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  1. Zhiyun crane plus + BMPCC + Sigma 18-35
  2. BMPCC4K - San Disk Extreme Pro 95mb/s cards
  3. Pulling Focus Like a Pro with the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera?
  4. UMP - Banding
  5. Wise 4K SSD drive not mounting -- any advice?
  6. Pocket 4K noise - is this normal amount?
  7. Timecode generators and syncing audio
  8. Full Spectrum Conversion (IR & UV) in Europe?
  9. Pocket 4K Variable ND Filter Aurora Aperture PowerxND Mark 2
  10. Tilta Nucleus M handle w/ UMP?
  11. Ronin S + Pocket 4K + DJI Focus Motor + Sigma 18-35MM
  12. Can the P4K HDMI control the Sound Design MixPre?
  13. What am I Missing? (lens/adapter issue -- noob)
  14. Help to locate a bmpcc 4k prompt delivery in UK (London)
  15. CFAST to SATA cable on Pocket 4k / Ursa Minis
  16. UMP + gratical eye
  17. for you solderers and DIYers, need some help
  18. Bmpcc streaming to capture card issue
  19. Blackmagic Video Assist - Plugs for the universal power supply
  20. Komputer Bay Cfast card is locked in the BMPCC4K
  21. Can’t turn off zebras on my bmpcc
  22. Recording times available on UMP at various Blackmagic RAW settings?
  23. Firmware Update BMP4k
  24. Pocket 4K + metabones speedbooster problem
  25. BMPCC4K is insanely wide: Doesn't fit with Cage on Ronin (Original)
  26. New interesting competition (8k under 5,000)
  27. Nuke settings for bmpcc 4k
  28. Tilta Cage Pocket4k shipping date?
  29. Bmpcc4k 4K screen looks off?!
  30. Best ND for P4k as b cam for UMPro?
  31. Using the P4k upside down with Zhiyun Crane V2
  32. DJI ronin S pocket 4K best settings.
  33. Banding Test: BMPCC4K, Angenieux 35-70, FilmConvert Grain ON/OFF
  34. 2019 predictions for BMD
  35. BMPCC4k menu button control
  36. UM SSD Recorder - Module crash / instabilites
  37. Power Pocket 4k with Ronin S Cable Finally
  38. Fascinating video on ISO for Pocket 4K - and very interesting conclusions
  39. Half cage or Full cage? BMPCC 4k
  40. Is everyone aware of STAND? (Shot on UMP)
  41. Can this videocard handle 4.6k raw?
  42. Any 3d models for free?
  43. Testing a New SSD Drive
  44. BMPCC4k Random Issues
  45. BMPCC 4k max battery voltage
  46. BM P4K - Garbled ProRes playback in camera
  47. no battery grip for the pocket 4K yet?
  48. Bluetooth Camera Controller Prototype
  49. Ursa Mini Pro Quality Control (QC)?
  50. Canon LP-E6 "replacement" batteries for BMPC4K?
  51. ND solution for P4K
  52. baseplate, rails and lens support system for ursa mini pro and pocket 4K
  53. Video Assist 4k signal loop question?
  54. BMPCC 4K as 2nd cam
  55. Tilta Nano compact USB power solutions?
  56. P4K making SSD primary recording media?
  57. Firmware Update 6.1 for PCC4K has been released
  58. BM firmware 6.1 The Good and The Bad
  59. Would you trade your BM Cinema Camera 2.5 for the new BM Pocket 4K?
  60. 2X anamorphic on pocket 4K
  61. Gamma changes between Raw/ProRes
  62. Lens gears
  63. BMPCC4K: Wobbly focus when zooming in?
  64. Ursa Mini 4.6K goes for cheap.
  65. Is there a new BM camera in the works?
  66. We have B4 lenses
  67. Sound Quality: Ursa Mini Pro 4.6 vs Ursa Mini 4.6
  68. Current state of BMMCC Micro Cinema Camera in 2019
  69. Formatting Straw Poll
  70. v-mount compatibility
  71. DIY loupe for 5 inch monitor for P4K
  72. I'll star it. NAB 2019 predictions thread
  73. Generation 2 Ursa Mini Pro just in....
  74. BM Raw for the BMPCC4K Released
  75. Bitrate versus Quality Question
  76. Highlight recovery
  77. CinemaDNG Patent Issue
  78. Pulling Stills from Braw
  79. Free HD embedding alternative to Vimeo?
  80. 105mm matte box hack
  81. BMPCC4K + BRAW Moire/Alias Test (REQUEST)
  82. Will the Ursa ever return?
  83. URSA Mini Pro G2 - End of life in sight for UMP G1?
  84. Do I need to update both 6.1 and 6.2 or just 6.2?
  85. BMP4K In Stock?
  86. pocket 4k and a7s 2 match
  87. Zhiyun Crane V2 for BMPCC4K?
  88. Feature request
  89. Can hear my Braw clip playing but seeing black screen
  90. Commlite AEF-MFT Booster Testing on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
  91. BRAW in Adobe Premiere
  92. My first video camera - Pocket 4k -
  93. Metabones Announces Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Support
  94. Firmware 6.2 Battery Life? for Pocket 4k?
  95. Internal IR cut on ursa mini pro?
  96. Do any L.A. Dealers have a P4k for hands on demo?
  97. Magnetic screen guard for Pocket 4K?
  98. Power the Tilta Nucleus Nano with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k
  99. IR cut filter inside the URSA mount?
  100. BMPCC 4k Cfast Cards
  101. Any monitoring luts for the ursa?
  102. Core SWX Powerbase for P4K on sale for next 24h
  103. Blackmagic Camera Setup 6.2.1
  104. Where to buy locally US
  105. Stuck pixel? Hot pixel?
  106. Smart EF-M43 adapter?
  107. Anyone seen this ? tilta new cage BMPCC4K
  108. One little goat has a new battery solution for bmpcc 4K and bmmcc
  109. Ursa Mini Handgrip - Specs??
  110. Recording BRAW on SSD for Pocket 4k
  111. Apple Prores MXF
  112. know there is a resolve section but what do you think the updates to resolve will be
  113. "Boom Be Gone!" (Adobe's new Content Aware Fill Tool)
  114. Pocket 4K on the Zhiyun Crane V2
  115. Camera 6.3 Update
  116. UMP and G2 mount switch
  117. NAB convention center graphics: No new cameras
  118. P4K+Metabones Speedboster .71x+Canon 70-200 2.8 IS
  119. Blackmagic going 8K
  120. NAB vloggers?
  121. Bmpcc4k battery grip
  122. How to NOT fry the HDMI port on BMPCC?
  123. DJI goggles as EVF for pocket 4k?
  124. Timelapse question
  125. BMD Resolve Keyboard
  126. Behind the lens vari-ND for Pocket 4K
  127. Where can I buy the BMPCC 4K (in the USA)?
  128. P4K Won't Power On
  129. Blown away by Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2
  130. My sexy minimalist BMPCC4K
  131. Ursa Mini Pro with F mount and OLPF
  132. Installing Rawlite OLPF will void warranty for UM 4.6k/Pro cameras
  133. internal mics BMPCC4K
  134. Should BMD have an upgrade options
  135. Who wants to see the Pocket 4K in a different form factor?
  136. BMPCC4Ks In Stock Now In New Jersey
  137. Does anyone use aces colour space with ursa 4.6k in resolve?
  138. Do the ump and um4.6k have separate colour profiles?
  139. Pocket 4k Viewfinder
  140. New gimbal: ICECAM Tiny 3 Vision Pro - Does it work with the p4k?
  141. Tilta Pocket 4K Cage Samsung SSD Holder - Anywhere In Stock USA?
  142. Accurate Rec709 LUT for BMPCC4K and Ursa Mini Pro
  143. Moza air 2 vs ronin S for pocket4k
  144. UMP G2 Received
  145. Best LUT for Pocket 4K?
  146. Slow motion test with the BMPCC4K
  147. LUTs Ursa Mini Pro SDI out
  148. Anyone can give feedback on Pocket 4K vs Sony F3 ?
  149. Assigning Camera Letter ok Pocket 4K
  150. Zoom H6 on ursa mini pro and pocket 4K
  151. Someone build a tiny cheap EVF with Arduino screens please!
  152. Pocket 4k Power assignment advice needed
  153. I want to downscale 4k to 2k on the fly with an external recorder - but how?
  154. Ursa Mini Pro G2 Issues / Problems so far
  155. BMMCC Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera + SOUND
  156. Buying a Ursa 4.6k non-pro
  157. Pocket 4k Monitor Advice
  158. Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Discontinued, URSA Mini Pro G2 Now Shipping
  159. Kinefinity CinemaDNG
  160. black magic pocket 4k - swivel screen?
  161. The P4K REALLY needs a 2560*1440, S16, 90fps capable mode
  162. Just saw this Vlock in amazon
  163. Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2 first thoughts and footage
  164. Powering Bmpcc 4k via Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB
  165. B&W LUT recommendation
  166. BM URSA Major v1 vs v2 serial numbers?
  167. P4K's mic sensitivity really, really low?
  168. Mini Pro G2 vs Global Shutter
  169. Need 2-handed Gimbal advice for P4k
  170. Blackmagic support is funny. Not.
  171. Error creating DCP with Resolve
  172. Some questions on the UM Broadcast
  173. Powering Ursa Mini Pro G2
  174. Using SSD with the USB-C on the URSA Mini Pro G2
  175. General Inquiry: Why do you want/need a cage?
  176. Bluetooth trigger for BMPCC4K / UMP - it's here
  177. Corrupt file. major panic right now
  178. Cfast approved
  179. Camera 6.4 Update
  180. Pocket 4k phantom power
  181. How Do I properly use the BMD Extended LUT?
  182. Recording on URSA Mini Pro while showing on Big Screen
  183. BLE4K | R/S BMPCC4K with Tilta Nuclues-Nano
  184. ErgoCine - the story continues
  185. Cfast problem
  186. Pocket 4K dissapointment
  187. Used to my camera to document our Trip to Amsterdam, footage quirks...
  188. Ssd recommendations for Bmcc in 2019?
  189. Best MFT - PL adapter?
  190. Ursa Mini Pro G2 vs BMPCC 4k
  191. DIY Sunhood for BMPCC4K
  192. How to shoot non flat on URSA mini pro and pocket 4k
  193. Behind the scenes with Ursa Mini Pro G2, Ronin 2, Supreme Primes
  194. Micro
  195. SSD Recommendation for UMP G2 and BRAW
  196. BMPCC-4K what next?
  197. Windows Player for BMD DeckLink
  198. A possible problem with BRAW
  199. Using a SmallHD 5.5" OLED on the Ursa Mini/Mini Pro
  200. BRAW codec in Premiere?
  201. BMD Ursa Mini Pro top handle and SmallRig Plate
  202. Small HD monitors on sale
  203. Connecting multiple cameras to 1 director's monitor
  204. Does nucleus n calibrate for lenses with different focus directions?
  205. Camera Moire (Aliasing) Issues, Tests, Explanation
  206. Zhiyun Crane 3 + BMPCC 4k power solution
  207. Received my G2! But....
  208. Importing and using LUTs on the Ursa Mini 4.6K G2
  209. Blackmagic USRA Mini Pro G2 Kits In Stock $7999
  210. p4k data corrupted, lost everything in card - then restored - that was stressful!!!
  211. SIGMA fp – Full Frame Camera with Cine Mode
  212. redmag controversy
  213. Lookin to grab a Pocket 4k- any moire issues?
  214. V-mount contact covers for smallrig V mount plate?
  215. BMPCC *new* SanDisk Extreme Pro compatibilità issues
  216. UMP or EVA1?
  217. BMPCC4k V1 vs V2
  218. BRAW not in NETFLIX Partnership Program
  219. G2 availability - Europe
  220. Jellyfish that's not sushi?
  221. Quick Fix Wobble Lens in Metabones Speed Booster
  222. BMPCC 4k A cam, what's a decent B cam for cheap? GH4?
  223. FYI: Angelbird got a Promo sale for Ursa Mini & PCC4k media
  224. 4K converters
  225. Blackmagic’s URSA Broadcast: a S16mm Camera?
  226. Switched from RED to Blackmagic
  227. Red Komodo - BMPCC competitor?
  228. Tilta P4K Cage clone for dirt cheap
  229. Ball Head
  230. Is the ZCzm E2 a BMMCC 4K Replacement
  231. Two New Metabones Speedboosters for BMPCC 4k
  232. UMP G2 on a Movi Pro
  233. Post production & Camera Update?!?!
  234. PWM BMMCC Record/Stop Controller by RADIOPROEKTOR
  235. Recommended Cfast cards for UMP G2 120fps
  236. Getting Pocket 4k to (mostly) match Arri Log C Rec 709
  237. Why I won't be ordering the Blackmagic Pocket 6K?
  238. BMPCC AC Power Issue
  239. Canon Variable ND Adapter
  240. Quality Nikon F mount adapter for Pocket 6k?
  241. Electrical stuff...
  242. Pocket 6K Reviews
  243. Pocket 4k/6k with the Zhiyun Crane and other gimbals
  244. Why I'm glad I ordered Blackmagic Pocket 6K
  245. PSA: P4K Tilta cage w/P6K: REMOVE Tilta logo to fit
  246. Ursa Mini Pro OST-19 mount
  247. BMPCC 4K IR cutoff
  248. The difference in sensor size between P4k and P6k is not as big as you'd think
  249. A Red Scarlet-w owners view on the BMPCC 6k
  250. We may be getting CDNG back