Tokina 11-16 mm
  80. Sigma 70-200 f2.8
  81. tevidons
  82. Polarising filter?
  83. Non speedooster EF-M43 adapter with aperture?
  84. Best Two Roki's and Ef mount
  85. lightweight image stabilised zooms for the BMPCC?
  86. Problems with iris mechanishm on Canon 10-22 lens on BMPC Blackmagic 4k camera
  87. New Zeiss 6K lens set for Nikon/Canon mounts
  88. My greasy Genius Eclipse has seperated onto the floor.
  89. Zeiss Contax damaging the EF Metabones SB.
  90. NiSi 6K IRND filters for cimema
  91. Mitakon Speedmaster 25mm - MFT
  92. DS Line vs Xeen line reviews?
  93. BMPCC glass for 'hipster promotionals'
  94. For Sale : Yamaha Tyros 5 76 Key/Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3MP/Apple iPhone 6 plus 128
  95. New prices on the xeen cinema primes lenses
  96. New Tokina 11-16mm with a PL Mount
  97. M42 screw mount adapters may short the electronic contacts!
  98. Quick thoughts on Xeen vs. SLR Magic
  99. BMPCC + El Chelpo PL + Zeiss Super Speeds MK1 + Anamorphot
  100. B4 HD ⅔" ENG zoom with servo for direct connection to URSA Mini 4.6K PL camera
  101. Are our vintage lenses Radioactive?
  102. Xlr magic's new rangefinder lens begs the question.
  103. Guessing What Len is coming Next By Xeen.
  104. Fast Stabilized Zoom for BMPCC?
  105. Master Primes on URSA?
  106. Cheap and dirty... ND filter FOTGA not so bad than i thought
  107. Celere hs - more affordable cine primes
  108. Using Anamorphic Lenses on a EF Mount Blackmagic Production Camera
  109. Lens Breathing Question
  110. TAIR-41M 50mm Kiev 16u lense broken?
  111. Anyone else experienced this weird aperture issue with BMPCC and Metabones SB?
  112. Heads up - Nikon gear sale at KEH
  113. Rapido Anamorphic Lens Adapter
  114. Anyone out there using the active EF to BMCC 2.5K Metabones Speedbooster?
  115. PL lens on EF mount : the solution
  116. EF 50mm 1.8 STM + (BMPCC-) Speedbooster noise
  117. Lens Help
  118. Simple EF-S 18-135mm modification for Speedbooster
  119. [Advice] Lomo RFs, Thoughts and Experiences?
  120. AutoFocus issue - Metabones EF to BMPCC SpeedBooster - Sigma 17-50 lens
  121. Tamron SP lenses EF mount
  122. Lens Servicing - how often
  123. eLens adaptors - the in's and out's
  124. Aperture Settings, Sharpness, and Lens 'Sweet Spots'
  125. Nikon 55mm Macro Speedbooster BMPCC incompatible?
  126. What's a great inexpensive 85mm lens?
  127. Is a standard Nikon-to-MFT Speedbooster safe on the Pocket Camera?
  128. What's a great wide "pancake" lens for the Pocket Cinema Camera?
  129. Are there any optical "issues" with the Sigma 18-35mm on a BMPCC SpeedBooster?
  130. Rokinon paired with Sigma Art series
  131. Rokinon Cine DS rebates on BH
  132. Rokinon 100 mm DS ...how macro is macro?
  133. what's the crop factore on window mode on URSA mini
  134. Speedbooster vs Smart Adapter conundrum
  135. 95mm Front Adatpers for the Rokinon DS Cine Lens Series
  136. 77mm ND 's on Zeiss CP2 Compact Primes
  137. Matte box for 114MM front size lens
  138. Interesting fast inexpensive manual MFT 25mm lens
  139. Rokinon primes vs Panasonic zoom ?
  140. Tevidon focus issue
  141. canon 2/3" b4 lens on bmpcc
  142. Sigma or Tamron photo lenses on BMPCC - Canon or Nikon mount?
  143. URSA Mini 4k EF - Best wide lenses? Damn crop factor
  144. Leica R lenses
  145. New Anamorphic Lens design.
  146. Anyone ever used Cooke Sk4's on BMPCC?
  147. If you have to buy a lens for BMCC
  148. diference in metabones BMCC and metabones BMPC
  149. Canon TV Lenes
  150. Super Interesting Cooke Zoom- really special one
  151. Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Tele-Xenar
  152. FOTGA and HAIDA 4x4 ND Filter Test - BMPCC
  153. Will you be replacing your sigma 18-35mm with the newly announced tokina 14-20mm f2?
  154. circle of confusion for bmcc with speedbooster?
  155. Lens Turbo II Adapter with C mount and FD lenses can't focus at all
  156. If I can only have 1 lens (choice of two inside)
  157. Long lens on par with Sigma 18_35 ?
  158. Nikon SB & Sigma 18-35 or EF SB (active) & Sigma 18-50 for BMPCC
  159. Metabones Speedbooster Question
  160. Nisi vs Firecrest
  161. Do we knw for sure that ef-s lenses will work on the ursa mini 4.6?
  162. Best C-mount Lens for Medium, Close Ups, and follow focusing
  163. lens diffraction - when does it start with Speedbooster on BMPCC?
  164. best lenses for micro gimbal (pilotfly h1+ or beholder ds1) for narrative work
  165. aperture of panasonic lumix 20mm 1.7f
  166. Whats a great medium wide Nikon mount lens for use with a stabiliser?
  167. Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K Camera
  168. Low profile wide angle for ursa mini 4k?
  169. anyone worked with the Veydra mini primes with a bmpcc
  170. Telelens suggestions?
  171. Nikon glass on Ursa
  172. Anamorphic lens on bmd cameras
  173. Sony CineAlta Primes
  174. Which prime should I buy? 24mm or 35mm?
  175. Sigma Art 50-100 1.8
  176. Nikon to ef mount adaptor question? For BMPC4K
  177. Canon 24mm STM on BMPCC
  178. A practical telephoto to match sigma 18-35
  179. Canon 55-250mm with Metabones EF- MFT BMCC Speedbooster incompatible?
  180. Ageneiux 17.5-70 missing rear
  181. anyone use EF-S 18-135 with SB ?
  182. Tamon 17-50 VC Zoom broke - suggested replacements?
  183. Panasonic 12-35mm stabilization not working
  184. Decent zoom lens for URSA 4.6K?
  185. Please recommend a great wide angle lens.. Nikon mount...
  186. Recommended screw-on filters for Ursa Mini 4.6K.
  187. Is there a BMCC EF Mount speed booster?
  188. I found this amazing short film shot with the BMPCC: Was a Speedbooster used?
  189. speed booster for micro cinema
  190. ef speed booster with other lens
  191. Sigma 18-35 Sony Mount to EF
  192. SLR Magic Rangerfinder Cine Adapter safe filter size?
  193. which focal length would you choose?
  194. 3 BMPCC Lenses, and 3 lenses only.
  195. HELP Lens Aberrations Voigtlander 10.5mm BMPCC
  196. Mini 4.6k lens compatibility issue - Tamron Zoom Lens
  197. Zeiss Milvus
  198. zeiss tevidon 10mm infinity focus on BMPCC
  199. Canon 24-70mm lens coating
  200. B4 lens on the URSA Mini PL cameras
  201. which polarizer should i get?
  202. NAB is going to be fun this year :)
  203. SLR Magic 25, 50 and 85 APO HyperPrime Cine Set
  204. Canon 18-80 CN8 lightweight super 35 servo zoom
  205. Advice: What lenses should I rent?
  206. Switching things up, need your thoughts
  207. Sigma 50-100mm f1.8 in stock
  208. Matte box for Xeen lenses
  209. Bokkelux Lenses - NAB 2016
  210. Contax with Leitax + Canon EF Pocket Speedbooster + BMPCC
  211. Samyang 10mm or Tokina 11-16?
  212. Needed in Los ANgeles: Skier Hot Mirror 4x5.65 or Formatt 680 4x5.65
  213. Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG APO OS HSM
  214. Matching lenses - Nikon Ais and Zeiss ZF
  215. Very soft resultos with Rokinon 85mm T1.5 + Speedbooster
  216. difference between angenieux 17-68, 17.5-70, and 12-120?
  217. Brand New 1.5X Single Focus Anamorphic Adapter Design - Forrest Schultz
  218. BMPCC lens for gimbal - LUMIX 14-42?
  219. Navitar 16-160 & the BMCC
  220. add IRND's to Rokinon 14mm lens - How I did it
  221. Clarification on the maths with adapters.
  222. Pl rear lens cap that fits?
  223. Question : Sigma Art + Ursa Mini - Iris Control
  224. Powering Metabones Speedbooster on BMCC MFT 2.5K
  225. Leica-Rs (Summicron, Elmarit)
  226. New Slr Magic lenses for sony e
  227. De-clicking Contax MM
  228. New lens leaked: Panasonic 12mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH lens
  229. Looking to get follow focus for sigma art series lenses.
  230. The 50mm Conundrum
  231. Sigma art 24-105 F4 lens wobble?
  232. Minor/Major Rokinon Cine DS issues - Advice
  233. If you had to choose a single focal length...
  234. 50mm Recommendation + Viewfinder App?
  235. What lenses do you hire?
  236. DigiOptical DO1850F 18-50mm T3 PL Mount Zoom
  237. Leica Summicron-C vs R lenses (Rehoused)
  238. Rokinon cine DS vs. Zeiss contax
  239. Best wide lens tokina or rokinon.
  240. 5 New Samyang / Rokinon Lenses
  241. Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM + Ursa Mini firmware 3.3 = No love?
  242. Kinor 16 OKS lenses lenses v.s. Yashica ML tested on BMMCC
  243. Ursa Mini 4.6k and anamorphic lenses
  244. Panasonic lens firmware update through BMPCC?
  245. Canon EF wide angle for Ronin-M
  246. Need Shims for Uncommon Adapter
  247. Best lens for autofocus on 4.6k?
  248. Set my Back Focus (MB Speedbooster) to Infinity mark or Hardstop?
  249. Poor man's Angenieux - Tokina AT-X-Pro 28-70mm F2.6-2.8
  250. Canon EF-S 10-18mm on BMPCC with Metabones Speedbooster