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  1. URSA Mini, XLR Inputs, Audio Quality?
  2. FREE Smallhd sidefinder hardware upgrade is out
  3. Will my dead pixels get worse...?
  4. Anyone used the Manfrotto Slider?
  5. URSA Mini 4k - Choosing the right battery - Help!
  6. VA issues
  7. VA - lp-e6 dummy with tilta ?
  8. When are you expecting URSA 4.6 to be release?
  9. Does the BMCC or BMPC have hot pixels like the BMPCC?
  10. Forget the URSA 4.6K, where the hell is the Mirco?
  11. Jib advice?
  12. BMD film log specs
  13. New Member Introduction I design and build film and camera accessorys!
  14. Anyone have experience with "exoskeleton" type support systems?
  15. What other cards are you using on the BMPCC?
  16. Has anyone tried the Bebob Zoe DVXL with the Pocket?
  17. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K Starting Kit for the New Owners
  18. moire on BMPCC - where is it?
  19. rundown on BM sensors?
  20. Battery suddenly dead
  21. Clip breaks on the BMPCC?
  22. Speedbooster EF to EF
  23. What are the Frame Rates of the BM Cameras?
  24. The Idea of ProRes proxy recording along with RAW together
  25. Tripod and Fluid Head Sanity Check
  26. Quick question for Vinten Vision Blue owners
  27. Blackmagic Ursa 4K Framerate Confusion
  28. Earphones for monitoring
  29. Filming in the Desert with the Pocket
  30. Monitor & Magic Arm -- Advice
  31. Shooting in the cold
  32. Nab 2016
  33. NAB could make or break Blackmagic
  34. Shooting 2x Anamorphic on the BMPC4K
  35. Happy New Year All!
  36. Affordable Half Ball Riser for slider/fluid head?
  37. PL Mount Rental?
  38. Video Assist
  39. Is this a beta or a shipping of the Ursa Mini 4.6k?
  40. On camera mic
  41. LP-E6 Battery Recommendations
  42. Experiences with Teradek Bolt, IDX Camwave, Paralinx Tomahawk
  43. Ursa Mini 4K and 4.6K Issues *Screen Shots / Pics
  44. I posted a request for a Price Drop Guarantee on the Blackmagic Design Forum
  45. We need more Ursa Mini 4k video uploads!!! Also what is up with Vimeo and YouTube 4k?
  46. Shooting A Feature Film on the Ursa Mini 4.6k Camera = How Many Gigabytes (GBs)?
  47. Cinema5D On the couch, Blackmagic Design, Apertus, Kinefinity
  48. 10 Reasons Why the URSA Mini 4.6k is better than the Red Raven
  49. Strange lines on my footage...
  50. Strange lines appearing in my footage...
  51. 4.6K Footage Posted On YouTube in UHD 2160p
  52. Simi famous or not really release.
  53. Advanced 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizerl accessories
  54. BMPCC Speedbooster with Mosaic filter, back focus adjustments
  55. Was I ripped off.
  56. Brand/Product To Mount Micro
  57. Does anyone have any experience with this Anamorphic lens?
  58. Metabones rear lens cap won't come off!
  59. Ursa Mini on a stabilizer - issues? Pros & Cons? Brands?
  60. BMPCC + kinotehnik LCDVF + Krasnogorsk 3 pistol + shoulder mount, anyone?
  61. Ces2016
  62. Should we have links to portfolios?
  63. EF Conversion Mounts?
  64. Someone turned a sex swing into a camera stabilizer
  65. 5 reasons the URSA Mini is better than the Sony FS7
  66. Any serious predictions on when the Ursa Mini 4.6k is going to start shipping?
  67. Feelworld Z7 monitor. Is it compatible with BMPC? Other questions.
  68. Second Pocket now or wait for Micro?
  69. Camera decision and computer specs help
  70. So has the 4.6's incredible DR been from global shutter all along?
  71. BMPCC Not Turning On!
  72. White Balance
  73. Uh oh... Horizontal "noise"?
  74. Shape Cage and a HDMI lock (BMPCC)
  75. Philip bloom thoughts...
  76. RELEASE UPDATE: Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k "Shipping in January"
  77. BMCC vs AF101. help me point out the difference
  78. For the editor on the go and Davinci
  79. Connecting SmallHD 501 w/ Pocket Camera
  80. Blackmagic Video Assist Accessories and Rigs
  81. Video Assist Pre-Order Overlooked, Considering Atomos Ninja Blade
  82. LANC for Ursa mini
  83. Ursa mini aperture issue with Canon 17-55mm.
  84. BMCC vs BMPCC - Which handles moire better in prores?
  85. Any way to view a bmpcc feed on my Mac?
  86. ? about aperture control of Nikon AF-S lenses with Ursa Mini
  87. Help - corrupt MOV file...
  88. Micro Cinema - Dynamic Range in Global Shutter vs Rolling Shutter Mode?
  89. A Year of Kieran
  90. Ursa Mini's performance in extreme conditions
  91. The Micro Cinema footage looks nice
  92. Official Thread for the Cfast to Ssd Adapter for the Ursa
  93. alphatron evf false color, missing colors
  94. 3D Printed Camera Parts - What would you guys wanna see?
  95. The power of 1080p
  96. Recommend Sigma 17-50 f2.8 or Tamron 17-50 f2.8 for BMPCC
  97. Grading 4.6k footage
  98. Camera price drops
  99. Another BMMCC in the wild!
  100. Video Assist and 5D3 problem
  101. BMCC trade-in/upgrade options (Plausable?)
  102. Beta Testers -How Brave are You
  103. V mount battery
  104. Gimbal suggestions for micro cinema cam?
  105. So whatever happened to this idea?
  106. Convergent Design Odyssey O7Q+ now supports Blackmagic cameras
  107. DIY s.bus controller for Micro Camera and new menu structure
  108. Cheap mount for tripod/redrock rig
  109. Music Video BMPC4K and BMPCC - keyed footage and underwater
  110. GoPro 10 bit output?
  111. Thumbscrew for Ursa Viewfinder
  112. URSA Mini 4K - Things that can be improved in the next firmware
  113. New color science from 4.6k for Micro and Pocket
  114. Does crop factor increase as resolution is reduced?
  115. Just realized why BMD isn't concerned
  116. Please put full sensor 2k ProRes on the 4.6.
  117. It's January 31st - how long before BM takes down "Shipping in January"? Bets?
  118. URSA MINI works on the RONIN-M with limits.
  119. Native 4K > HD > illumin8 > 4k Display
  120. Ursa mini 4.6k uk pricing sanity check
  121. Video Assist powering from D-Tap
  122. HDMI Loop Through Resolution?
  123. bmpc4k weird horizontal lines?
  124. The BMPCC is selling for 700 Euros in Paris.
  125. Sekonic DTS Profile for the BMCC - Does anyone have one?
  126. What the "F" just happened!!!!!
  127. BMPC Anamorphic Footage
  128. 2.5K RAW footage looking very saturated before any correction?
  129. SlowMo to match BMCC?
  130. Can I get an 'reverse' 100mm to 75mm bowl adaptor (NOT the usual way around)?
  131. Video Assist 1.2 Update Works w/ Lexar 1000x Cards
  132. Which Blackmagic to buy?
  133. Building a V-Mount Solution (Bricks, Plates, Cables, Voltage, etc) - Suggestions?
  134. DO NOT BUY URSA Mini 4K with 12 reasons
  135. Saramonic BMCC-A01
  136. BVE 2016 Feb 23-25th
  137. BMPC 4k Thunderbolt Ultrascope problem
  138. My URSA Mini 4k Unboxing and 3 Week Review
  139. URSA Mini and the Devin Graham Glidecam
  140. Blackmagic Micro 4K vs IO Industries Flare 4KSDI 4K/UHD
  141. BMD lack of communication
  142. our new music video shot on bmpcc
  143. No Output from SDI [BMPC4K]
  144. best single handed gimbal for bmpcc: beholder ds1 vs pilotfly H1+
  145. Zoom H6 on BMPC 4k
  146. BM Pocket 4k MFT
  147. Using LUTs with raw footage from the BMCC
  148. Hoverboard and a Ronin
  149. What Else Will Blackmagic Do With Its New Sensor?
  150. 2/29/2016 Shipping date?
  151. Tiffin IRND Water White Filters / Green cast
  152. best place to preorder the 4.6k if i haven't already?
  153. BMPCC vs BMCC for B Cam
  154. Dimensions for Ursa Mini with Blackmagic Top Handle, Shoulder Pad and Viewfinder
  155. URSA 4k to 4.6k sensor upgrade, when?
  156. Micro Cinema Camera - any moire?
  157. SDI --> HDMI Peaking Question
  158. 2.5k oily glass
  159. Do you need an EVF?
  160. My Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Footage
  161. No underwaterhousing for URSA mini possible?
  162. one 4.6k or two micro cinema cameras for feature film?
  163. Battery mount with BMPCC and gimbal
  164. Will there be a group buy for the 701/702 Lite?
  165. Recommendations needed: Shoulder rig plus follow focus for Pocket
  166. I'm about to pull the trigger - need your help!
  167. Lighting modifiers and lights for filming in remote locations
  168. The Revenant crucified
  169. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Looks To Be Everything I Hoped For!
  170. URSA Mini 4.6K: a good all-around, all-purpose camera?
  171. paying for advice :D
  172. New Smallrig cage for BMPCC
  173. Um... Micro Studio Camera in stock at B&H?
  174. Looking for quality ultra slim/thin sdi cables
  175. Exillerating feeling of finishing the first days shooting
  176. SDI to HDMI monitor solution
  177. Cheap camera support gear that really works - emphasis on BMPCC
  178. Ursa mini battery
  179. Hardware location offloading solution
  180. Blackmagic Pocket + Sigma 18-35 + Merlin 2????
  181. Blue/purple bar at bottom of BMPC 4K video... What am I doing wrong?
  182. Incredible combination | BMCC 2.5k, Sigma Art 18-35, and Speedbooster.
  183. Upgraded RAM in iMac 27" to 32 gigs and now everything is running TERRIBLE!
  184. Electronic liquid crystal Varable NDs
  185. Powering monitor + bmpcc
  186. $495 BMPCC ever again?
  187. I'm the only one felling bit jealous?
  189. Ursa owners, what is the audio quality like?
  190. Decent alternative (or fix) for friction arms?
  191. Gene: Short film shot on Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera
  192. real name plus signature
  193. Small battery pack/Tracer batteries for the URSA MINI!
  194. BMPCC Speedbooster horizontal level problem
  195. Ursa with 2,720mm lens - test shoot
  196. HDMI / Power port protection options fro BMPCC
  197. It's February 29th - how long before BM takes down "Shipping in February"? Bets?
  198. How Will We Know When The New BM Cam's Are Shipping?
  199. BMPCC upres - looking surprisingly good?
  200. Issues w/ Anker Pro & Pocket
  201. No more fixed pattern noise with ursa 4k
  202. how does blackmagic decide who gets a camera for testing?
  203. My new Ursa mini 4K is on its way... What now???
  204. Pelican Case for Ursa Help
  205. Got to play with the 4.6 Ursa Mini. I'm Very impressed!
  206. My great $60 battery for the Pocket and Cinema Cameras is BACK in stock!
  207. quick question about lens mounts for ursa mini
  208. BMCC Raw and Rec 709
  209. Ursa Mini - measurements - please help
  210. to those of you who have adjusted your speedbooster
  211. Looking for BMCC / BM4K Parts
  212. Metabones Focal Plane Shift a real problem?
  213. Which routines/habits help you edit short projects quickly? (Right forum...?)
  214. Used the Cinema Camera to shoot green screen for new sci-fi short.
  215. Premiere Pro CC 2015 DeckLink Mini Monitor No Audio
  216. URSA Mini LCD Hood?
  217. Is the URSA Mini 4.6K worth $2,000 more for .6k?
  218. Cinematic BMPC4K footage somebody?
  219. Few Questions ...
  220. Venus Optics announces the "Bokeh Dreamer"
  221. CeBIT 2016
  222. 4:3 Mode for anamorphic shooting with Ursa/Ursa Mini 4K possible?
  223. Nikon Speedbooster -- Lens Compatibility
  224. Ir cutoff filter
  225. I Actually Enjoy The Noise of the 4K Sensor At ISO 800
  226. Filmpower released Nebula REMOTE in CeBIT2016
  227. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera - no headphone jack?
  228. URSA Mini 4.6k coming soon.....
  229. URSA Mini 4.6K and Micro Cinema Camera are shipping.
  230. New Ursa mini just arrived... A few questions???
  231. Download the 4.6 DNG files and play
  232. Best place to order 4.6k now.....
  233. Ursa 4.6k 4:3 Anamorphic footage
  234. 4.6k single RAW frames
  235. Grade JB's Mini 4.6k
  236. URSA 4.6k Turrets
  237. Weight on lens mount
  238. Can someone please upload some ungraded prores from the 4.6k?
  239. Shipment notice of Delivery
  240. does the micro cinema camera have a fan inside
  241. Beginning of a new era
  242. Adjustable Aperture Focal Reducer BMPCC Compatibility
  243. Rigging ideas for the URSA Mini
  244. Micro Cinema Camera is in stock
  245. Upscale 1080p footaget to zoom in?
  246. More 4.6K RAW DNGs available to download
  247. Tilta Follow Focus FF-T03 adjusting focus throw?
  248. OIS with panasonic lenses on the pocket
  249. Video assist + Pocket help
  250. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k Battery Options?