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  1. Weather Elements and Build Design
  2. This should be of interest...
  3. usb follow focus
  4. Audio Channels and Inputs
  5. Post your BMCC ready rigs
  6. BMC Ordered from B&H on April 20th for sale
  7. Spacing of the top mounting points
  8. Lightwear and low-price mattebox
  9. 5k total to spend tell me what I need.
  10. Name that gear
  11. Camera dimensions
  12. ActionProducts Voodoo line for Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  13. 60p?
  14. Quality tripod for rigged out BMC?
  15. A new audio-only interview w. John Brawley
  16. Slow motion
  17. Audio Recording in RAW
  18. How will the depth of field compare to a Canon t2i or similar cropped frame DSLR's?
  19. Finally a mattebox for zoom lenses!
  20. First Post, I'm Considering A Future Investment in The Black Magic Cinema Camera...
  21. VUs on the BMC LCD
  22. AA Filter
  23. Circle of Confusion
  24. Free SSD with BMC purchace?
  25. BMCC in a production/editing set up: is this computer too old?
  26. Black Magic Design Cinema Camera - Is it likely to be hacked like a lot of cameras?
  27. New BMC gear coming from Gini
  28. batteries B&H offer specifically for the BMC
  29. Active sensor size specs have changed.
  30. Samsung 830 256 GB or Crucial M4 256 GB
  31. Is there a film plane mark on the camera?
  32. Filling up missing 60p gap
  33. Grant Petty and his baby camera
  34. Using D-taps out of a regulated 12v V-Mount Plate for gear that needs less than 12v.
  35. Integrated li-ion battery capacity
  36. Desktop SSD carrier
  37. What follow focus can you all recommend I pair with my BMC?
  38. Dovetail rigs
  39. Changes made to the camera??
  40. Zacuto Blackmagic Ultra Lite #Z-BMUL
  41. Blackmagic Cinema Camera demo at Sydney Institute Film Academy (SIFA) - youtube movie
  42. Shipping and Latest Info for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (Updated 9/7/2012)
  43. @ John Brawley - Bebob Vs Voodo Rig Question
  44. FYI: Marco Solorio & Vincent Laforet have pre-release BMCCs
  45. Richard Lim of Blackmagic updates us on the latest developments - 200ASA added!
  46. Unboxing Video
  47. BMC Camera reviews
  48. Realtime Dinemaa DNG editing. Flex the BMCuser forum Muscle
  49. Playback and file management?
  50. Which brand is this?
  51. Any Directors here with Decent Projects for Tuesday August 28th, in Los Angeles
  52. How to get footage out of blackmagic?
  53. Official list of SSD or not ???
  54. BH Photo - deal on Camera / Handles
  55. Nice article on Raw, Log and Uncompressed Explained
  56. New Grand Petty Interview (Video)
  57. View Factor MIA?
  58. My First Few Hours with the BMCC
  59. Why Mac formatted drive ??????
  60. DNxHD
  61. ssd storage and transport
  62. My Beautiful Blackmagic Rig - Request...
  63. Bag or carry case for BMC
  64. I think BMCC is the aesthetic look we have been looking for finally!
  65. Dynamic range when shooting ProRes & DNxHD
  66. for those with the camera, please help me...
  67. GTechnology 8TB_G_RAID for editing Raw?
  68. BMC lens turret size, anyone?
  69. Buy a BMC or keep saving for the Red SX?
  70. Costs : What have you spent or will you spend?
  71. first Video review of the camera is up
  72. LANC
  73. View Factor Contineo Cage Options
  74. New camera cage from Genus & Michael N Sutton
  75. Annoyed.
  76. Sensor cleaning and protection
  77. External Audio Recording Device needed with BMC
  78. Full Dynamic-Range When Using ProRes/DNxHD?
  79. Philip Bloom is actively updating about his BMCC experience
  80. Vincent Laforet - Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) Beautiful & Befuddling
  81. Stupid question about matte boxes...
  82. Snub Nose BMCC
  83. Kholi a nazi kid
  84. Question: prores and raw at same time?
  85. EOSHD: Is raw on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera worth it? Dispelling the myths
  86. SDI to HDMI converters - any experiences?
  87. Question for John Brawley - The Perfect Host
  88. What is your battery solution?
  89. A really great feature of the camera so far...
  90. Blog Post >> Testing out the BMC
  91. Unboxing and assembling the Viewfactor Contineo Cage for the BlackMagic Cinema Camera
  92. Share your Workflow
  93. Tokina 11-16 ...... Which lens mount ?
  94. I think I get it..and then my head explodes (shooting in RAW/LOG)
  95. Is a 4k 60fps BMC possible?
  96. China made monitors
  97. ARRI Unveils Kits for Blackmagicís Cinema Camera
  98. Seagate Ultraportable Bus-Powered Thunderbolt Dock
  99. Tech specs changed again. 2432 x 1366 is back?
  100. Da vinci Lite & Mac Book Air 13
  101. Design Process - Grant Petty
  102. Blooms video review is up
  103. Glossy touchscreen
  104. Follow Focus w/ reversible gear
  105. Watch Blackmagic Site Tomorrow AM
  106. New BMCC MFT passive mount
  107. Possibilities...
  108. Bravo Blackmagic! and be.. careful.
  109. Did you switch?
  110. In-camera crop.. Faisible?
  111. Your questions
  112. Function of the Iris button on the MFT version
  113. Ergonomics in version 2
  114. BMCC MFT lens
  115. Accessory recommendations?
  116. USA - Mid South meetup?
  117. Thunderbolt to hdmi adapters?
  118. Advice for feature please - prores or raw?
  119. Rolling Shutter Test
  120. Travel/Minimalistic kit advice
  121. X marks the spot.
  122. Raw . Post.
  123. Autofocus with EF Lenses?
  124. Master Guide to Rigging a Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera
  125. Sensor size with ProRes
  126. AA filter software?
  127. vs. C300
  128. Island Life - James Tonkin
  129. Philip Bloom's video review
  130. V mount Batteries
  131. Ibc 2012
  132. How much better will the BMCC prores footage be over the hacked GH2?
  133. Playback of raw DNG after offload
  134. Steve and Jens of Zacuto discussing the BMCC and their gear for it.
  135. Red Rock UltraCage for the BMCC
  136. It arrived! - For real this time!
  137. FYI: Hoodman's new HR-T5 touchscreen LCD shade-hood
  138. Request a free sample 3M anti-reflective film for LCD
  139. Cheap SSD Sale for your BMCC
  140. Higher frame rates
  141. BMC EF version passive???
  142. Slow Framerates
  143. Hoodman Wristshot: Anyone use this before? BMCC option?
  144. I hear crickets....
  145. BM Website Down - 9/13/2012
  146. Test of DR Request
  147. Shutter speed?
  148. Recent Puberty Blues episode....
  149. Wooden hangle Lanc controller
  150. ARRI Standard lenses .... maybe
  151. Film related
  152. ND and Polarizing filters
  153. Status update from BMD
  154. Resolution, aliasing and frequencies (inspired by Arri white paper)
  155. Mosaic Engineering for the WIN!
  156. Q & A with Blackmagic Design on their new Cinema Camera
  157. implementation of IS, when?
  158. Small stabilizers
  159. How fast SSD's is needed?
  160. Looking for a Rig and follow focus that won't make get several loans to pay off.
  161. Somebody moves up in line
  162. BMCC or GH3 for feature film shooting from Jan 3 next year?
  163. Someone help me here.
  164. Affordable EVF or ext. monitor
  165. All the Blackmagic support pages are down
  166. Got my new rig together
  167. CPM shoulder rig, BMC?
  168. Audio cable options
  169. Sensor Related Info
  170. Will i regret
  171. How to broadcast a concert?
  172. Itll be sad...
  173. Slider dolly
  174. Jump Some of the Line
  175. SDI to HDMI with SDI loop through
  176. How long will you wait
  177. New 5DM3 BMCC comparison
  178. Show us your empty rigs
  179. First post. Have my camera. Hello.
  180. Da Vinci Resolve - Which GPU for your Mac Pro
  181. Is the BMCC for me?
  182. How good is the audio quality of the bmcc?
  183. Getting a camera
  184. Possible power solution for BMCC
  185. Will the BMCC work with this?
  186. I wish I had my blackmagic cinema camera
  187. Any BMCC's delivered in LA area yet?
  188. let BMD know how we feel
  189. New rig option
  190. Weatherproofing your bmcc, raincovers? Etc
  191. Will dropping colour-sampling help with possible slow-motion?
  192. Doesn't the BMCC/5Diii comparison show the BMCC is actually BETTER in lowlight?
  193. Funny thing about the BMCC plug panel ...
  194. Any place to download any RAW 2.5 files of BMC footage?
  195. Grant posts an update
  196. BMCC overheating and pixel burning problem?
  197. just got this from my vendor about the camera
  198. Any Hope For A Firmware Rolling Shutter Fix?
  199. Test footage request.
  200. Which one?
  201. The BMCC Handle Thread
  202. Sony L-Series Batteries?
  203. Colour Gamut?
  204. Anyone used konova Slider and will BMCC fit on it?
  205. Adobe Labs Retires Cinema DNG Initiative
  206. Who do you expect to see releasing new cages?
  207. Follow Focus with Zacuto Ultra Lite
  208. This is in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning.
  209. Mixing RED Scarlet footage and BMCC footage
  210. The BMC Shooter List
  211. I.S. and DNxHD in the new firmware
  212. JB on the loose!!
  213. While waiting for my BMC I.....(finish this sentence)
  214. Is this cage fully usable with BMCC
  215. Question about the M4/3 mount version
  216. SWAT Rails
  217. John Brawley: impressions of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  218. Power solution - jag 35
  219. Motorized Slider for Black Magic Camera
  220. Are we going to get our cameras before 2013?
  221. Stabilising Shots on MFT
  222. exFAT vs Mac HFS formatted SSDs
  223. Hyperdeck Shuttle and Prores
  224. BMCC firmware 1.1 released
  225. Hurlbut's got a BMCC now too...
  226. BMCC for Broadcasting
  227. Hawk Woods adaptor for NP-F batteries
  228. The USB port, is it really truely a one trick poney?
  229. Predictions for electronic MFT mount.
  230. Is this an "update"? Is this new info? Beats me!
  231. BMCC Footage - Playing it Safe?
  232. Any decent and cheap (sub $500) EVFs?
  233. Cinema Camera firmware 1.1 Posted
  234. Sony F3L + Cinedeck EX Hi Brite vs. BMC
  235. For anyone with a 7D and BMCC regarding matching RAW from both cameras
  236. Natives are restless...
  237. CVP in UK is saying BMCC 'has arrived' - not listed as in stock though
  238. Movcam cage
  239. Help me calculate cost of a BMCC Kit!
  240. BMC in Los Angeles?
  241. BMC rumor on 43rumors.com
  242. hmmm....C100 & Ninja
  243. IR pollution and Fader ND
  244. ProRes vs DNxHD vs RAW DR test
  245. Got my 5d MKiii instead, very impressed
  246. The Milky Black look is the new shallow DOF
  247. Just Purchased BMCC
  248. Bowing out.
  249. Nov 3rd....
  250. The non bowing out, estimating the actual shipping date based on known facts thread.