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  1. DaVinci Resolve Tutorials
  2. Workflow Diagram
  3. AdobeDNG importing
  4. Cineform Conversion anyone use?
  5. Is BCC suitable for live show broadcasting?
  6. Using Adobe Speedgrade CS6...
  7. Debayering settings?
  8. Shooting RAW or 10-bit 4:2:2 Compressed?
  9. Dealing with a RAW workflow?
  10. ProRes 4:4:4 possible?
  11. Shooting Procedural Question
  12. Clip review and delete on camera?
  13. Adobe Caught Off Guard by Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  14. Are the offering Prores422 or Prores422HQ ?
  15. Upgrading PC - wait for Thunderbolt?
  16. Cheapest way to do Slo-Mo
  17. Is RAW uncompressed necessary?
  18. 50GBs per hour?
  19. Mac Desktop, BMC & Thunderbolt Solution?
  20. Seagate Thunderbolt Adapter
  21. Recommend an SSD Caddy
  22. What would be your ideal system for working with BMC?
  23. Excellent use of BMCC with HDLinkPro for live color correction
  24. Does Cinema DNG Take Up Less Space Than Uncompressed 4:4:4?
  25. Adobe Premiere Mercury Playback Engine support in the future?
  26. How is this going to work now? Compositing and FX question about integration.
  27. Does this camera have a light meter built-in?
  28. Accelerating video card for de-bayering
  29. A slower and improved workflow. Breaking the DSLR habit.
  30. Do I really need Resolve.
  31. Recommended monitors
  32. Resolve -> Premiere ISSUE
  33. Output LUT
  34. I Mac or Mac pro for Resolve ?
  35. Cineform Raw and BM Camera Partnership could be amazing
  36. What's your planned workflow, raw or ProRes?
  37. iMac refresh?
  38. Macbook pro retina and external?
  39. I am interested in this camera but am unsure on the workflow for PC
  40. What kind of card for the BMC
  41. Hackintosh ?
  42. HP 820 Tower - RED EDITION
  43. ThunderBolt to USB3.0 Converter?
  44. Interesting field storage option
  45. Twitter feed for LAFCPUG :)
  46. VFX Workflow assistance needed
  47. Great Thunderbolt summary from AbelCineTech
  48. RAW for a novice
  49. Benchmark Tests: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 vs. Apple Final Cut Pro X
  50. Achieving the film look
  51. Applying LUT's in DaVinci
  52. MacBook Pro with Retina display
  53. PC build - x79 motherboard - based on Videoguys DIY9 build - CS6
  54. Dumping SSD's via Thunderbolt
  55. External eSATA adapters for SSD
  56. What's better for PC - DNxHD or ProRes?
  57. Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 3D
  58. 24 in vs 27 in editing monitor
  59. Differences in Adobe Premiere highlight handling, using the Black Magic codec
  60. RAID set up for the raw files.
  61. ProRes 2432 x 1366
  62. CinemaDNG: Tiff or MXF
  63. Workflow advice - equipment running now enough?
  64. File Naming Scheme
  65. Upgrading my 2008 Mac Pro, worth it?
  66. PC - BMCC tethering options
  67. Aliasing on downconversion?
  68. Archiving the massive raw media
  69. list of bmcc qualified ssd's
  70. audio connectors?? Low impedance to high questions?
  71. Editing on the SSD drive...
  72. How about Blackmagic's own monitor for grading in Resolve
  73. LCD shade for outdoor shooting
  74. Laptop onset grading/DIT
  75. 2.35 : 1 ?
  76. If I record RAW, where does the audio go?
  77. Help! Problems with Premiere cs5.5 and Black magic cam Cinema DNG files
  78. cinema dng compress for storage ????
  79. 3D?
  80. Lossless Workflow for Premiere
  81. DPX file format ?
  82. changing ISO with the adobe route ??
  83. color / gamma shift when rountripping from PPro and Resolve
  84. ProRes vs RAW - Which do you intend to use more and why?
  85. For anybody that wants to use FCPX. Maybe the ultimate realtime workflow
  86. Best workflow for FCP and Resolve?
  87. Thunderbolt-->Mac with Media Express application
  88. Dragging the dng files from SSD to DESKTOP ??
  89. FCPX Color Grading Tools
  90. WTF is up with the Mac?
  91. Re: CinemaDNG + Audio?
  92. Re: After Effects // CinemaDNG Raw
  93. Transcode CinemaDNG to RED's R3D
  94. Anamorphic conversion
  95. does dynamic range vary according to debayer algorithm? Will the DR improve?
  96. Options without upgrading to a new computer?
  97. Newish Imac
  98. Clipped magenta highlights
  99. Adobe Premiere CinemaDNG Support
  100. Macbook air 13 Inch, the BMC's friend?
  101. BMD Intenisty Pro or BMD Intensity Shuttle?
  102. *VIDEO* How to import Cinema DNG files into Adobe Premiere cs6.
  103. RAW: How much storage (Raid) needed for full feature?
  104. Archiving individual clients work. Hot swap bay?
  105. A diagram of a 99% lossless workflow.
  106. 3TB Seagate Barracuda for $149.99
  107. *VIDEO* How to Convert Cinema DNG files into 16bit PSD files.
  108. Adaptive wide angle command applied to video in Photoshop CS6
  109. Resolve 9 Lite & early 2010 MBP w. NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M?
  110. Possibility of exFAT?
  111. Question about HP EliteBook 8760w Dreamcolor with Premiere Pro CS6 / AE / Resolve
  112. John Brawly demo's the new Black Magic Design Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve 9
  113. macbook air
  114. EnhanceRAID E500FR Five Bay Enclosure
  115. on set workflow question
  116. Footage Workflow
  117. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but....
  118. 2k files in Premeire 6
  119. Mac Pro / Resolve Solution
  120. SSD Drive caddies
  121. Your opinion on the Kingston - 240gb SSD now V+200?
  122. Adobe CinemaDNG Support
  123. Philip Bloom: Getting started with Davinci Resolve with Dan Moran
  124. How powerful does a laptop have to be to edit ProRes comfortably?
  125. Choosing between two builds
  126. PC or Mac?
  127. Some thoughts about longtime archive/backup
  128. 8 Terabytes for $850, good deal?
  129. New SATA III Little Big Disk Can Hit 635 MB/second
  130. SSD with different firmware revisions
  131. Hybrid SSDs and CF/SATA enclosure
  132. Philip Bloom's waiting on "conforming"?
  133. RAID enclousures
  134. Feature-Rich BMC workflow
  135. Need advice about CC monitor
  136. Plugin for FCP7 for BMC log footage
  137. Keeping my SSD media safe?
  138. My Workflow for using DaVinci 9 Lite and Sony Vegas Products
  139. LightWorks
  140. BMC monitor in B/W?
  141. Adobe DNG support is as far as they're going to take it, for now. Time for proxies.
  142. So if you format yr SSds on a mac, can you edit them on a pc?
  143. New Mac Mini
  144. Curve type work in FCPX
  145. Noise and Noise Reduction Tutorial
  146. 21.5" vs 27" iMac
  147. Monster Editing PC for Under $2500 (1600)
  148. MBP 15" 2012 and DaVinci Resolve ?
  149. Does anyone have experience with a PCI Express SSD??
  150. BMD shuttle
  151. Need someone who knows graphics cards
  152. iPad as a controller surface for Resolve
  153. bmcc on macbook pro
  154. Live fast - die young - an other SSD bites the dust.
  155. Davinci Lite + DNGs
  156. Davinci Resolve/Avid media composer workflow
  157. Thunderbolt RAID solutions
  158. SSD Formatting workflow
  159. Media Composer 6 and DNxHD
  160. Film Convert article on Digital Video Magazine.
  161. New iMac prices are here, help me choose.
  162. Griffin esata express card
  163. RAW Workflow
  164. Can my computer sustains the BMC?
  165. How far can you crop 2.5K RAW?
  166. Best price for Adobe CS6 Production suite
  167. Can this macbook pro handle with Resolve and 2.5 K raw files?
  168. Post Stabilization?
  169. After Effects Vs Resolve Workflow
  170. blackmagic cinema camera workflow
  171. Converting RAW to Prores?
  172. Has anyone tried out the video dynamic range?
  173. Monitor calibration tool
  174. In and out points FCPX
  175. FCP 7 keyboard configuration for FCPX
  176. Data rates for color grading, RAID requirements
  177. Cheap Asus laptop blows $4k MBP out of the water
  178. Lightroom Users Question: Export Uncompressed DNG for Resolve?
  179. Samsung 840 pro ssd
  180. workflow using Resolve and FCPX together with Pro Res
  181. Cineform Raw BMD Film Curve
  182. Compatible SSD?
  183. New imac feedback?
  184. Is 64GB of ram still ridiculous or is it a sensible investment in this day and age?
  185. Finally a native DNG editing solution for Premiere
  186. Of LUTS and Skin
  187. D-TAP Question
  188. not reading Sandisk Extreme 480 GB SSD
  189. Building a Custom PC for Resolve
  190. Experiencing Dropped Frames
  191. Resolve>fcpx>resolve workflow video?
  192. Proper processing, upres-ing, and the future 5 years of resolution
  193. ACES Workflow?
  194. Kodak and Fujifilm Emulation LUTs
  195. shooting new feature - 24p or 23:98? Sorry for newb question :)
  196. Preampli micro Beyer MV100 for sale
  197. FCPX Keywords
  198. Linear to sRGB LUT in Resolve
  199. DIT Field Workflow
  200. Lightroom 4 Sync Setting Error
  201. Aperture
  202. BMCC RAW Processing Video Tutorials - anyone have links to any?
  203. H.265 compatible macbook pro?
  204. Difference Testing BMCC Prores vs Hyperdeck Shuttle Prores
  205. For FCPX users
  206. exFAT issues with OS
  207. Transient software issue
  208. Post your current Workstation configurations?
  209. Staying at native 800 ISP question
  210. Digital Clapper and multi cam sync app
  211. Film LUT Challenge? (5298)
  212. Cinec encode Prores on Win with support for CinemaDNG BMCC
  213. A bit of a problem
  214. Hello! New guy with a question.
  215. Antler Post's Blackmagic Film to Video plugin for FCPX
  216. bmcc connecting to pc question
  217. Problem with RAW files in Resolve (Need Help!) or Is it the BMCC Faulty?
  218. Best Workflow for out short film
  219. Output 2.5k on pc with audio?
  220. color correction without resolve
  221. How to capture footage through thunderbolt?
  222. Bmcc raw with resolve and visual effects
  223. How would you encode video that will likely be edited later on?
  224. Thanks Sam Morgan Moore ...
  225. swintronix pb70-bmcc - problem with power tap?
  226. RAW 2.5K transcode to ProRes 2.5K
  227. Why is there so much FCPX support?
  228. Multicam FAIL for both Adobe and FCPX
  229. Resolve Stabilization and Masks
  230. Certified SSDs New List
  231. Blackmagic Monitor
  232. SSD not being recognized by computer, help!
  233. Will this white balancing method work?
  234. Using FilmConvert before they give us a profile
  235. Camera RAW workflow
  236. FCPX / DaVinci retime workflow
  237. Can individual DNG frames be deleted?
  238. 23.98 or 24 fps
  239. White balance and exposure
  240. Importing dnxhd into avid
  241. grading raw on regular spinning SATA HDs: Good enough?
  242. DIT/Data Wrangling with RAW
  243. Question About RAW and Sound
  244. Resolve Question
  245. IR contamination
  246. How to format SSD mac
  247. Native DNG support with Premiere Pro CS6.. Now Available?
  248. Mounting a LCD monitor to a light stand?
  249. My BMDFilm LUT
  250. Davinci Resolve 10?