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  1. To (B)lackmagic Or Not to (B)lackmagic...
  2. Which Nikon to EOS adapter are you guys using?
  3. Hot pixels/dead pixels whatever you want to call them!
  4. Hope for moire issues!
  5. BMCC low light king among cinema cameras?
  6. New camera flange focus distance fixed!
  7. 9.7'' Lilliput Monitor 969 A/O/P - any good?
  8. BMCC will not turn on
  10. Obsession with having a super sharp image
  11. lines in image
  12. 4 hours with CineMoco dolly & the BMCC
  13. So... where are we with shipping? And MFT?
  14. Recommend accessories for the Smallhd dp6!!!
  15. Konova Shoulder mount rig
  16. Helicopter shoot at dawn. BMC or stick with FS100.
  17. 6 EF Cameras available now!
  18. NEED tips on renting blackmagic?
  19. thank you black magic for this camera :)
  20. DB 16 Latest
  21. EF to MFT adapter
  22. Firmware 1.3
  23. Some Like It RAW. Part 03: Overexposure
  24. Question regarding original BMCC package/box
  25. Audio solutions....what are you using to record internally to the BMCC
  26. 'Hero Punk' Sci Fi film being shot on the BMCC
  27. Super Important Update Needed to the BMC
  28. Blackmagic featured us for shooting on the BMCC on a feature
  29. NO audio recorded
  30. 10 min. limit in RAW mode
  31. Did production slow down again?
  32. External microphone suggestion
  33. Help! Cam arrives tomorrow, shooting today on FS100
  34. Green Screen shoot with BMDCC
  35. What do you think of using A-box with BMC?
  36. HyperDeck Studio with the BMCC?
  37. Sandisk 240gb Users Say I
  38. Encoding for Vimeo tips?
  39. small case that fits the BMCC
  40. Kamerar Tank TK-2 cage with rods fits BMCC - $150
  41. Cropping in Resolve?
  42. Image stabilization noise with internal mic
  43. EVF Mount for under $25 inc. postage
  44. Storage & archiving
  45. importance of fan obstruction when on a shoulder rig or tripod?
  46. Still frames?
  47. Fan control needed?
  48. SDI experts- SDI --> Composite
  49. What's that ticking sound when powered off?
  50. Lighting Kits - What are you using? Any good kits for $500 or so?
  51. Instagramy/Lomo/Vintage look?
  52. what is the best way to compress footage for the web with added grain in them?
  53. Black sun spot question
  54. Adapter Ring Fix
  55. beta test of firmware?
  56. iPhone Waveform Idea
  57. There's a hole in my art...
  58. Why are so many cameras being resold?
  59. Anyone using a Canon D60 Mark 11 as a second camera?
  60. Ny BMCC's first job as a B-cam with Alexa
  61. Found some $100 PL to MFT adapters on ebay
  62. Sound Devices 302 to Blackmagic
  63. Nab 2013
  64. Renting my Black Magic- interest level?
  65. Exfat slow format on PC?
  66. AAAH! Iris button stops down image.
  67. Start the movement: OPEN SOURCE FIRMWARE
  68. adapt m43 lenses to EF-mount BMC by insetting the lens inside the mount?
  69. Sound strategies
  70. Cheap and easy solution for going handheld
  71. 2 BMCs, beamsplitter= Ultra wide?
  72. BMC Whistling using V-lock battery Adaptator
  73. Hot shoe to RCA adapter? Is there such a thing?
  74. Focal Flange Repair Taking Loger Than Expected, Surprised?
  75. Should I send my camera in for flange fix?
  76. Powering multiple devices from an Anton Bauer battery?
  77. Free Waveform & Vectorscope for the Alphatron EVF-035W-3G – Firmware V0.6
  78. Pro Res Corrupt Clips
  79. Mounting a 15mm rail block to the top 1/4-20(s)
  80. quickest Blackmagic delivery?
  81. What's next?
  82. Classy bribery attempt by"Filmcity"
  83. What Camera Bag?
  84. New alphatron EVF firmware with Waveform out
  85. Just designed a studio rig, let me know what you guys think
  86. Anybody getting skipped frames after encoding in premiere CS6?
  87. My Camera is coming help!
  88. Registering with BlackMagic?
  89. BMCC in Salt Lake
  90. LCD stopped working, anyone had this issue?
  91. European mini group buy - Redrock Nikon to Canon mount adapter
  92. Does the BMCC record non drop frame as default ??
  93. Field Monitor
  94. Rig Idea - Would it work?
  95. BMCC screen or external monitor?
  96. Odyssey 7 Field Monitor/Recorder - looks pretty cool!
  97. BMD forum down? Duplicate Thread, please delete
  98. BMCC and Scarlet shoot: links to raw clips
  99. Just got my MFT BMC
  100. SLR Magic Digiscoping Lens MFT Mount
  101. "Untitled Horror Film," First UK Feature Film Shot on BMCC?
  102. Exposing for ProRes?
  103. Wondering if this would be possible
  104. Philip Bloom's MFT review
  105. Just got camera but the fan is not working
  106. Shooting 23.976 in 50Hz PAL land - 172.8 degree shutter?
  107. Going handheld with sunshade - $12 solution.
  108. Heliopan Variable ND & IR filtering
  109. First impressions of BMCC, day 1.
  110. Tascam dr60 d
  111. 48hr Sci Fi Film Challenge in London
  112. 2nd private bmcc in Poland
  113. Best way to dump footage?
  114. question on DNxHD footage using Premiere Pro CS6
  115. Durable, comfortable shoulder pad
  116. BMDCC-specific product from JuicedLink
  117. Shooting for Web & BluRay - 29.97 vs 30fps
  118. I'm wondering if this "game changer" will ship before MFT BMCC
  119. The Making of BMCC short film
  120. John Brawley Tests- Williamstown.
  121. Please help!
  122. New Beachtek audio solution for BMD - why passive?
  123. Orders from B&H
  124. ***Do not buy an Ikan handle!***
  125. After a month
  126. Should I sell my unopened EF mount and but the MFT?
  127. Black Magic Cinema Camera - Rodge NTG 2 without a pre-amp
  128. Dark Blotches on touchscreen
  129. La forets Gamechanger is online
  130. Big problem with the footage from my BMCC
  131. info about this on-line shop http://www.professionalvideostore.com/
  132. Munz Machine Loop for Red Rock Rigs
  133. 12 Things To Think About The BMCC
  134. BMC like shooting film again.
  135. Scarlet vs. BMC - Cineglass vs. Samjang
  136. Will a BMC cage take my old Canon 7d?
  137. NAB Show MUST SEE Advice
  138. Smart view 17" black magic stopped working ??
  139. One pet peeve - the SSD bay - wish there was an eject
  140. New Pocket HD and 4K production camera from BM at NAB 2013
  141. Blackmagic Design NAB 2013 Info Thread: 4k for 4k and Pocket HD
  142. Same sensor in Pocket Cam Safe to assume update to Compressed coming?
  143. Preordered two 4K cams :)
  144. New BMCC - display issues
  145. BMCC vs BMPC4K?
  146. Email update from Grant Petty
  147. Is it safe to say that Blackmagic has cornered the market?
  148. No announced BMCC firmware upgrade from NAB?
  149. So... who's getting a pocketcam to accommodate their BMCC / BMPC?
  150. Which Model To Buy for Upcoming Project...Thoughts?
  151. For those who pre-ordered the pocket cam or 4k camera from bh
  152. Nikon 1 series lenses for BMPC? Chime in!
  153. Preordered BMPCC, what will be the essential lenses?
  154. Announcing FilmConvert for BMCC
  155. BMCC MFT and BMPCC Speedbooster sensor size equivalents
  156. Why is the BMCC4K more expensive in Australia?
  157. BMCC MFT with Speedboster vs. BMPC Pro's and Con's
  158. NAB 2013 Photos
  159. The future of BMCC prices
  160. Pocketcam 60p future possibilities?
  161. Will the BMC4k also shoot 1080p internally
  162. BlackMagic Production 4K Camera & Pocket Camera Orders from CVP, (Creative Video) UK
  163. Dealing with dropped frames
  164. speedbooster delay
  165. Can anyone confirm if this is a footage from BM Pocket camera?
  166. Color Space Difference between BMCC and BMPC?
  167. Deposits for the new cameras
  168. BMCPC4K - 4K 12bit ProRes?
  169. The Pocket Camera - What's the catch?
  170. Discussing the new Compressed DNG RAW Files
  171. Why does Blackmagic design seem to get it when so many others dont?
  172. BM Pocket Camera | Cineform
  173. The Devils Connector
  174. Blackmagic Cage
  175. The Master Order List
  176. BMC not turning on
  177. Phantom Power Ups
  178. Camera temperature & fan
  179. 5D III + BMC Pocket OR BMC 4K
  180. Production camera 1080p mode
  181. 4k is Great and all but...
  182. Show your bags/cases!
  183. If the BMPCC didn't have global shutter, would it have 13 stops?
  184. Is this the sensor for the BMC 4K ?
  185. matte box/lens shade for BMCC
  186. My talk with a BM Employee at NAB
  187. Production camera in low light
  188. Could this be the answer to our 60p/20p dreams for our BMCCs!?
  189. 10 EF mount BMCCs on ebay in stock - get them while they're hot!
  190. Would you like the 4Kcam to have global shutter/12stops or rolling shutter/13 stops?
  191. Understanding the HD-SDI output
  192. Bmc 4k mount
  193. Safe storage of camera with lens attached?
  194. BMPC Dream Rig
  195. Pocket Camera as an A cam?
  196. Pocket Camera Crop Factor?
  197. any new accessories at NAB?
  198. PL mount later this year?
  199. Electrical vibration when BMCC is plugged in.
  200. Best compact stabilizer for Pocket Cam?
  201. 16mm PL Mount for Pocketcam?
  202. In-Camera Audio Quality?
  203. Grant Petty interview via OneRiver Media
  204. DSLR Gear that works with the BMCC?
  205. green noise in dp6 monitor
  206. Complaining people
  207. 2K 2.5K 4K ??? (The Break Down)
  208. Mines shipping soon!
  209. $1299 4k 50" Monitor
  210. Do you need a dock?
  211. Need some Advice.. Pocket or Production Cam?
  212. Post NAB...
  213. nostalgia
  214. Taking the Camera Cold...Real Cold. My experience.
  215. On Cam Audio--VideoMic Pro or NTG3
  216. BMCC Pocket cam for 3D use
  217. Camera comparison blog post
  218. upcoming iOS accessory from RØDE
  219. 6G-SDI: What about BMCC, Hyperdeck Shuttle, etc.?
  220. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras available for rent in Canada
  221. List of working Canon lenses for BMCC v1?
  222. ProductionMeeting.com visits BlackMagic at NAB 2013
  223. Anyone using the Atomos sdi- hdmi converter with a Zacuto EVF with BMCC?
  224. **New Video Interview** BlackMagic Design
  225. For all the 4K naysayers...
  226. Canon EF SpeedBooster for active mFT?
  227. 4K 'visually lossless compressed' RAW vs. 2.5K RAW
  228. Where is the footage from these new cameras?
  229. 2.5k prores coming or not?
  230. Back to back projection ... 4K
  231. Blackmagic Production cam rolling shutter
  232. BMCC readily available yet?
  233. BMC Camera needed in Boston area for engineering test
  234. Compressed CinemaDNG filesizes?
  235. Matte Box - Filter Size Help. 4x4 -> 4x5.65
  236. A question about the 4K BMC
  237. HolyManta internal ND lens Adapter for BMPC and BMC MFT
  238. Odyssey7 monitor
  239. Prores metadata
  240. Show us your storage configuration
  241. We need some guarantees!
  242. So I interviewed Dan May at NAB. Video is up.
  243. Firmware 1.3 just posted
  244. BMCC Minimal Kit Guide
  245. Okay I know I read it in posts but can not fiind it in literature or in forum search
  246. SD cards for Pocket Camera
  247. About DNG compression and LRTimelapse
  248. Production model questions.
  249. LanParte BMCC Cage! ETA: 20 Days!
  250. Ugly Noise Patterns