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  1. How properly stack Vari ND / IR Cut with Ursa Mini 4.6k
  2. Micro converter
  3. Cfast 2.0 too cheap?
  4. If you are looking for a 4.6, they are in stock at Core Microsystems
  5. Micro + IKAN = An Awesome & Affordable EVF
  6. Congrats on four years of real change.
  7. Zeiss 21-100 T2.9-3.9
  9. BMCC 2.5k Need Help
  10. Ronin + UM4.6k isn't working out for me - Advice?
  11. External Monitor and Shoulder rig
  12. Is something coming at IBC?
  13. DIY SSD to CFast, cheap and reliable solution for URSA Mini
  14. Is the BMPCC still worth purchasing despite the moire/aliasing problems?
  15. monitor freeworld 17" from BH
  16. BMCC any problems
  17. Is aliasing and moire less of an issue on the BM Micro / BM Micro Studio 4k camera?
  18. A few questions about the BMMCC
  19. Need help understanding LUTs in post
  20. Highlight rolloff in digital cameras
  21. IBC Blackmagic News
  22. Blackmagic Fairlight
  23. Mini Ursa 4.6k new owner. What issues should I be looking for.
  24. Ursa Mini 4.6K Scope mode Data Rate?
  25. Ursa Mini & Atomos Shogun Inferno?
  26. The BMCC in 2016
  28. Slow Motion Shutter Angle
  29. Kind of ticked off that update is only for the Video Assist 4K and not the 5" version
  30. BoostJib 714 Telescopic Camera Crane
  31. Decisions .. Decisions .. Help!
  32. BMMSC dynamic range
  33. Creating subtitles
  34. UM4.6k handheld alternatives
  35. True Cut IR Help
  36. Need some quick BMPCC help
  37. BMMCC + pocket speedbooster
  38. BMMCC and Wooden camera Pocket cage
  39. ATEM Condensation
  40. SSD Drive not mounting on imac
  41. 70-80s audio dialogue / music sound
  42. Question: Ursa Mini - lowest overall gain
  43. Looks like a quick light weight option for us gimbal users!
  44. 4.0 Public Beta 2
  45. ursa mini 4.6k dead pixel
  46. URSA Mini 4.6k FPN
  47. Anyone have this 1K LED light?
  48. LUT for BM Pocket
  49. BMMCC vs GH4 with external recorder
  50. Cross hatch, screen door
  51. When in drone...
  52. Low Cost super high speed "pocket camera" on kickstarter
  53. Micro Cinema Crop Factor
  54. Consumer Rights in Australia
  55. Blackmagic Micro Cine Remote for sale
  56. Eye cushion for Ursa Viewfinder
  57. Canon wired remote shutter release compatible?
  58. FPN and vertical lines on BM sensors… for all ?
  59. DigiPin13 wireless LANC controller for BM cameras
  60. Please help me with my URSA Major purchase
  61. Ursa Mini 4k "Open Gate" and full height anamorphic
  62. 12 Bit or 10 Bit?
  63. Dimmers for halogen lights?
  64. Bmpc4k
  65. Follow Focus
  66. Can the URSA MINI Side Grip Handle be used with other BM Cameras?
  67. Video Assist 2.2 ???
  68. Need help with Micro Cinema vs Studio
  69. Is it possible to use Canon EF Lenses on a Nikon to BMPCC Metabones Speedbooster?
  70. Big time problem with SSD and BMCC
  71. What does the Lossless Compressed CinemaDNG file look like?
  72. Is there a pluraleyes equivalent for video sync?
  73. Transcend cfx650
  74. Creating DCP
  75. BMPCC alternatives in 2016
  76. I need to work out the vertical FOV for the pocket.. ?? my brain can't cope
  77. Syncing multiple BMMCC
  78. DIY Breakout Box for BMMCC using included squid
  79. Viewing Blackmagic files as HDR on HDR TVs
  80. Higher frame rates for Ursa Mini 4.6k
  81. What to look for when buying a used Zacuto EVF?
  82. GP5 questions before you buy.
  83. Weird focus problem with bmpcc+speedbooster+Rokinon 14mm. Flange distance issue?
  84. Video monitoring with Ursa mini
  85. Fixed Pattern Noise (Clarification Needed)
  86. micro camera - custom grip/rig/breakout uber build
  87. using a smallHD DP4 with Ursa Mini 4.6?
  88. Video Assist 4K - Firmware 2.2
  89. 3:1 compressed = 12bit?
  90. 3-Axis Gimbals for the Ursa Mini
  91. BiWin CFast card review
  92. BMD 4K RAW versus 4K RAW 3:1
  93. Help! Need zoom lens in next 2 hours
  94. Wow! Just Wow!
  95. Mini Ursa battery alternative Sony BP-U
  96. Affordable CFast2.0 solution, BIWIN Review
  97. New OLPF for Micro Cinema Camera and BMPCC
  98. Mini Ursa Ef mount with PL to Ef adapter.
  99. Lexar CFast 2.0 troubles
  100. Weird effect watching video on my tv
  101. Renamed- Will there be a new Blackmagic 8k Camera
  102. MAJOR FPN on brand new URSA Mini 4.6k
  103. Shooting unwindowed 2k pro res on 4.6k
  104. OLPFs for BMPCC and BMMCC - Mosaic & RawLite
  105. False Colour - Ursa Mini 4.6k
  106. Looking for an HD-SDI Monitor for Gimbal use
  107. Mini 4.6k Pixel Blinking
  108. Major issue with Zebras with my new URSA mini 4.6K
  109. Car Mount systems for Ursa Mini
  110. Took my Micro Cinema Camera to Iceland
  111. Pocket vs. Micro - Rolling Shutter & Moire: Is there really a difference?
  112. BMMCC and 60P
  113. I just bumped into this
  114. Audio Mic -- Recommendations
  115. change lut size to fit ursa mini
  116. I had a dream...
  117. BMMCC - Micro Remote
  118. Cheapskate just got a 4.6k!
  119. shifting plate for Ursa Mini - general interest?
  120. DJI Ronin + Ursa Mini 4.6k
  121. Ursa Mini 4.6k shipping dates - UK
  122. Lanparte /smallrig Arri rosette mount
  123. BMMCC blind control
  124. Picking a high-quality 5" monitor
  125. Is it possible to use Bluetooth with the BM Pocket?
  126. BMD Warranty - Need A "Serialized Invoice" To Honor Warranty???
  127. great solution for URSA mini on a ronin-m
  128. Old field monitors with new 4K cameras?
  129. All 4K Sensors the same?
  130. Ursa Mini 4,6 and Black and white grading
  131. BMPCC replacement power supply cable
  132. Around the Globe with a 4.6K
  133. Question about rigging the BMMCC
  134. Ursa Mini Slider
  135. Director's monitor cage
  136. Cable locker for Pocket
  137. BMPCC New Discoveries
  138. Gimbal for focus/zoom
  139. BMMCC and battery options
  140. Just pre-ordered this matte box for my 4.6kUA
  141. No love for the Ursa Mini 4K?
  142. Has anyone used these lens caps?
  143. Is this noise normal? Micro Cinema Camera
  144. Official 4.0 released
  145. My Mini is on its way
  146. How to clean ursa mini 4.6k sensor?
  147. Adding a second camera to Pocket shoots - any experience matching others (Sony, etc?)
  148. 4.0 Update Failed
  149. Monitor for the 4.6k ursa mini that supports all shooting formats
  150. BMD's Biggest Differentiator
  151. Does the Nikon mount for RED support electronic iris lenses such as the new 70-200?
  152. LG 31" Digital Cinema 4K DCI Display $699 + 3 year warranty
  153. Cinema5D review
  154. Ursa mini 4.6k or Sony FS5
  155. Hoya IR Cut green edges
  156. Gimbal vs steadicam
  157. Orlando 4.6k users
  158. Ursa Mini audio monitoring
  159. Should RMA involve a health check?
  160. Video Stabilizer for DSLR
  161. Blackmagic EVF
  162. Ursa Mini 4.6k IR Cut, ND and Circular Polarizer Test
  163. Need help building an UM 4.6k rig
  164. New owner of Ursa Mini 4.6k--questions!
  165. Ursa Turret Upgrade - Ursa Manual
  166. Two questions about ursa mini 4.6k
  167. Ursa Mini with V mount plate and Ronin M
  168. Ursa Mini footage and some weird motion artifact
  169. Horizontal lines from crappy stage lights or something else?
  170. BMCUSER and Crosshatch new look
  171. MAXOAK 158 14.8V V Mount on sale for a few hours
  172. Shot @ 24fps - now client ones select shots in slow motion
  173. Shoulder Pad for the URSA Major
  174. URSA Mini 4.6K Owners PRETTY PLEASE respond!
  175. how can we get iris support for this lenses?
  176. FCPX 10.3 and new MacBook Pro
  177. Cheap Rain Cover for Ursa Mini?
  178. How much of a big deal really is dead/hot pixels on the BMPCC?
  179. ETTR vs "Pushing the camera a stop"
  180. The Tint Slider
  181. VisionColor ACR and BMMicro Cinema
  182. Big URSA V1 PL $2995 at B&H
  183. Need help on what to buy...
  184. URSA Turret = URSA HDMI and URSA Broadcast?
  185. LOUPEDECK in Indiegogo
  186. Escalate RMA?
  187. Anyone interested in angle HDMI clamp kit for SmallRig BMMCC cage?
  188. Dynamic range of BMPCC / BMMCC
  189. Anyone near Disneyland with the sea fast reader right now?
  190. new 2 blackmagic: bmpcc or bmmcc or some other bm camera?
  191. URSA Mini B4 Adapter Mount 2.0mm HEX bit
  192. Micro Cinema Cooling System
  193. Monitoring output 1080i on Ursa mini
  194. The URSA 8K Future
  195. Micro Cinema Camera at 60fps not supported on Zacuto EVF?
  196. Need some info
  197. Ursa mini : 1080P to 1080i conversion at 23,98 FPS
  198. Firmware 2.1 bmcc *image*
  199. Are people still shooting with the pocket?
  200. I am pissed. My Biwin CFast cards got stolen.
  201. Does the UM46 vignette with Ultra Wide APS-C Lenses?
  202. Looking for a Circular Polarizer...
  203. Great article about 4.6k UM
  204. Quick Question: Raw 3:1 vs Raw / BMMCC
  205. Another Quick Question! GH4 Metabones on BMMCC?
  206. Can I power a BMPCC and a DJI Focus from Ronin-M's D-Taps at the same time?
  207. Amazon MAXOAK 12000mah v mount £140 2 hours left
  208. Side Plate for URSA Mini
  209. Pocket/Micro Camera Resolution & Sharpness
  210. Loosing all footage in cfast card
  211. UM46K in extreme cold weather?
  212. A question on shooting higher frame rates
  213. Red ring Sun
  214. What's BMD working on?
  215. Fethead question - distorted audio
  216. Does BMD get a deal?
  217. How to view Ursa mini 3:1 DNG?
  218. BMCC question about shallow depth of field
  219. Trade in when upgrading BMD cameras?
  220. BMD Video Assist 2.3 Update
  221. Question about syncing a BMCC with a video recorder (Zoom F4 for instance)
  222. BMD Video Assists - LUTS - THANK YOU BMD
  223. Playback in camera
  224. Tokina 11-16 cine deal
  225. BMMCC vs BMCC
  226. convertible/tabletpc to use also with Resolve basic editing and converting 4K
  227. Taking the Ursa Mini on a hiking/camping trip--suggestions?
  228. Seeking advice for monitoring Ursa Mini 4.6K in UHD via HDMI 2.0
  229. Handheld Gimbal + Monitor
  230. Running some tests on the UM46
  231. BMCC - sensor wire broken...looking for replacement parts
  232. I need your professional opinion: How did they shoot this music video?
  233. Affordable wireless systems
  234. I found my Pocket V2 (for now) - RX100 MKV
  235. Is this fixed pattern noise on my mini 4K normal
  236. Best trustworthy shops in Singapore to buy accessaries for BMPCC
  237. Installing AA filters and shim kits
  238. Installing AA filters and shim kits
  239. BMPCC handheld, S16mm style setup
  240. UM 4.5 & Audio: Take 2
  241. SBUS controller for BMD Micro Cameras - available now
  242. Blackmagic EVF mounting solution
  243. Atomos Ninja flame Question
  244. Ursa Mini 4.6 audio settings--recommendations?
  245. Pocket Upgrade (?)
  246. Whats you best slap dash approach to stabilisation... is a motorised gimbal worth it?
  247. BMPCC Bitrates
  248. BMCC Pink Screen issue?
  249. Lighting Kit for Photo/Video studio. Advise Needed.
  250. Where have the old timers gone?