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  1. DJ Promo shot with BMMCC (60fps slowmo)
  2. Prayer of St. Francis (4.6K frame)
  3. Batwing “Doomsday” Redux (crazy 16mm version)
  4. Batwing "Doomsday" Redux. Experimental Version
  5. 'Queen of Space Furs' fashion frames
  6. Latest DemoReel
  7. Buffalo Exchange commercial (BMPC4K)
  8. Milo Planet - Music video with Blackmagic Ursa 4K
  9. I spent a couple of hours with the URSA Mini 4.6K
  10. Wendigo Short Film shot on the Black Magic Cinema Camera
  11. Super 16mm Film Grain Emulation - Kodak Vision2 200T (7217) BMPCC
  12. And another little project
  13. BMMPC Isle Of White Test footage. Hand Held
  14. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Venice Italy
  15. Tommi - Don't You Know Music Video | Shot on BMPCC
  16. TIME FOR SALAD! 120fps ursa mini 4.6k slow motion test
  17. BMCC Music Video
  18. Favorite videos you show to clients/friends to persuade them of BM cameras?
  19. Trailer: fantastic/psychological-drama short. Shot on BMCC, anamorphic, CG/VFX
  20. 20 mins+ online television program
  21. First Flycam Test! BMPCC and Rokinon 16mm DS
  22. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Santorini, Dubrovnik
  23. Superhero Thriller "LAZARUS" shooting on the Ursa Mini 4K.
  24. I need your help guys !!! Blue screen vfx !!! Any boss here ?
  25. Frames from Pocket Specific Speedbooster used on a BMCC 2.5k
  26. The Path Short Film Promo BMMCC
  27. God created the Universe in 6 days... BMPCC Cosmic Experiment
  28. Dance Video by Night
  29. Feature Film | Ursa Mini 4K
  30. Fun project from this summer - BMPCC framegrabs.
  31. Lame-ass Anamorphic BMPCC Timelapse
  32. New music video we shot on the Micro
  33. Trailer for new Project - Ursa Mini 4.6k
  34. Feature I colored "Another Time"
  35. BMPCC at Mondiali Antirazzisti 2016
  36. My 1.6x Single Focus Anamorphic Adapter and the BMPCC
  37. "Sauce"- Frame grabs
  38. Memories of Italy - shot on BMPCC and Sony A7sII
  39. New music video we shot with the BMPCC, Sigma Lens and Graded in Resolve 12.5
  40. Horrifying(/Hofficic?) 4.6K stills
  41. Fun wit slowmo and a macro lens
  43. Passionate Nobodies Ep 1 - Shot on micro cinema camera
  44. Doc on Max Ginsburg
  45. 4.6k footage download
  46. BMPCC + Urban Exploration
  47. "NOISE" - my first Ursa Mini 4.6k short; shot with an anamorphic adapter
  48. BMPCC short film for NASA
  49. Can you tell me How Many Stops of Light I am Losing...?
  50. Music video I shot on the UM4.6k
  51. "Taking your place"- Stills from music video
  52. First Proper BM shoot
  53. Music video shot on BMCC and BMPCC
  54. frames from modern day nativity story
  55. 4k footage ursa mini 4.6k
  56. Glitter - Experimental Short Film (BMCC)
  57. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Action Skit
  58. Footage from Ursa Mini 4.6K (2 vids)
  59. We Need to Talk - Interactive Short shot on the BMCC
  60. UM46K music video for LEGO Ninjago halloween special (1/3)
  61. Hugsy, shot with RAWLITE olpf in 3:1 RAW 50p
  62. TERROR POOL - Short Film shot on BMPCC
  63. Happy Halloween - BMPCC Style!
  64. Jotunheimen
  65. A few images I gathered from my mini
  66. Anamorphic 3K music videos
  67. Fear of Winter
  68. First couple Images I've shot with the UM4.6k
  69. Frame from a shoot with the UrsaMini 4.6k
  70. Ursa Mini 4k EF Raw 4:1 Promo Video
  71. Low Light
  72. Seasons | A UM46 - 4:1 RAW short
  73. Music video shot on BMMCC
  74. If the BMPCC could do Slo-Mo this is what it would look like... (Alexa Plus 4:3)
  75. HELP ! please
  76. Mini46 footage with my new toys
  77. Some grabs from the short I shot this weekend (URSA/Tokina)
  78. WTF is this? Blacksun correction error
  79. Anamorphic Flare factory 4.6k goodness
  80. A walk in the country
  81. Lux ex Tenebris
  82. UM46 Test Shots
  83. My first couple of months with the BMPCC
  84. Making Coffee
  85. WindRams spot (shot on BMPC4K and URSA)
  86. Evening with the Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera
  87. Gunshots by Computer
  88. New York City trip video
  89. Horror Commercial I produced / shot on the BMCC
  90. NEW BMCC footage found on youtube, grab your popcorn
  91. Ursa Mini 4.6k Tests
  92. Ursa Mini 4k Frames from recent horror short | First Post
  93. Short film shot on BMCC
  94. DNGs to evaluate strange issue
  95. Swapping Leitax EF Lens Mount on Arri Alexa - BMPCC Tutorial
  96. Music Video with Ursa Mini 4K
  97. Footage: Ursa Mini 4.6K in Marrakech, Morocco
  98. BMCC with Ronin testrun
  99. 'Berlin Tableau' won Best Documentary, shot on BMCC, Pocket and DJI PP3
  100. Sort of a warm day
  101. Low budget commercial spot on Ursa Mini 4.6
  102. Short drama shot on BMCC with Vedyra primes
  103. First wedding I've shot (UM4K)
  104. New Demo Reel 2016
  105. My 3rd music video. bmmcc + anamorphic
  106. Schaetze Suedostasiens - ARTE series shot on BMPCC
  107. Micro Cinema Camera 2016 Highlights - Europe
  108. BMMCC Test Footage for Rock and Roll coming of age film. :-)
  109. BMMCC First test give feedback
  110. 2016 Demo Reel & New Years Resolutions
  111. Up & up - acapela cover - bmpcc
  112. The Eagle Huntress - Award Winning Doc featuring Pocket and BMPC4K
  113. Turkey 2015
  114. Feedback
  115. A winter day
  116. Low light Ursa Mini 4.6k
  117. Getting that look
  118. Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) VS Sony A6500 Camera Shootout
  119. The XmasTree Hunt - A Narrative Documentary
  120. Shoot, take notes, apply.
  121. Grade this Day-4-Night DNG
  122. Dragged my 4.6K around Lisbon
  123. Short Shot on Micro Cinema Camera
  124. UM in Resolve using CST for Alexa color science (and first Interrotron test!)
  125. New 2K UM46k frames
  126. New Comic Book Comedy Web Series shot on BMMCC
  127. Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K test and revew on Russian and LOMO lens anamorphic
  128. UM4.6k color test
  129. Short / Recipe URSA
  130. Ebony Joi - Young & Reckless Music Video
  131. UM4.6k - Country house
  132. Micro Snowstorm
  133. Feature film shot on BMCC 2.5K
  134. UM 4.6K very clean low light footage
  135. URSA Mini 4.6K - Commercial with miniature environments and CG characters
  136. Untitled Preview
  137. Ursa Mini 4.6k stills
  138. BMCC 2.5k vs Ursa 4.6k footage?
  139. USRA Mini live switch with ATEM Production 4k
  140. So I wrote a book and shot a trailer for it...
  141. Prism test
  142. My new 2017 reel
  143. Video I created last April, filmed with a BMPCC.. is finally live and I can share it.
  144. green on red. what is causing this?
  145. Creepercam (bmpcc, Nebula 4000 Lite, Cosmicar 12.5mm f/1.9 c-mount lens Test)
  146. Tokina and Sigma
  147. Finally Cut Together A New Reel
  148. Low Key lighting Test
  149. A Pocket Camera for Travels
  150. Episode #2 of Comic Book Shop COMEDY WEB SERIES!
  151. Anamorphic Kowa B&H BMCC 2.5k 50mm yahisca ml lens
  152. Honduras - mini documentary shot on BMPCC
  153. Mirrors - Camera Test Movie with LOMO OKS 3-10-1
  154. Thailand with the Ursa Mini 4.6K
  155. Ursa Mini 4.6K - Teacher PSA
  156. Shooting in Oporto
  157. Spec Title Sequence Shot on Micro
  158. Took my pocket to Africa and first time flying a drone
  159. 4th music video (R-rated)
  160. Ursa Mini 4.6K - "Bestia" short film stills
  161. Winter shoots with UM 4.6K
  162. Carnaval Netherlands, BMCC, Sigma Art 18-35mm, Speedbooster,Hoya filters,ProRess1080p
  163. Wilder music video *UM46K*
  164. Feast Video
  165. Ursa Mini 4.6k in Sintra
  166. UM46K // Scifi Music Video
  167. Rosamund Pike Fashion Film
  168. Hip Hop Workshop shot with Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
  169. BMPC short, lomo anamorphics
  170. Music Video Stills - UM4K
  171. New music video on UM4.6k - One republic - acapela cover
  172. NOT BMPCC... Frames shot on Arri Alexa + Rokinon Cine DS 16, 35, 50
  173. BMMCC in Japan
  174. Ursa Mini 4.6K + Sigma Cine 18-35 T2 + Ultracon
  175. BESTIA short film on the UM4.6K
  176. Quick test of the Meteor 5-1 17-69 with the Bmpcc
  177. Clip from an Earlier Feature I did.
  178. Commercial shot on a BMPCC
  179. The Fisherman - By Alejandro Suarez Lozano
  180. Vietnam with a BMPCC
  181. My webpage, shot almost entirely on a BMPCC
  182. Image artifact
  183. BMCC 2.5K Still Rocking - Sci-Fi Short 48Hr Film Challenge
  184. BMPCC travel video
  185. Unreleased Project
  186. Stills from TV Pilot week one
  187. Commercial IT Security BMPCC
  188. Odara Sol - "Rainha" - Musicvideo (shot partly on BMPCC)
  189. Ursa Mini Pro and Sigma 150-600mm - Birds
  190. Stills UM4.6k
  191. 4.6k UM music video
  192. Ursa Mini 4.6k - Interior Designer Video
  193. Vesperteen "Drinking From An Empty Glass" (UM46K)
  194. Quick GH5/UM46K comparison
  195. Loving the Micro Cinema Camera! - Web Series
  196. Quick Frames from my latest work (4.6k)
  197. Proof of Concept Trailer Screenshots
  198. New indy featurefilm in the making, shot on BMCC 2.5k with Movi M10
  199. Short 'The Red Stone' shot on the BMPCC
  200. Micro Cinema Camera vs GH5
  201. Matching DJI Mavic Pro to BMD look
  202. Timelapse in France with the BMPCC
  203. In honour of my BMCC
  204. FIFTY THREE YEARS (Short Doc shot on BM Micro Cinema Camera)
  205. Shooting with Ursa Mini 4.6k
  206. Slice of Life (Blade Runner looks)
  207. timelapse with old russian lense Vega-7 20mm F2 with the Bmpcc
  208. Ursa mini and Glidecam
  209. New Short film shot on UM4.6 and BMMCC
  210. Web Series shot on Micro Cinema Camera!
  211. Micro Cinema Camera vs GH5 Bokeh Downloadable files
  212. Oscar Winning Short Shot on Blackmagic Micro Camera!
  213. Micro Cinema Camera vs GH5 Skintone Under Shade with fill light downloadable
  214. "Zone" Music Video BMMCC
  215. A Curious Day at Snooper's Haven
  216. Swiped- Short film by Joseph Kahn (shot on 4.6k & Xeen primes)
  217. Short film, combining the UM4.6k with Panny GH5 and DJI X5R
  218. Ursa mini 4.6k anamorphic with Cinelux & Hardcore DNA
  219. College and future woes, shot on BMPC4K
  220. A Crazy Post-Apocalyptic Web Series shot entirely on the 2.5k BMC
  221. The Teacher Project - Series - UM46K / DJI Ronin
  222. The Giant Flea - A camera rig test film
  223. Ursa Mini 4.6k vs GH5 Downloadable Raw and Vlog
  224. Nicaragua - mini documentary shot on BMPCC
  225. What's this red line?
  226. Samyang 16mm T2.2 on Ursa Mini 4.6K
  227. Bernie
  228. First Ext. ever also comparison BMPCC and A7s
  229. Sci-fi novel trailer
  230. Bridge with the UM4.6k
  231. Camera Test for Upcoming MMA Feature Film
  232. My New (updated) Showreel // Feedback would be appreciated
  233. Some Footage From my Blackmagic Experience
  234. URSA MINI 4.6k + Sigma 18-35mm work
  235. Ursa Mini 4.6k vs GH5 Venice italy
  236. Title sequence created with Fusion 8, Davinci 14.5 and the BMCC
  237. Short Film Seine Spur Full Length
  238. Music Video shot on Ursa Mini 4,6k and BMCC // The Moorings - Amsterdam
  239. UM4K | Music Video and Feature Film Trailer
  240. Fashion Shoot shot on the BMCC
  241. "Luara" jewelry collection
  242. Some framegrabs (UM 4.6k)
  243. Zhiyun Crane V2 - BMPCC
  244. Preview Promo piece for an American ninja warrior season 9 participant shot on BMMCC
  245. Ursa mini pro music video
  246. BMMCC in set up with Gremsy T1
  247. Now on Kickstarter/"Fractales", a psychological drama Short
  248. Frames from short film I'm Dping
  249. Bmpcc free lut
  250. Commercial shot on Blackmagic Micro