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  1. Do not buy a 4k monitor or TV until HDMI 2.0 comes out this year!
  2. Group Buys
  3. What additional gear did you buy to support your BMCC/BMPC 4K?
  4. Shooting a Movie in Central America
  5. Is Blackmagic Evil?
  6. BMPC, will they deliver it on time?
  7. Pluraleyes still free with Rode video mics...
  8. screen preview looks flatter then recorded files?
  9. Field of view on the Pocket Camera CALCULATOR
  10. Possible Purchase questions
  11. Grant Petty update about US vs. EU distribution
  12. What is more important to you? Camera, lens or lighting?
  13. Tilta Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate
  14. GROUP BUY: SmallHD SDI
  15. GROUP BUY: Digistor 480GB SSD
  16. GROUP BUY: Chrosziel Follow Focus
  17. GROUP BUY: Audio Developments AD071
  18. Lower native iso of Production Camera better for highlight protection?
  19. Thanks to all and Rigs!!
  20. Short movie shot on BMCC needs support
  21. BMPCC and Hyperdeck
  22. Production camera or Cinema camera?
  23. White spots on higher shutter angles
  24. Blackmagic should hire this guy.
  25. GROUP BUY: Alphatron SDI EVF
  26. Mic for BM Pocket and all round use?
  27. Renting advice
  28. Viewfactor Arri Shim VS ET/Red Shim for studio bridge plates
  29. Reasonable priced Top plate for Bmcc Ef
  30. FS-700 Lanc grip and the BMCC
  31. ssd mounting bay
  32. Help build the c-mount / Bolex lens compatibility list for Pocket Cinema Camera
  33. BMCC 4k MFT?
  34. Richard Lim - BMPCC and BMCP update
  35. Premiere Pro CC Color Correction for ProRes Log footage screenshot
  36. MFT just arrived. SSD question...
  37. Was bored waiting for my BMP4K and I......
  38. Dumb question: How to format an SSD?
  39. Alphatron: underwhelmed
  40. THE TURNING teaser: New Aussie feature film, some scenes shot on BMCC!
  41. Beast and most affordable monitor and battery solution for BMC
  42. UK stock of MFT BMCC - Production Gear
  43. Small Rig and MonoPod for the BM Pocket Cam?
  44. Exposure questions
  45. Pocket Camera with a glidecam hd-2000
  46. Fan noise
  47. gh3 advice
  48. How to check firmware version?
  49. BMCC MFTs in stock?
  50. Sandisk Extreme II
  51. Noob Question
  52. On an airplane August 3rd... COME ON BMD!!!
  53. ASUS PA249Q ProArt 10 bit AH-IPS color monitor
  54. Shipment Delay?
  55. Pro Res film mode
  56. BMC4k and light sensitivity.
  57. Latest info on the JuicedLink BMCC366 pre-amp
  58. BMCC images look smokey/grey?
  59. BMCC Banding Issue
  60. BMCC flares more than other cams
  61. Kamerar Follow Focuses and cages
  62. Lighting for daylight question.
  63. How to remove a super hot SSD
  64. mic for indoors?
  65. Best V Mount Battery Set Up For BMCC
  66. Lighting kit
  67. I wish Blackmagic would configure-to-order....
  68. New Sony smartphone will shoot and playback 4K video!
  69. switronix pb70 question
  70. Removing black sun spot in Premiere
  71. A future High End BMC?
  72. torn between bmcc and bmpcc
  73. Just got BMCC!!! Now for the silly questions...
  74. Barry Green and DVXuser now backing First RAW BMCC Feature
  75. sound recording issue
  76. Good sign of life from Blackmagic
  77. Sandisk 240GB Extreme II SSD'S
  78. New releases from Innocinema
  79. Power options for camera without battery kit...
  80. No dealers doing a group buy on BM4k ?
  81. Advertising "Group Buys" on other forums?
  82. GROUP BUY: Mattebox
  83. BMCC versus BM4K from low budget indie filmmakers perspective
  84. Oooo tempting....
  85. Question about charging and run time on internal battery
  86. Audio not quite there yet?
  87. Battery Grip for Pocket Cinema Camera?
  88. Custom made Focus Ring 0.8 pitch follow focus gears in the UK?
  89. Imperfections = perfection :)
  90. What swab size should i use?
  91. Any actual v mount options aside from Switronix or IDX? Anyone try lanparte branded?
  92. Smasung SSDS's
  93. Anyone used the Redrock microRemote?!
  94. Anti-aliasing filter
  95. How bad is Moire on BMCC
  96. Ikonoscope got it right Future BM camera form factor desire
  97. Shooting on the beach
  98. Whats wrong with your BMCC?
  99. Energizer XP18000A Battery
  100. ND filters - which ones will work on longer lenses?
  101. Got my Speed Booster today for the Nikon MFT Mount
  102. 17 Days...
  103. CHEAP 3 Axis Chinese Gimbal
  104. Now THAT'S some great rigging
  105. Need Help Finding A Focus Gear For The SLR Magic 12mm
  106. What kind of cable do I need for Alphatron?
  107. BMCC MFT vs BM Pocket Cinema Camera For Those On The Fence...From An BMCC MFT Owner
  108. Is this normal on the bmc mft ssd slot?
  109. Resolve RAW looks different then Camera recorded
  110. GROUP BUY: Filters
  111. Came for the raw, stayed for the ProRes/DNxHD
  112. Glidecam iglide
  113. View Finder for Pocket Camera
  114. HyperDeck Shuttle on Pocket Camera
  115. Do SSD's need to be re-formatted after every use?
  116. Small HD DP4 EVF or Alphatron EVF
  117. Interesting Article on BMCC in a News Enviroment
  118. Glidecam woes (HD4000)
  119. Pocket Cinema loupe
  120. Nikon G to Micro 4/3 adapters.
  121. Monitoring your image in a reasonable way when exposing for highlights
  122. Pic of First Confirmed Pocket Camera Rig
  123. JB Teasing Pocket Camera Info
  124. RAW or ProRes?
  125. Defy Gimbal
  126. ISO Question
  127. Should black magic buy avid?
  128. Group Buy: Litepanels
  129. BMPC SSDs
  130. Kenyon Lab 3-axis Gyro for the BMCC/BM4K
  131. Camera Stopped Charging
  132. DIY Wireless Audio and Mini-PreAmp Solution for the BMCC
  133. Traveling with Gear? What precautions?
  134. Canon dSLR lens that might shine with BM4k?
  135. Convert SDI to HDMI to Monitor your BMCC with a Small HD EVF
  136. BM Company Forum Down
  137. Is this the cheapest field monitor with 3G-SDI Output?
  138. 4K is old tech. 8K is here. Camera + distribution in Japan.
  139. Nikon to Ef adaptor
  140. BMPCC will likely ship soon, where is the recommended SD card list?
  141. Discounted BMPC
  142. Field Monitor vs EVF // Pros and Cons
  143. Talked to reps at Convergent-Design and Small HD today and now I have some questions.
  144. Converting 23.98 to 29.97 output on vga monitor
  145. 23.98fps vs 24fps ?
  146. CVP announcement about the BM4k and Pocket
  147. Are IRND's stackable?
  148. Improved slider from Edelkrone
  149. Audio Sync in RAW
  150. 240mbps SD card for RAW on BMPocket
  151. Blackmagic Design to Host Seminars in Los Angeles and New York
  152. Pocket Camera DNG
  153. (August 4th, 2014) - Mosaic Engineering Blackmagic OLPF / AA Filter
  154. s16 lenses - how to calculate equivalent
  155. Would you consider shooting under water with the BMCC?
  156. New UHS-II SD Cards With Up To 240MBs Write Speeds
  157. Wooden Camera Configurations For BMPCC
  158. Primes or the new SIGMA zoom on the BMPCC?
  159. Wooden Camera launch $99 Pocket Cinema Camera cage
  160. $289 hdmi EVF
  161. BMCC thoughts
  162. Defy competitor: BeSteady is live!
  163. looks like this guy has his pocket camera
  164. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras in action on a Turkish Sit-Com
  165. 501 anti twist plate for BMCC & BMPCC
  166. Fast 1TB Samsung SDD
  167. applying rec709 or custom LUT to monitor out?
  168. More Pocket Cam Footage
  169. You ever regrease your FF?
  170. Expected Load Capacity
  171. pocket camera lens question
  172. BMPC OEM Nikon or third party batteries?
  173. The #CinpostChallenge - WIN A Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  174. Post Detailism - Whilst bored wating for my camera !!
  175. Metabones speedbooster for EF
  176. Blackmagic event in L.A - 2 Days away!
  177. Pocket Tripod for Pocket Camera
  178. The story
  179. Wieldy Cage for the BMCC
  180. Received an email from BH today
  181. MFT Mount BMCC in stock here
  182. 82mm filter + 95mm front thread lens + BMPC = vignette ?
  183. Multi battery chargers for the BMPCC
  184. Firmware v1.4 is out!
  185. Zoom H4N / Röde NTG-2 and BMCC?
  186. Will there ever be a AGC (Auto Gain Control) option for Blackmagic Cameras?
  187. What should I get Jib or steadycam?
  188. BMCC Fan
  189. Budget wireless monitoring for BMCC
  190. info from bm event l.a.
  191. what about bmcc MFT plus Speedbooster
  192. about 4k camera and pocket camera delivery
  193. "Official" response from BMD on new camera shipping.
  194. How do you keep track of remaining SSD space?
  195. RCA cable with BNC adapters for SDI out to monitor question
  196. Stu's thoughts on the BMD delay
  197. Rewind ...... NAB 2013
  198. Prores and meta data?
  199. Did anybody use this stabalizer before?
  200. Blackmagic Uses a lot of FOSS in their products
  201. 'What Manner of Men...' WWII short film needs funding!!
  202. FilmConvert Cinematography Competition
  203. Has Anybody Heard from B&H? Check out the link....
  204. BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Update!!!!!
  205. Misterios
  206. Anyone bought BMCC Tilta & Wieldy Rigs on ebay?
  207. Audio hiss with levels at 80%
  208. New BMCC Check List
  209. Review on the JuicedLink BMC366 pre-amp
  210. Anyone tried the Zoom H6 yet
  211. Pocket Camera in the dark
  212. BMD branded BMPCC batteries at B&H for $15
  213. Shipping August (4K) Website Update
  214. Question about the revised SanDisc Extreme II 480 Gb drive
  215. ProRes 422 LT?
  216. removeblackmagic.com
  217. SDI Out Port issue
  218. Tempted to get the 2.5k EF BMCC now..
  219. My Plan for the BMPCC!
  220. Fear of Girls Web Series Episode 4 Kickstarter
  221. BMCC MFT resolution test
  222. Pocket Cinema Gimbal
  223. One Set of ND Filters to Rule Them All
  224. Tascam DR100mk2 & Pocket Camera
  225. It's August 1st, Do You Know Where Your Blackmagic Cameras Are?
  226. Chasing that 'Cinematic look' and "movement"???
  227. Blackmagic Exclusive Interview
  228. Hot Pixels
  229. BMCC now for US$ 1.995?
  230. Screen Flickering issue
  231. Active Mount MTF BMCC - Grant Perry
  232. $1,000 price drop for BMCC starts today
  233. BMPCC stabilizer
  234. Removing Hot or White Pixels?
  235. Splice
  236. Zoom h6 handy recorder
  237. New rig on kickstarter
  238. Viewfactor Pocket Cam rig is here : 100.00US
  239. Codec help!
  240. X3 Magnifying Hood BMCC. DIY $4
  241. What top handle and rod accessories are these?
  242. Original BMPCC ProRes files
  243. New BMCC Debayer Method
  244. cheap Power cable for batteries
  245. Anyone else have an eerie feeling that BMD is about to annouce something to replace..
  246. What are users of BMCC doing for SlowMotion?
  247. v. 1.3 and 1.4 audio much noiser/hissier than v 1.2.1
  248. I have a question about the Black Magic cinema camera.
  249. Loupes for blackmagic
  250. CF to SATA adapters .... Anyone have any experience with ?