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  1. BMPCC Stereotype Skit
  2. DTLA Screen Grabs
  3. Any tips on matching two different exposures?
  4. Black Magic Production Camera with DJI Ronin Footage
  5. Hippie grilling commercial
  6. BMPCC - Rokinon 12mm T2.2 Cine Lens Tests
  7. Music video shot with bmpcc all green screen!
  8. Car event movie
  9. Regional commercial spot shot on URSA
  10. NGO ad shot on Bmpcc
  11. Angenieux 17-68mm Frame (BMPCC)
  12. Color reel - Graded in Resolve
  13. First RAW video
  14. Montreal | QDS
  15. Smooth Skateboard Footage with Lightweight Camera
  16. URSA video for LaCie
  17. Made my gran a secret family film for her 80th
  18. BMCC on CAMTREE Gripper G-10
  19. My first crack at grading RAW footage from the BMCC
  20. 48 Hour Film Shot on BMCC
  21. Berlin: notes from the listening station
  22. Still Frames from Anamorphic shooting on BMCC
  23. Weekend at Big Sur, California
  24. Somre frames from a BMPCC with a Pentacon 50mm f1.8
  25. Holga Lens on my BMPCC
  26. BMPCC, Zeiss 28mm ZF.2
  27. Quick test with Angenieux 17-68mm and my Pocket
  28. Frames from a music video shot on bmpcc
  29. BMPCC & Panasonic 14-45mm & gray Sunday
  30. //BMPCC Footage From A Project called X-Static
  31. A few clips from a short film, BMCC MFT w/ Canon FDs
  32. BMPCC in MyRodeReel Entry
  33. BMPCC short, jungle and river footage
  34. Portrait of a sailor: Aymeric Arthaud,
  35. BMCC & GoPRO - Music Video - "AMEN"
  36. Angenieux multicoating flares BMPCC
  37. 2 music videos shot entirely on Black Magic Pocket Camera/vintage lense. Have a look!
  38. Test of the Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 Super16 on BMPCC
  39. Short film shot on Pocket & 2.5K, sample gimbal clips
  40. Quick BMPCC Edit
  41. Short video I made over the weekend with a Blackmagic 2.5k
  42. Music video shot on BMCC 2.5k
  43. BMPCC with Konova Motorised Slider Test
  44. Critique My Work
  45. BMPCC + Angie 12-120mm
  46. Kiezebrink - Focus on Food (english subtitled)
  47. Strange Pattern in RAW frames
  48. Mountain Bike Spoof
  49. Shooting inspiration for weddings
  50. Skintones and youtube compression - is this normal? how to work around?
  51. :30 bumper shot on URSA
  52. Bachata/Hip Hop Dance Choreography
  53. Music video shot 50/50 between BMPCC and Sony F3
  54. We Bring The Funk music video BMPCC
  55. Electronic music festival /Kiev, Ukraine/
  56. Kids being kids
  57. Lens flare galore!
  58. Just got used BMPCC, is this the dreaded white orb?
  59. Last Short Skit for a while
  60. BMCC Mini doc : Pinhole Caravan
  61. End Of Days Contest Trailer - Feedback?
  62. Hulu Ad
  63. What Manner of Men Full Film!
  64. New music video for Atlantic Canadian artist.
  65. Documentary short about farmers (BMPCC)
  66. Pocket + Speedbooster + Zeiss28mm ZF.2 + Suzuki
  67. 20 secs French TV SPOT for PGO Automobiles
  68. Lighting with 1 Chinese Lantern soft lighting
  69. Video short to practice lighting int. & ext. night scenes with BMCC
  70. 'Blue Monday' music video film FRAMES
  71. 'Blue Monday' music video film FRAMES
  72. BMCC low budget feature thriller
  73. Berlin Tableau. Teaser for my next film
  74. BMPCC vs MFT D16 Speed booster tests
  75. Short video of our trip to Bath shot on BMPCC
  76. Just got myself some lights
  77. Comedy Feature Film [UK] shot on BMCC - Teaser Trailer
  78. Shichi Go San Tokyo
  79. BMPCC - Spade & Palacio Tours in Montreal
  80. Video Production Company Demo Reel - BMPCC
  81. URSA Short for the RODE Contest
  82. BMCC Ant-Man short.
  83. Some shots from a web series I'm shooting
  84. Experimental erotic art short - BMPCC - NSFW!
  85. A few BMPC frames for a TVC
  86. BMPCC, Zeiss 28mm ZF.2
  87. First set of test shots on beach with the BMPCC + Panasonic 14mm, 20mm + CCTV lens
  88. Short documentary (bachelor thesis) - Screengrabs
  89. BMPCC for Camjo
  90. BMPCC With Sun Cusmicar Pentax 22.5-90MM f1.5
  91. What would you do better - no holds barred
  92. Gym commercial
  93. Music video on the pocket
  94. Full Trailer for Feature shot on BMCC (Comedy, UK).
  95. Railtown 1897
  96. Couple shots from Promo
  97. Seclusion fly fishing short
  98. New Music Video "TightRope" by Kozm
  99. A few shots from this evenings quick filming tests with our BMPCC
  100. 90sec Action Commercial Shot on BMPCC
  101. Just started a feature.
  102. Graded still from sports training commercial
  103. Short experimental skateboard film.
  104. Very first few shots with our Sigma 18 - 35 lens...
  105. BMPCC for Dutch Internet Broadcaster
  106. 2 Films shot on the BMPC for the big screen
  107. Fashion shot Bmppc
  108. Colorist show reel
  109. And a crodfunding video for another feature. Not asking for money!!! :)
  110. Dreams Grade
  111. Wedding Video Trailer Shot on Pocket Cam and BMCC
  112. Some outdoor/landscape shots on BMPCC
  113. Storm frame.
  114. DEMO REEL - Explosions, gun battles, moody lighting and Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  115. In honor of National Dog Day..
  116. It's Harvest time... (random edit filmed out with BMPCC + Metabones + Sigma 18 - 35)
  117. Desert Dust storm (Haboob!) killed my shoot, but what a shot!
  118. Blue Skin Tones - feedback requested
  119. Music video film Blue Monday
  120. 'Shogyo Mujo' - Siggraph 2015 - BMP4K
  121. Wedding film in Tuscany - looking for feedback
  122. Little moddy vi with my BMPCC
  123. Mercy
  124. "GG Allin & The Retirement Years" bumper for Fantastic Fest (NSFW)
  125. teaser i made for the cast of an indy feature in post - shot with the pocket camera
  126. Here's a short I shot with the BMPCC
  127. BTS frames from Short film
  128. HELGA - narrative BMCC test with Meteor 5-1 17-69mm 1.8
  129. Shot some stuff while everyone was out having fun
  130. Horror Short Film 'Madre De Dios'
  131. The Final Night (BMPCC)
  132. A few frames from Thailand with BMPCC
  133. Moscow Metro
  134. Musicvideo: Kiaan - Så länge vi äter
  135. Musicvideo: Kiaan - Sa lange vi ater (ALTERNATE LINK)
  136. Winter walk with BMPCC+Jupiter 37A
  137. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K footage
  138. BMPCC first footage
  139. KY-Mani Marley - All the Way (music vid)
  140. Bali - Underwater
  141. Promo video I shot with the Pocket
  142. Promo for local event planner. BMPCC + C100
  143. URSA killing it at a live show!
  144. The Black Arts - short portrait
  145. Short Film using URSA, BMCC, and BMPCC
  146. Sous La Roche - Short Movie Teaser
  147. Feature teaser trailer shot on BMCC and BMPC
  148. Primitive Short
  149. First time to officially use a BMPCC
  150. BMPCC Stormy TimeLaspe
  151. Cinema DNG editing in Lightworks 12.5
  152. DUNE- BMPCC RAW on Minigimbal and skates
  153. BMPCC in England
  154. Music video - Stuck - accapela cover
  155. Superhero short - BMPC
  156. Frames frm a Christmas commercial
  157. Nice work being done
  158. BMPCC Music Video (Live session)
  159. Feature film scene lift - shot on BMCC
  160. Extreme bad bending when flares hit this BMPCC
  161. Critiques Wanted — Cinema Showreel
  162. Critiques Wanted — Cinema Showreel
  163. Software Teaser
  164. Indie Feature Film Masse shot on DSLR's and Blackmagic Cinema cameras released
  165. My first 82min. featurelength film (filmed with BMPC)
  166. rock climbing ad... BMCC (+C100 and some Letus mini 35)
  167. circus/ balance artist
  168. Beautiful BMCC short: "Cerulean"
  169. Web Series Season shot on BMCC with Mosaic OLPF
  170. Euro Lad Trail BMPCC
  171. Downeast Maine bmpcc
  172. More Micro Studio 4K Footage...
  173. First field test with BMPCC on a stabilizer
  174. The Bali Experience
  175. Teaser of a short film shot with a mix of Red Epic & BMPCC & BMCC
  176. Wedding showreel 2016
  177. Stills from recent project
  178. Two Guys One BMCC
  179. Music Video Shot on URSA and POCKET Starring DANI MATHERS (PMOY 2015) & @LindseyPelas
  180. Happy Halloween
  181. First Video with Ursa - Halloween themed
  182. BMPCC Short-ish Doc
  183. Freak out sketch up take a hit of this
  184. Baroque concert recording
  185. Anamorphic frame grabs, Detroit
  186. My first short film
  187. Ursa Mini 4K w/BMCC MFT 2.5k
  188. NOS: LA SUPREMACÍA DE LA CONSTITUCIÓN / Argentine Documentary / BMCC and Pocket
  189. NOS LA SUPREMACÍA DE LA CONSTITUCIÓN Argentine Documentary shot on BMCC and Pocket
  190. Argentine Constitution Documentary shot on BMCC and Pocket
  191. Ohio State Football Video- URSA 4K
  192. URSA Mini 4K Test
  193. "How"
  194. 5min Slasher Documentary
  195. Beauty of Montreal - A BMCC Short Film
  196. My first super one minute short film
  197. Little shorts with the 2.5K
  198. A frame from a short project I am doing for my friend. BMPCC+META+SIGMA
  199. Untitled Narrative Short (2.5K EF) Frame Grabs [NSFW]
  200. TVC shot with BMCC & BMPC
  201. Narrative Feature Trailer (BMCC)
  202. FASHION FILM - shot on blackmagic production camera
  203. Short Cellphone Psa I shot back in june for my work.
  204. Salt Lake City, 10mm, 24mm, 50mm Rokinon DS Night Test Footage (BMPCC)
  205. Night Time Suspense/Horror test
  206. What do you think of my Music Video shot entirely with Angenieux 5.9mm and 12-120mm
  207. Short clip shot on bmcc 2.5k
  208. Pushing the BMCC in low light. Should of used a Full frame DSLR. Thought?
  209. Advice for Punchy/Interesting Grade, Behind the Scenes BMPCC
  210. Music video frame grabs - Low light, single light source
  211. Music Festival Video - BMCC and BMPC 4k
  212. A LuchaGore Christmas film!
  213. A LuchaGore Christmas film!
  214. Pocket Vs URSA Vs BMCC
  215. Quick BMPCC Dynamic Range Shot (Interior/Exterior) Wide Angle
  216. My Four Points Film Project Submission
  217. Our first video with the Ursa Mini 4K EF
  218. Hush up awhile, Mother Nature is speaking
  219. Fashion wedding inspiration @ Paris
  220. Commercial Made with BMPCC!
  221. Melting - All About Sweets | Timelapse Movie (BMCC)
  222. Ursa Mini 4.6k used in an advert.
  223. "Falling Again" - Ursa Mini 4.6K Beta RAW 3:1
  224. BM clips from the last 20 months or so
  225. Short Film w/ Pocket Camera
  226. "Hank and Honey" a holiday horror short (URSA)
  227. CC test
  228. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4k vs Sony A7sii Lowlight!!!
  229. BMPCC for a Dutch internet broadcaster
  230. BMPCC + SLR Magic Anamorphot stills.
  231. Canon C100 and BMPCC
  232. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K Trier
  233. Teaser for short Feature shot on BMCC/BMPCC - Title?
  234. Kimbra´s Disney Tribute, shot on Ursa
  235. Kimbras Disney Tribute, shot on Ursa - second try
  236. Franks Video Link
  237. Low Light Cincinnati Skyline - BMPCC
  238. Low Light Cincinnati Skyline - BMPCC
  239. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4k vs Sony A7SII Last Round: Slow Motion
  240. Blackmagic Pocket in Thailand
  241. Documentary Trailer
  242. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4k
  243. Fujifilm spot (spec)
  244. Holiday Horror Skit DNG help
  245. Music video shot on the pocket
  246. The Cheap 50mm 1.8 Canon looks cool on BMPCC
  247. Compilation of 4.6K Beta footage / videos thus far
  248. BMPCC RAW in 2K Outdoor, Cloudy Day, Country Road - Cunningham Road
  249. The Elf - Holiday Horror Short
  250. New fashionFilm Bmpcc