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  1. The Thread that started it all
  2. Pre-Order Info Thread
  4. Buy Blackmagic Cinema Camera from Texas Media Systems
  5. ARTICLE: BMC - First Impressions
  6. How many will buy on release date with M4/3 or E Mount?
  7. BlackMagic Cinema Camera Technology Announcements & Latest Info
  8. New Zealand Pre-order
  9. Power
  10. Canadian pre-orders
  11. notebook for Resolve
  12. A Feature update. HD-SDI output is full res !
  13. FEATURE: Screen Lock/camera settings Lock??
  14. Power Switch placement
  15. Informational Videos (not demo footage)
  16. Red record push-button: Does it glow?
  17. BMC for Presentation Playback
  18. Internal Battery Life vs. Resale value of camera
  19. May be a stupid question... but cases?
  20. Is this a silent camera?
  21. On screen exposure indicators?
  22. Feature Requests
  23. Did you pre-order your Blackmagic Cinema Camera?
  24. Some important questions to John Brawley: Wide Shots, Resolution and Noise..
  25. AJA t-Tap Thunderbolt to HDMI/DSI
  26. Portable Storage?
  27. Why are so many people assuming there will be an S35 version?
  28. SSD price war said to be on the way
  29. audio meters
  30. Film dynamic range VS video DR?
  31. Thunderbolt alternatives
  32. 3G or 6G SATA
  33. What is the Actual BMC Color Space in Raw?
  34. 5% Discount Code for Europe from Marcotec
  35. Shoulder Mount + Remote for camera functions.
  36. BmD's goal: "Blowing people's minds" :-)
  37. Updates on some features
  38. Record direct to raid?
  39. Shutter Speed and WB adjustment pain
  40. adjusting the aperture?
  41. Connecting a SSD drive to a computer.
  42. July
  43. BMC added to AbelCine's FOV calculator
  44. Good news on the EVF front
  45. What SSD should i buy?
  46. Is the BMC PC-friendly?
  47. Menu Walkthrough
  48. Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  49. what about a thanking thread for BMD?
  50. HD-SDI output: Pulldown?
  51. HD-SDI output: Pulldown?
  52. bmc jello - any news on this?
  53. Powering the Blackmagic Design Cinema in the field via AC adapter / External Battery
  54. picture profile in camera?
  55. SSD drives as back up Drives
  56. Changing SSDs?
  57. Where can we learn to shoot and edit RAW ... another way to make money?
  58. VFR? variable frame rates?
  59. Specs on its Shutter
  60. Final Cut Pro X
  61. HDD instead SSD for ProRes/DNxHD recording
  62. 1080i output via HD-SDI?
  63. Cooling and Fans
  64. Mounting the BmC on rod support
  65. Genlock with Thunderbolt for 3D
  66. Native ZF mount or only with adapter?
  67. Is there any possibility for this camera to get a Four Thirds sized sensor?
  68. Perfect for Scopes? New $799 Mac AirBook rumored for fall
  69. Variable Shutter
  70. Change in shipping dates
  71. i-Pad as an External Monitor?
  72. A Few Novice BMC Questions
  73. A question to ask of those going to the BMC showings
  74. Schedule for the Los Angeles BMD Event
  75. Audio Recorder
  76. Thunderbolt Motherboard
  77. Are SSD's robust enough for field use
  78. 2x crop factor? lenses?
  79. Movecam power solutions
  80. Burbank Event
  81. Custom Crop Marks?
  82. LUTs / Styles/ Profiles
  83. SSD Cases
  84. Flowing sense of motion
  85. DNXHD 36, 115, 120 etc
  86. FB and vimeo
  87. Apples to Orange Color Space?
  88. Feature Request - Built in focal reducer
  89. Ssd formatting question
  90. SSD warning
  91. Best DSLR RIG for the BMC Camera?
  92. Blackmagic Camera Handles
  93. Ventilation?
  94. no lens for bmc question
  95. Decent stills from camera?
  96. Any skateboard or bmx filmers buying the camera?
  97. HPX250 and BMCC?
  98. Neutral Density Filters... options?.
  99. Product Page Gear
  100. Using this as a battery?
  101. OCZ Vertex 3 - set my mind at ease please
  102. OCZ to take Computex show by storm
  103. Adjusting Aperture of Canon Lenses
  104. 13 Stops of Dynamic Range: How can we use it?
  105. Menu simulator
  106. Has anyone used Ultrascope?
  107. Audio XLR out box from Wooden Camera
  108. this cam good for vfx?
  109. Windows 8 Thunderbolt Tablets
  110. The BMC: How will you approach it?
  111. RAW Uncompressed Recording Realistic?
  112. Anamorphic with the BMC
  114. HANDS ON BMC in France
  115. AutoFocus??
  116. SSD External Enclosures
  117. Pics of the Cinema Camera in action posted on Facebook
  118. BMC Image used in presentation of Apple's WWDC 2012
  119. How will the BMC compare to Canon t2i?
  120. Re: True 4:4:4? Log Curve? Crop Factor?
  121. The bmcc revolution is as a front end to a great postprocessing ecosystem
  122. List of SSDs for the BMC?
  123. BMC owners. How they may be percieved by Joe public?
  124. Crop Function - Super 16mm
  125. alan zavacky newbie here..
  126. Swedish store "Scandinavian Photo" in Stockholm hands on..
  127. Any news when ??
  128. If this is the same sensor, then wow....
  129. Physical Dimensions (wanting to put it in a cage)
  130. The question of stabilization.
  131. Marco Solorio: Can It Run with the Big Boys?
  132. A "New Article" Pros And Cons..
  133. The new Marshall monitor - nice surprise
  134. Anyone want my spot in line plus a discount?
  135. 23.976p vs 24p - which one to use?
  136. Look at this first post at the bolex digital forum, uncompressed audio?
  137. Blackmagic CInema Camera - An Update
  138. Thunderbolt Capabilities?
  139. lowlight question.
  140. On board mic?
  141. Mounting Mics on the top of the BMC with the 3 x 1/4"-20 UNC threads.
  142. Thunderbolt Confusion
  143. Double tap to zoom the image for fast and accurate focus?
  144. How Blackmagic can add anamorphic recording mode to their Cinema Camera the easy way
  145. PC and Mac for BMC
  146. Who knows a good source for batteries?
  147. july shipping
  148. The Firmware Might Be Finalized.
  149. Some disk Speed test results
  150. Another writeup!
  151. Hands on with bmcc and preorder update from cvp uk
  152. Mixing BMC footage with 5D or 7D
  153. BMC Dream
  154. Talked to Dan and used the Camera 6/27/12
  155. Best place to pre-order??
  156. New BMCC Cage from Wooden Camera
  157. Monitoring
  158. Black Magic Cinema Camera on a Polecam Crane / Jib
  159. Approved SSDs?
  160. Cinepro Camera Drone with BMC C
  161. Lanc controller with iris control for Canon lens?
  162. Is it possible we can get selectable low frame rates down to 4fps for creative uses?
  163. The SHIPPING STATUS thread | Do not post other threads
  164. Glidecam
  165. What are your feelings about the camera now and what are your biggest questions?
  166. What are you going to shoot on your BM?
  167. The loneliest camera kit I ever saw...
  168. 48FPS on the BMC
  169. What the..?!! A BMC Course advertised even before the release of the camera?
  170. Johns friend talks about the camera
  171. Broadcast ready?
  172. You might be a BMC fanboy if...
  173. Name your BMD Camera
  174. Can the BMC be cursed?
  175. BBC Approved Cameras 2012
  176. BMC & Ultrascope
  177. Dynamic Range Difference
  178. Any manufacturers out there??
  179. Kingston SSDNow V+200 240GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5" Solid State Drive SVP200S3/240G $169
  180. BMC in studio set up - I am buildint a studio/ live event set up - pointers anyone?
  181. Blackmagic's Silence
  182. Is an IR filter needed?
  183. Should I go for it?
  184. which EVF ?
  185. possibilities of shooting stereoscopic on BMCC
  186. Audio cables for Cinema Camera (wireless reciever)
  187. SATA to CF
  188. Looking like no previews before release then?
  189. Power Consumption
  190. what types of shooting you will do with the blackmagic camera? It's good for me?help!
  191. Focus assist
  192. Need a SSD
  193. First complete rig for the BMC from Chrosziel
  194. Hyperdeck shuttle for SDI converter
  195. Sonnet to Show New Echo Express Thunderbolt Adapter and Qio Readers at IBC
  196. Aspect ratio of 2432 x 1366
  197. CVP little update
  198. Tripod? Miller Compass12 or something else?
  199. BMD site down?
  200. LANC controller from IKAN
  201. So what did you buy?
  202. Investigating in a BMC package when you could buy a Scarlet?
  203. Dan May(president of Blackmagic) interview about BMC
  204. New BMC handheld rig and power solution on cinescopophilia
  205. Cinema camera: Models?
  206. Highlight and shadow blinkies
  207. Mattebox suggestions?
  208. Warranty
  209. Let's talk about ND filters
  210. Monitoring
  211. DaVinci / BMCC grab from John Brawley
  212. Auto Iris Control Override?
  213. Xume magnetic filter adapters
  214. Just a tease
  215. Where is the Blackmagic swag?
  216. First film shot on BMC?
  217. EF-M Mount?
  218. First-look article by Jigsaw24's James Graham on the BMCC
  219. On-screen audio meters during recording?
  220. Time-code
  221. Debating between heliopan vari or tiffen set?
  222. Omega broadcast pre-orders
  223. How many retailers are getting BMC first run?
  224. Getting it Wet
  225. This is awesome.
  226. Rolling Shutter
  227. So am I missing something here?
  228. Need help figuring out a Narrative film starter kit for a Noob within $10,000 USD
  229. For people who ordered from BH.
  230. Vertex 4 performance issues explained
  231. technical question regarding hardware mod for custom lens mount on BMC
  232. Hoya Variable ND Filters
  233. Please recommened me ND sets
  234. Tiffen Indie ND (Non IR) Filter kit impressions
  235. New goodies from wooden camera
  236. BMCC Gear Roundup
  237. for those of us with hdmi needs....
  238. Cool article on shutter angle
  239. Operational Specs
  240. Manual Metadata Input Option?
  241. BMC and S16mm comparison
  242. Feature Shoot, RAW etc
  243. BMC breakout box
  244. Remote Metadata Input Option?
  245. Sony GDM-FW900 24" Widescreen CRT Monitor
  246. Amazon Goldbox Deal: OCX Vertex 4 SSD
  247. Is ISO metadata?
  248. The Complete Guide to Solid-State Drives
  249. a bit of a shame
  250. SSD Cost per GB and Total Cost of Ownership