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  1. Is this a good $500 super 16mm lens?
  2. Matte Box for Sigma 8-16 ?!
  3. MFT adapters?!?
  4. Carl Zeiss Jena - Pancolar 50mm f/1.8 - Zebra
  5. Duclos FTW
  6. 77mm/80mm OD cine rings
  7. Check my calculations
  8. Quick Question Tokina 11-16mm
  9. Canon FD Lens on MFT BMCC
  10. Metabones Leica R to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster
  11. Rokinon 7.5mm F3.5 UMC
  12. Petition: Metabones, please make a DUMB version of EF-to-MFT Speedbooster NOW!
  13. Sigma 18-35mm / 1.8 @ BMCC Testing
  14. MFT to PL adapters
  15. Interesting Video About Interchangeable Lenses on the MFT BMCC
  16. 1 inch sensor TV zooms
  17. Does anyone know if these lenses are compatible?
  18. FS: Arri / Zeiss Ultra16 Primes
  19. Zeiss Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200mm T2.9
  20. Lens for both a 5D3 and BMCC
  21. More lens options for Pocket Cinema
  22. EF to MFT Speed Booster coming in August
  23. Supposedly some big announcement from Sigma coming...
  24. Screw On Filters on S16/Cine Lenses
  25. Ultrawide options for Pocket Cinema Camerr
  26. 1" and/or 2/3" TV zoom lenses for pocket
  27. is there m42 to nikon adapter that can focus infinity?
  28. Sigma Free Lens-Mount Conversion Service
  29. How important is OIS in a lens?
  30. Amateur question.
  31. Sigma 24-70mm F2.0 Full-Frame Lens On The Way
  32. Distance Markings on Vintage S16 lenses
  33. Lens Decision (HELP!)
  34. Voigtlander Nokton 25mm & 17mm f0.95
  35. Tokina 12-24mm thoughts?
  36. Do Super 16 lenses achieve a 1:1 crop factor on BM Pocket Cam?
  37. Nikon F lens adapter to MFT
  38. Super 16 zoom lenses.
  39. For Sale Zeiss 14mm prime T* 1.8
  40. The SLR Magic Anamorphic Thread
  41. Canon tilt and shift lenses!
  42. Kipon tilt AND shift adapters
  43. Canon FD to M43 adaptor won't lock into BMCC?
  44. Vaiable ND and light meter
  45. Sigma 18-35 on BMCC-MFT via Speedbooster?
  46. Wide Angles: Necessary?
  47. Good quality EF to MFT Adaptors?
  48. "smart" mft lenses working on "dumb" mft mount?
  49. I need recommendations for a m43 'Dumb' Zoom Lens Solution
  50. SpeedBooster = Serious Question
  51. Adapter Stacking?
  52. Angenieux primes
  53. Good deal on used Nikon verion of Tokina 11-16.
  54. New online lens calculator for Pocket Camera
  55. IS lens for the BMPC with speedbooster ?
  56. Pentacon 135mm 2.8 M42 - 15 blade bokeh monster on BMCC EF
  57. Great vintage wides for MFT BMCC?
  58. Day to day Lens for the Pocket Camera
  59. Looking for a good inexpensive Macro Lens for bmc ef.
  60. What's so bad about LCW MKII ND Filters?
  61. SLR Magic 25mm f0.95
  62. Play in the MFT Mount?
  63. Metabones Nikon G to MFT NON-Speed Booster adapter is out.
  64. CP Prime lens question , trying to understand this chart
  65. Metabones Nikon F to MFT mount adapter.
  66. Outdoor Lndscape -- large DoF
  67. Metabones Speedboster EF to MFT
  68. So what Lenses have you decided on for the Pocket Camera?
  69. 2.88x
  70. Cokin Pure-Harmonie ND-X Filter
  71. The Impact of a Dirty Lens?
  72. Advice needed on purchasing lenses. Which mm to be purchased 1st?
  73. BMCC EF with PL Adapter
  74. Focal lenghts used on Black Swan and The Wrestler
  75. Vari ND Flare Test- Heliopan vs Genus Eclipse
  76. Metabones Speed Booster
  77. Great deal on Samyang/Rokinon/Bower 7.5mm fisheye
  78. I can't change the apreture on my sigma 30mm 2.8 pocket camera
  79. Tilta is starting to rehouse lenses
  80. Slrmagic 12mm MKII on its way?
  81. Any BMPCC Footage with Lumix pancake 20mm?
  82. Lumix 14-42 disappointment on Pocket cam. Plus olympus 9-18
  83. Zeiss Vario Sonar 10-100mm 1.8 // T 2
  84. I bought a zebra farm... My ebay 72 hour vintage adventure. Frank made me do it.
  85. Footage Comparing Lumix, Sigma, Canon, Olympus glass on the Pocket Cinema Camera
  86. SLR Magic 17mm T1.6 (prototype)
  87. Kinoptik 5.7mm
  88. Help me with lenses!
  89. UK Lens Rental?
  90. PL adapter with or w/o support foot?
  91. Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens delivery problem
  92. My lens from ebay Germany. 500mm f5.6 Pentacon
  93. Tiffen WW IR ND 1.2 (weirdness?)
  94. A Russian lens source makes interesting browsing...
  95. IR filter really needed?
  96. 58mm Vari ND on the Panny 12-35?
  97. cheap IR cut filter
  98. BMPCC w/Nikon G MFT Speedbooster + Tokina 11-16mm will it work?
  99. Rokinon 16mm or Tokine 11-16mm for BMCC?
  100. Does my Tokina 11-16 focus to infinity?
  101. CP.2 quick question.
  102. SLRMAGIC 11mm f/1.4
  103. In Depth Look at SpeedBooster Bokeh
  104. Letus announces new anamorphic adapter
  105. anyone have any feedback on this lens?
  106. possible WA for Pocket?
  107. Kiev-16U M32 lens adapter for MFT
  108. First test with my lomo 35mm squarefront
  109. Anyone with the Pocket and 12-35?
  110. BMPCC Panasonic Lumix 35-100mm Lens Focus Issue
  111. Sigma 18-35/1.8 and Pocket Cam Testing
  112. Olympus 12-40/2.8 M.Zuiko PRO, another good all around lens for BM Pocket/Cinema cam?
  113. Angenieux 15-150mm
  114. Anamorphic idea
  115. filter for lens protection
  116. Lens Footage Request: BMCC with a fast 24mm
  117. Zuiko 17mm f2.8 great lens
  118. MFT Zoom Lenses - Too Expensive
  119. Tokina DX I 11-16 compatibility
  120. Samyang 16mm F2 vs Sigma 18-35mm
  121. Zeiss ZE lenses compatibility report (Firmware 1.4.2)
  122. Canon 8-15mm f/4L USM rattling / moving & blue hue
  123. Best Pancake Lenses for the Pocket Cinema Camera
  124. Why anamorphic lenses?
  125. Magic SLR Anamorphic Primes
  126. Canon 35mm F2 IS
  127. Sigma 18-35mm Nikon = Not so Good NEWS from SIGMA
  128. Old Angenieux 16mm Lenses RE: 9.5mm-57mm t1.6
  129. BMCC EF Lens Help Please
  130. Anyone tried mounting Speedbooster m43 with m39 mount?
  131. BMPCC + C-Mount/B4
  132. Directors View Finder for BMCC
  133. Perfect Lens for Pocket and Gimbal
  134. LensRentals' intensive tests on lens adaptors
  135. Which is the best all around affordable lens for the Pocket Camera??????
  136. pocket BMC too tight mount
  137. Fujinon 14x 9-126mm f/1.7 on a BMCC resolve?
  138. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera + Sun Hi-Tele Zoom Lens 85-210mm
  139. Rokinon Cine Lens problem
  140. BMCC MFT lens mount options
  141. ND Filter Solution for 7-14 Lumix
  142. Just realised I've had this lens the whole time..
  143. Olympus 17 2.8 With the BMPCC
  144. Can someone just test an old angenieux 12-120.
  145. I need help with getting ND filters and understanding the use better
  146. Passive Pancake? What is the pancakiest lens on the planet for the BMCC MFT.
  147. BMCC EF 35 1.4L and 17-55 2.8IS issues
  148. 8-16mm Sigma + Speed Booster Combo Pocket Cam
  149. Anamorphic Converters?
  150. Searching a good allround Lens for BMCC
  151. KOWA 6mm f1.8 on POCKET (works) :)
  152. I'm confused... Schneider 10mm 1.8 C mount won't reach infinity? (BMPCC)
  153. Cosmicar 22.5-90 Lens
  154. Cinegon 10mm C-Mount
  155. MFT to MFT Speedbooster?
  156. Pocket Partner for Voigtlander 25mm
  157. Solutions for manual lens that go to F11?
  158. Any ideas for filtering tiny switars?
  159. New compact zoom 12-32 from Panasonic on the 17th/Oct
  160. Vari ND filters which one and why
  161. Sigma 30mm EX DN and Sigma 19mm EX DN no Iris on BMPCC
  162. Sigma 18-35 + SB on Pocket footage
  163. canon 24 mm problem
  164. The "Rodriguez" Lens (El Marichi): Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm T2 (f/1.8)
  165. What lenses are you using with your BMPCC?
  166. New Panasonic 15mm F1.7 for MFT
  167. Lens Cleaning Kits??
  168. Begging on hands and knees for footage from the Sigma 50mm 1.4
  169. Please make a lens like this, 24-200/2.8 from Sony RX10
  170. How to adapt anamorphic adapter on lens?
  171. Computar 12.5-75mm focus issues
  172. Isco Ultra Star HD Cinemascope
  173. C mount to MFT adapter
  174. Smoothing the Iris action on Metabones Speedbooster and "G" adapter
  175. Panasonic 14-140mm vs Panasonic 12-35mm?
  176. What is "B Mount" ?
  177. Need a good Nikon G to M4/3 adapter
  178. Sigma 18-35mm FOV BMCC 2,5
  179. ideas for speed booster, not speculation, don't get excited...
  180. New Sakar (Kodak) MFT Lenses 25mm F0.95, 50mm F1.1 - $400
  181. Pocket and vintage 8mm Zeiss
  182. Lens extending and matteboxes
  183. BMCC, Meet new Best Friend!
  184. New, exciting lenses on the horizon
  185. Anybody in the U.S. Receive their Sigma 18-35 Nikon
  186. Schneider Service in USA?
  187. Cosmicar 12.5 is a pain in the ass and quite possibly worth owning
  188. Image stabilization options for Pocket
  189. Sigma 18-35 F1.8 + SB OR Rokinon Cine Lense Kit 24, 35, 85?
  190. Rokinon Cine Lens Bundle
  191. ANGENIEUX 5.9mm question
  192. Super 16 Lens group
  193. We need an affordable 1.15x or 1.2x extender
  194. ProND2 Now Avail: Hoya ProND Rolling Report Thread
  195. C-mount to pocket adapter
  196. How to calculate S35 equivalent field of view
  197. Ziess ZF and ZE prime sets. Your thoughts ?
  198. Cine Xenon 16mm f2 vignettes?!
  199. Anamorphic question
  200. Is there an adapter out there for EF lenses?
  201. Rokinon 16mm T2.2 Ultra Wide Angle Cine Lens EF VS MFT for BMPCC?
  202. Black Magic Pocket Camera & Russian Lenses.
  203. Kowa Micro 4/3 lenses cine lenses Announced!
  204. Sigma 18-35mm What Follow Focus
  205. Panasonic 14-42, will OIS stay on if turned on by panasonic body?
  206. Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 - Horrible Manu Focus Nikon mount
  207. Computar 12.5-75mm F1.2 C-MOUNT Lens
  208. Primecircle Sliding Matbox - opinions?
  209. Simple FOV & DOF Calculator
  210. For the Zeiss Zebra devotees... A tshirt.
  211. Canon FD to Micro 4/3 Speed Booster: Can I stack adapters for M42 & Nikon?
  212. FOV for Dummies
  213. Cavision nd filters vs. ***?
  214. Primes vs Zooms Rentability
  215. What to do about lenses (trying to save money)
  216. Best mounting solution for Sigma 18-35 to Pocket and eventually the 4K
  217. Canon FD SpeedBooster Samples
  218. focusing the Sigma 8-16mm Lens
  219. Speedbooster F/G to M4/3rds Lenses
  220. Finding the best PL lenses for your Black Magic Camera
  221. Lens for Aerial Footage with the BMPCC
  222. BMCC Canon EF mount lens compatibility issues.
  223. Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital 17mm f/1.8
  224. Canon 17-55? or Sigma 18-35?
  225. Has anyone mounted an Tokina 11-16 canon mount with a built in aperture on the Pocket
  226. need for a Nikon F to m43 with ND fader Speedbooster
  227. Slow Panny Tele-Zoom Lenses 45-150/175/200
  228. Sigma 18-35 Nikon in stock anyhwere?
  229. Kine lenses
  230. Mitakon Lens Turbo focal reducer available for m43
  231. BMPCC with Kiev-16U M32 lens (12, 20, 50) Test with DNG
  232. Any lenses to complement the Sigma 18-35 on the MFT BMCC?
  233. SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 vs Olympus 12mm F2.0
  234. Schneider 20mm Arriflex Standard f/2
  235. Nikon glass for BMPCC Speedbooster
  236. Which zoom lens for bmpcc x58 speedbooster
  237. New Samyang 10mm f/2.8
  238. COSMICAR 15-45mm 1.8 Cmount lens
  239. ND filtration solutions.
  240. Super Takumars
  241. Tiffen T1 vs B+W UV/IR Cut Filter
  242. Tamron 15-150mm T2.8 C Mount
  243. Has anyone tried Tamron 17-50 2.8 non-vc on the BMCC?
  244. Zeiss ZF.2
  245. Kowa Anamorphic Lens Help
  246. canon v6x17 on bmcc
  247. Theft of $500,000 Dollars worth of glass in LA
  248. Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 and Pocket
  249. declicking metabones speedbooster
  250. bhphotovideo Tiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter$ 99.95