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  1. Location Tests for upcoming project :D
  2. One of the best Ursa min 4k clips I have seen
  3. CC Test - RAW BMPCC underexposed, raised in Davinci
  4. Atlas | Interstellar Inspired Short | BMCC
  5. First Day With the BMPCC
  6. Test of the Angénieux 5.9mm F1.8 on BMPCC//Hip Hop Video
  7. Test of the Angénieux 5.9mm F1.8 on BMPCC//Hip Hop Video
  8. RE: Test of the Angenieux 5.9mm F1.8 on BMPCC//Hip Hop Video
  9. BMPCC Dutch online broadcaster
  10. Motley Crue 12.28.2015 (URSA MINI 4.6K beta)
  11. BMCC vfx-heavy sci-fi short
  12. The Understory -- New Showreel
  13. Ursa Mini working on a Ronin without P-Tap workaround
  14. BMPCC Lambourguini Gallardo City/Freeway Shoot
  15. Kid's Book Promo Shot on BMPCC!
  16. Above the Aves - BMPCC Prores Snowy Weather Shoot - Uploaded in 2K
  17. The best URSA Mini 4K footage I've seen so far...
  18. Super short and simple test.
  19. Found this BMPCC music video
  20. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4k Low Key Music Video Teaser
  21. Masketta Fall Music Video shot on BMCC/BMPCC
  22. Why did I wait so long to buy my BMPCC?
  23. BMPCC Short Film Teaser Trailer
  24. Test of the Angenieux 12-120mm : I love that glass !!!
  25. Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5K 240 fps slow motion test
  26. When they say the URSA isnt a "capable" production camera show them this....
  27. Footage Request: Angenieux 10-150mm T2-2.3 ENG zoom, BMPCC
  28. Found this gem on youtube. Shot on the Pocket
  29. Shot on the BMCC
  30. BMPC Anamorphic Footage
  31. More Blackmagic Micro Cinema Footage...OMG take my money!
  32. Two Pockets, one hour and a Little War
  33. BMCC Reel DreamWalk Media 2015
  34. Again.. A small test. BMPCC w/ Olympus 17mm f1.8
  35. Frames From a Spec, Grade thoughts?
  36. BMPCC film look test ( lumix 20mm 1.7 osiris 3d lut )
  37. insanity ?¿ Black Magic Cinema Camera short film
  38. Messing around with my new BMPCC
  39. Messing around with my new BMPCC
  40. Online TV-series all with BMPCC + Zeiss 28mm ZF.2
  41. 3 recent short edits shot for fun... though now on official tourism site.
  42. Paperboy
  43. Custard, Rice & Beans...
  44. Some frames from Music vid
  45. Impulz
  46. Impulz LUT problem
  47. Crazy Pete In Love
  48. BMPCC Macro Experiment
  49. BMPCC Yoga- Instagram Video (Critiques welcome)
  50. Need help with color matching...
  51. Frogner Park in February (BMPCC & Olympus 17mm f1.8)
  52. Ursa Mini Lack of red in shadow
  53. Ursa Mini Paris
  54. Getting Lost with the BMPCC - Dirty Lenses, 4K upscale, RAW
  55. Few shots from short film Horror/Thriller I am shooting on the BMCC
  56. Cinematography Reel throughout the years
  57. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4k Noise Test
  58. Pocket camera still doing it's thing, video blog shoot
  59. Samsung Software Video - Shot on 2 x BMCC's
  60. Chicken of the Sea spots shot URSA 4K
  61. Brooklyn Bridge
  62. Killarney Provincial Park
  63. Cringeworthy, but fun BMPCC w/Olympus 17mm f1.8
  64. One Person One Camera Wedding Shoot w BMPCC
  65. "The Easy One" - shooting on Ursa Mini 4.6K
  66. A short film using URSA MINI 4K
  67. Music Video - Pocket
  68. BMPCC B&W osiris delta 3dlut
  69. "Abandoned Foundry" 1080P
  70. Ursa Mini 4K without IR Cut footage
  71. I'm not sure if other cameras can do this?
  72. Live Session / Music Video - BMPCC with meteor 5-1 17-69mm
  73. Trailer for comedy web series (BMPCC)
  74. Upcoming Trailer on Ursa Mini 4.6K
  75. Actually lighting this location made a difference.
  76. Class Project Shot on BMCC 2.5K
  77. My first days with the Blackmagic Ursa 4K
  78. Footage / Frames for Low Light, Dark Scenes, Day For Night Shots
  79. Ursa mini 4k 120fps
  80. Does anyone know where I can find/download some .DNGs from the pocket?
  81. A few still from a current client promo - Shot with BMPCC
  82. Allie's Pizza (An URSA Mini 4k Promo)
  83. Trailer for shortmovie
  84. "The Brief" - Short web series shot entirely on my BMCC
  85. NOCT - Horror Fantasy short film shot with BMCC 2,5K
  86. Trying out Samyang 85mm for the first time.. Bokeh!
  87. EPK Shot with the URSA and BMCC
  88. T&T Supermarket Contest Entry shot on BMCC 2.5K
  89. Gone - shortmovie(24min)
  90. Day 1 of a Teaser to go to Network. URSA
  91. BMPCC + Speedbooster + Zeiss ZF2 28 2.0
  92. "The Nest" part I
  93. Ursa Mini 4.6K footage to download. Includes compressed RAW, and mixed low lighting.
  94. S-117: Halo Teaser Film shot on 4.6K
  95. Pocket Compilation
  96. 5 Years After the Fall - Official Trailer
  97. Micro Cinema Camera raw footage request
  98. Music Video shot with Bmcc, gh4,a7sii i would love Feedback
  99. Grading Blackmagic's house exterior sample clip in DaVinci Resolve
  100. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera 60fps RAW 3:1
  101. URSA Mini 4.6K Slow Motion Test
  102. Some Mini 4.6K DNG files for you guys
  103. YouTube and 2K
  104. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K lowlight/mixed light test
  105. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Video Compilation
  106. BMCC Short: Burn Down the Sky (48-Hour Film Challenge)
  107. Bm ursa mini 4.6k - iso and rolling shutter very quick test
  108. Really good looking 4.6k music video
  109. Firefighter Doc - frames
  110. SLR Magic 50mm APO and Micro Cinema Camera
  111. Short Video on an Artist (Looking for ways to improve)
  112. Yet another bmmcc test - sea dogs - 60fps - raw 3:1
  113. BMPC and a new boutique lookbook.
  114. Sneek Peek Trailer for Doc Shot with BMPCC
  115. My reel (BMMC)
  116. Vacation in Hawaii footage
  117. Problem with BMMCC footage
  118. My latest BM Demo Reel
  119. Frames from BMMCC looking correct?
  120. SurreaL's Micro Cinema Camera footage thread
  121. BMCC/BMPCC For Honours Project
  122. footage and Poll I'm happy or not happy with the mini ursa 4.6
  123. Pocket CInema Camera RAW with ARRI ALEXA LUT
  124. UM46K shot
  125. looking for post on here to horror Christmas short film BMPCC
  126. Hip Hop Video with Angenieux 5.9mm
  127. YOUNG/BRAVE - Fashion Film
  128. Trying out Film Grain on Resolve 12.5
  129. Ursa Mini 4.6K footage of various light
  130. Trying out Diffusion In Resolve 12.5
  131. Not my UM46 material, but love the look and mood
  132. This. Looks. Good. (Ursa mini 4.6k)
  133. Some Mini46 Stills
  134. Spontaneous Sunday Shoot - BMPCC RAW, Rokinon Cine DS 24mm
  135. Progress of a Short and Lack of Narrative work with BM Cameras
  136. New 4.6K frame grabs
  137. Ursa mini 4.6k Shots from Robbie Fatt (looks really good)
  138. Test footage for upcoming film
  139. Fitness Video / Short in Bolivia
  140. Amazed with the BMPCC
  141. BMMCC raw samples collction
  142. DNG of feature film :)
  143. Instagram promo (shot on Ursa Mini 4.6K)
  144. May Day 2016 in Seattle
  145. Vice / Noisey featured music video shot with the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k
  146. *New Footage* Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k EF Tests
  147. My first short
  148. Gritty URSA 4.6K still
  149. First day with BMPCC
  150. 1.68x Internal Focus Anamorphic BMPCC - Rainy Day Shoot
  151. The Ursa Mini 4K and the Arri Alexa.
  152. BMPCC + FM-Lens & Schneider Cinelux 2x Anamorphic
  153. Verdict : VERRY GOOD camera for 5k$
  154. Showreel - All Pocket.
  155. BMCC and BMPCC Short Film
  156. First Music Video
  157. "Crayons" Music Video shot on BMMCC
  158. MUSIC VIDEO SHOT ON URSA MINI 4.6K / millions views
  159. Shoot with the UM46 for Billboard/Lexus
  160. BMPCC, Zeiss 28mm, Zoom H2n Sound
  161. BMPCC + Sigma 18-35, Canon 70-200 f/2.8
  162. Making/Grinding a Lens Element - BMPCC RAW
  163. A narrative music video shot on Ursa mini 4.6 & Canon CN-E cinema primes
  164. Short film shot on UM4.6K, Rokinon Cines, and Canon 70-200 2.8
  165. Nice teaser shot using the BMCC
  166. The BMCC is a color wonder.
  167. Horror Short Film shot on URSA V1
  168. Another trip on Dartmoor - Just for fun - Handheld, BMPCC, Sigma 18-35 Metabones.
  169. Did I spot a couple of BM Cameras on this comercial?
  170. Short film ursa mini 4.6k
  171. BMPCC Live Concert Slomotion
  172. A day in the Valley (Memorial Day Parade)
  173. URSA 4K and Samsung NX1
  174. Weird motion blur in BMPCC
  175. First music video with the BMPCC--what I learned
  176. Rain Day - Short Film (just some fun on a rainy day)
  177. Mallory - BMPCC RAW - Rokinon Cine DS 85,24,16
  178. Shot on Production Camera: it still rocks, for me.
  179. Teaser frames from first day shooting.
  180. ボトル (Botoru) - short piece
  181. Production Camera, Lomo Anamorphic, no sound, ungraded
  182. 43 degrees centigrade in shade - Ursa Mini 4.6K heat check
  183. Music Video shot with BMCC
  184. A typical array of Ursa mini 4k test shots...
  185. pocket raw
  186. Narrative rap music video (BMPCC, BMMCC)
  187. The Speed of Light
  188. Hootenanny - The Movie (concert series)
  189. Loving the BMPC 4K
  190. Another 'Getting to grips with our Ursa mini 4K edit.' 60fps and 120fps
  191. Short Film w/ Pocket Camera
  192. On Sight (BMCC short film)
  193. Motion Control Project on URSA
  194. Mini 4.6K FW 3.3 Magenta Corners Test
  195. VIVID 2016 Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k Footage
  196. Short Trailer with the BMMCC
  197. Can you upload a raw 3:1 footage of URSA 4K?
  198. A Trip To Italy - BMPCC & Olympus 17mm f1.8
  199. Night Shift - martial arts clip
  200. Testing out LEDs / Arri Tungsten lights on the 4.6k FW 3.3
  201. Wildlife in Botswana - BMCC 4K
  202. BMPCC Anamorphic in Hong Kong
  203. Help ! Grid on footage
  204. 4.6K 4:1 Test + DNGs for you
  205. Some grabs from a hospital scene UM46
  206. Death Dumpling (BMCC short)
  207. Some more quick and dirty Ursa Mini 4.6k shots with some vintage glass at LIB2016
  208. SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge Series
  209. Ursa Mini 4.6k PL & Alexa footage
  210. BMCC Short Film Teaser Trailer
  211. LOL webseries on BMPCC
  212. A couple of new UM46k frames
  213. Cairns - BMPCC
  214. All DNGs out of my Micro Cinema are just blank.
  215. Ursa Mini 4K : Firmware Comparison
  216. um4.6k skateboard edit
  217. Anyone else having UM4.6K noise issues? Here are some of my stills
  218. UM4.6k short film "Fun on the Midway" - plus matching to DJI X5R
  219. A short test with the Ursa Mini 4.6k
  220. Music Performance Frames from UM4K
  221. Short Promo I Shot on BMCC
  222. BMPCC and D16 Exposure Tests
  223. Best Premiere export setting for Instagram 60 sec. video (BMPCC)?
  224. British Ghostbuster Mockumentary - BMCC
  225. Bedroom shoot.
  226. Ursa Mini 4.6k and BMCC FilmConvert Reel (Before and After)
  227. Ursa Mini 4.6k b&w w/FilmConvert new profile, 1-take music video
  229. BMPCC B&W 48 Second Window Bay Shoot
  230. DRAUG - a viking horror film shot on the bmcc 2.5k
  231. Some Grading Help
  232. Micro Cinema Camera "Love Story Skit"
  233. Moon-Lapse - BMPCC - Vivitar M42 Zoom
  234. Blackmagic Micro Cinema walk in the Mountains
  235. Optical Flow for those who don't know.
  236. A Few Frames From This Past Weekend's BMPCC Test
  237. Fashion promo shot on 4K and pocket
  238. BMPCC and old FD-mount Canon 50/1.4 - Richard Neuberg performance
  239. BMMCC mixed with Phantom P4 Footage
  240. URSA MINI 4.6K FRONT and BACK SDI OUT dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  241. Photo shoot BTS filmed on BMMCC
  242. Magic Hour Drive in the Avenues - BMPCC
  243. Shallow DOF with a Rokinon 85mm and URSA 4K
  244. The Suspense Challenge Film Riot Entry
  245. Micro & pocket Cam used on latest Bourne film
  246. My entry for this week Vimeo Weekend Challenge
  247. BMPCC rocks, shot a short for UNICEF
  248. The Suspense Challenge Entry for Film Riot(Shot on BMCC)
  249. Weekend in Mallorca Spain
  250. Commercial for 2TRI (Fashion brand) - Shot with blackmagic ursa