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  1. Pocket ProRes Adventures
  2. Nov 22, 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination (BMCC LA7200 ANAMORPHIC)
  3. Maui with the BMPCC
  4. BMPCC Raw Short Film
  5. My Doritos 'Crash the Super Bowl' Entry.
  6. Good Bye JP, Swedish short film shot with BMCC!
  7. Angenieux 17.5-70mm with BMPCC
  8. 'DREWnetwork' BMPCC Samples and Commentary
  9. "Crafted with Seoul" - Short doc on a craft brewery in Korea.
  10. SciFi short from Argentine cine university crew, they are asking for critique...
  11. Doritos 2014 Crash The Superbowl Submission "The Time Traveler" (DNG Download Inside)
  12. My BMPCC Footage
  13. Stills from my First BMPCC Test Shoot in San Diego Wide Dynamic Range Test - ETTR
  14. Short BMPCC movie of painting a light meter
  15. BMCC footage for video performance of band
  16. Low light test blackmagic pocket
  17. First ever footage from BMCC
  18. Rob Ford : Can't Stop
  19. My first low-light test of the BMPCC
  20. Photography Tips - Shot on BMCC
  21. Wedding shot with BMCC (EF)
  22. Frame grab from BMCC EF shoot
  23. BMPCC first outing - The Epic Beauty of San Diego
  24. BMPCC Sunset
  25. BMPCC RAW Holiday Video
  26. Bmpcc full moon party video
  27. Flycam Nano Stabilizer Test with the Pocket!
  28. Frame from BMPCC Raw developed with Lightroom
  29. BMCC & GH2 Music video - let me know your thoughts!
  30. BMCC + Speedbooster stress test - El Matador State Beach
  31. BMCC MFT with sigma 18-35 plus Speedbooster (Hairdresser promo)
  32. The Flying goose - 1930s aluminum racer
  33. A Malibu Sunset (Extended) with the Pocket and new SLR Magic 12mm t1.6 MKII
  34. Some Light Leaks I Made with the BMC that you are free to download
  35. First BMPCC Video - My Cat
  36. A few Christmas concert rehearsals shot with BMPCC & 5D3
  37. Very Silly Star Wars Parody - Your Empire Needs You
  39. Cosmic Rays?
  40. Besteady One Gimbal in short skit competition: Can you help vote
  41. TV intro/ Title sequence BMCC 2,5k
  42. 680 Miles BMPCC//Mir-11m
  43. That's So Rudolph
  44. Testing out my new Pocket Rig!
  45. Santa Baby (first BMPCC shoot)
  46. Meth, Lies, & Videotape
  47. BTS Photoshoot- BMCC with CaptainHook LUT
  48. music video shot on bmcc
  49. BMCC and 5d Mark III Matching Footage
  50. Anamorphic stills/footage
  51. Five Tattoos
  52. Fighting - BMCC/Osiris KDX LUT/DaVinci Resolve
  53. BMCC vs BMPCC
  54. Need for speed trailer 2
  55. Rokinon 24mm tested Handheld.
  56. Snowblind frames
  57. The perfect camera to film cats
  58. Spiderbait - It's Beautiful clip
  59. Black magic 4k footage
  60. Some grabs from a recent shoot. 2.5K
  61. Mashable Video: Behind the Vine
  62. Video of my son.
  63. Suburban Funk
  64. BMPCC RAW frame grabs from Hong Kong
  65. White spots on BMCC raw footage
  66. a couple of London cityscapes
  67. Say it as you like it
  68. Summer with the BMCC
  69. Amy Sandrine (new dancemovie)
  70. "ASPHERON" super wide-angle 5,5 mm BMPCC test footage
  71. BMPCC white orbs?
  72. BMC weird noise!!!!!
  73. BMPCC Time-Lapse Video from Hong Kong
  74. BMPCC epic baby split
  75. BMPCC RAW Video: Landing in Phoenix during sunset (and some train travel).
  76. A little macro test w/ the Tokina 100mm 2.8
  77. Music Video shot with the BMCC EF in Asakusa, Tokyo.
  78. BMPC-4K: Marco Solorio's 1st footage
  79. BMPCC + Speedbooster : Where are you???
  80. BMPCC RAW Video: Around the Friendship Hotel, Beijing in December (and BTS TV shoot)
  81. BMPCC Christmas (RAW)
  82. BMPCC RAW Video: Enjoying a Hong Kong Lake
  83. Christmas with BMPCC, BMPCC Speedbooster and Sigma 18-35 1.8
  84. Frame Grabs from Music vid?!
  85. BMPCC at Medieval Times
  86. BMPCC vs GH3 vs OMD in almost No Light
  87. BMCC with a whole A LOT of lenses........ (Music Video)
  88. The sun came out - BMPCC with 20/1.7ii
  89. New Blackmagic 4k grade.
  90. Yet another test video. Would love your thoughts! Happy New Year!
  91. Quick Music Video Shot on BM Pocket Camera
  92. Music Video - "Calm For The Restless". Shot on BMCC MFT with Voigtlander 25mm
  93. Nashville at 1600 ASA and FilmConvert during New Years
  94. 30 seconds in Mannahatta
  95. Lights/LA7200 Anamorphic/Plexus/Particular/Element 3D/Filmconvert/ProRes LT upload
  96. BMPCC RAW: Hong Kong at Night at Christmas Time
  97. BMPCC on a brushless gimbal running around a field
  98. Exposed to the right, footage "too" washed out?
  99. Music Video Teaser
  100. Comparison video of the BMPCC vs the 5d2 in raw.
  101. How to get Cool Sound Effects
  102. Washington DC: A Stylized Winter
  103. BMPCC RAW: Kowloon Park
  104. The only choice shot on bmcc & bmpcc
  105. Death Valley in December
  106. BMPCC Speed Booster.... Stills w/ zooms
  107. BMPCC + Lumix 25mm 1.4 + Dolly = Creepy Doll
  108. Crossing Greenland at the speed of sound
  109. BMCC in 0 weather
  110. BMCC in 0 weather for Wedding Save the Date Film
  111. A cycle shop video with a great example of ND-less infrared pollution
  112. BMPC + Lumix 15mm Test!! DOC STYLE fun
  113. Frame grabs of various BMPCC footage
  114. Bmcc EF RAW TEST
  115. Bmpcc + speedbooster bmpcc + sigma 18-35
  116. Post It - A blood soaked kitchen sink horror.
  117. trailer to indy feature shot on bmc - why do you smell like the ocean? kevin baggott
  118. BMCC in 4k
  119. Blackmagic Pocket and Zeiss Planar S16mm (Test)
  120. Save the date - Alex et Lucie
  121. first timelapse
  122. Short: DotaMe
  123. Short Film: The Indians Revenge
  124. Short: Beauty of the darkness
  125. Test Film
  126. Documentary Teaser
  127. Short Ad for Startup
  128. Ron Jeremy shot with BMCC
  129. Living Truth frame grabs
  130. Music Video Teaser for Seattle Band Iska Dhaaf
  131. Test fotage with Rokinon 24mm T1.5 Cine Lens
  132. DAY - Music Video RAW2K
  133. Food shoot - color grade - opinion
  134. A few wintery anamorphic shots.
  135. Screen grabs from recent shoot
  136. shooting w/ my buddy's new band
  137. Cinematography Reel 2014 | 75% BMCC Footage
  138. $7 BMCC 2.5 / 4k / Non Reflective Sunshade tutorial
  139. Fashion Photography BTS (boobs)
  140. A Kurt Weill Cabaret Trailer
  141. First time Macklemore on BMCC? Music video for Iska Dhaaf with Macklemore cameo
  142. BMPCC Low Light
  143. Music Video (BMPCC)
  144. Sensor flare?
  145. Bear Footage
  146. BMPCC with a bunch of Russian lenses (zooms included)
  147. Palm Beach: BMPCC RAW
  148. "Game Day Surprise" - A Fun Football Promo (BMPCC)
  149. Click Foundation
  150. Opinions on colour grade??
  151. RSDK - Enjoy More Tall Trees and Cold Seas
  152. Funny commercial shot with pocket
  153. Strange motion blur? bmpcc
  154. Finally! First BMPCC shoot.
  155. Dialogue Scene Footage - Raw to Corrected and Graded
  156. CaptainHook's new music video: BMPC-4K, BMPCC & BMCC
  157. Need volunteer to grade BMPCC jazz clips
  158. Marco Solorio's BMW racing teaser: BMPC-4K, BMCC, BMPCC
  159. Achieving focus! 50mm + LA7200! Music Label Promo
  160. More Fighting - BMCC ProRes,DaVinci,Arri709 LUT
  161. Dance Video
  162. Anyone got access to a set of Schneider Xenon primes?
  163. Indian Encounters
  164. Portrait about a violin maker - shot on BMCC EF
  165. More Band footage!
  166. Bogota 1971: How I Feel.
  167. Test footage with BMCC
  168. RAzor: Music Video Rap
  169. Laying the tracks - Dance video (music eddie murphy)
  170. Test footage - INT to EXT. NIGHT. -BMPCC
  171. Cupping the Mic Works Wonders! (COMEDY BMPC RAW)
  172. Music Video Shot with BMCC
  173. 4K Footages | Random and Early stuff
  174. BMPCC Sci-Fi Short Clips
  175. BMCC + Speedbooster in Alaska
  176. Black magic 4k footage james tonkin
  177. BMPCC Music Video
  178. Music video bmcc
  179. BMPCC + Angenieux 16-68mm dance video
  180. Pocket Octacopter Test
  181. BMPCC ( SB+sigma 18-35) MUSIC VIDEO
  182. The Glaskrafter and Potter
  183. SOF Ethics Video Series
  184. Frozen - Pocket Camera w/ SLRMagic Anamorphot
  185. Wedding Invitation Video
  186. Music Video with BMCC 2.5k and GH3
  187. 70s Grading Test // experimental short about Americana and the 70's
  188. Comparison to 1dc by cinema5d
  189. BMCC B&W Music Video
  190. Clarity - Zedd (Cover) Shot on BMCC
  191. LAST CALL - Narrative Short Film, Feedback Please Greatly Appreciated
  192. Squirrel in London - BMPCC - Panasonic Leica 12-35 (Handheld)
  193. Music video in production - critique needed
  194. o Blackmagic 4K camera owners: request for low light tests with the new units
  195. Kinoptik 5.7mm Sunlight Test
  196. Auckland Lantern Festival 2014 - BM4K
  197. My personal BMPC 4k low light benchmark test
  198. BMPC 4K & RED EPIC Side-by-Side Video
  199. A very short Monochrome interview film
  200. BMCC vs BMPCC - I sold the BMCC
  201. Katsucon 2014: An Open Letter BMCC RAW hand held
  202. Pencil & Paper - A BlackMagic shot short film
  203. My first day with BMPC4K
  204. 4K shots from cam
  205. Symmetry on the coast
  206. My First Shoot with My BMPCC - TV Commercial
  207. Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 10-100mm T3.1
  208. Short Film / Music Video
  209. BM4k - What is this?
  210. Echizen (Japanese) knives shot on BMPCC and lumix 14-45
  211. NSFW: The World's Hottest 3 point lighting tutorial! (Pocket RAW & Switar)
  212. My BIG FAT Blackmagic Production Camera 4k Thread...
  213. Very low light - BMPC4K test
  214. Blackmagic 4K Production Camera - First Aerial footage
  215. Coffee Shop Council (BMPCC + Metabones Speed Booster)
  216. New James Miller video side by side with BM4k and 1Dc
  217. Blackmagic 4K visits some warbirds.
  218. BMPC 4K v C100
  219. Pocket Camera in a storm
  220. B&W Still shot taken with the BMC4K
  221. Taylor Hobson (Cooke) 25 f/1.9 C-Mount
  222. BMPC-4K & ARRI Alexa side-by-side comparison
  223. Markthalle 9 Kreuzberg - BMPCC
  224. 4K lowlight footage and a trip through the scrub.
  225. Music Artist Promo video. Please judge harshly. BMCC Low light
  226. What's this? Corrupt frames?
  227. New Demo Reel
  228. Mirror Box / Glowing Red Eyes - BMCC
  229. 2014 Reel with BMCC footage
  230. The Craftsman - Shot on RED/BMCC/FS700
  231. A few test shots using the Hoya IR Cut
  232. BMPC 4K footage
  233. First-Time Pocket Footage: Your thoughts and suggestions
  234. A Day At The Beach - BMPC4K
  235. BMPC4K Tests
  236. Top Gun Shootout- 150mph snowmobiles on ice.
  237. A story of a simple man, his cat and a couple of witches.
  238. BMPC4K and 5d mix
  239. BMPC4K Footage (NOT MY FOOTAGE!)
  240. The Parlotones Music Video - RAW BMCC
  241. A web spot shot at a dog rescue (awwww)
  242. Film and campaign shot on BMPCC + speedbooster
  243. 1st Time With BMCC on Shoot
  244. 4K monitor for editing
  245. Took the Blackmagic where it never been before,.. i think.
  246. Gettin a Tattoo
  247. one day in lifetime --- BMPCC + Canon EF 16-35 2.8/L + Canon EF 50mm 1.4 (ProRes)
  248. My new little kitten
  249. BMPCC + speedbooter Music video
  250. Developing Film - BMPCC with 13mm f1.5