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  1. Firmware 2.1
  2. Working on CNN docu series
  3. BMCC SDI repair
  4. Should i jump on board
  5. Images not showing up in multiple browsers
  6. BMCC4K? New Fairchild Sensor - Same DR of the Pocket and Cinema, but in 4.5k
  7. What is the recommended mount for BMCC or BMPC 4K
  8. Anyone using Minolta glass on one of the EF mounted cameras?
  9. Variable ND filters - how do you protect yours?
  10. Which Variable ND for BM is best?
  11. An apparently weird request for future updates
  12. Price reductions @ ThePhotographyShow in UK
  13. Camera does not turn on
  14. 422 vs 10 bit
  15. Not 100% about buying a BMPC (requirment list included)
  16. wireless sound into bmcc
  17. Beginner Needing Help!
  18. SmallHD DP7-LCD battery draining
  19. Zacuto Gratical EVF - An Amazing Savings Opportunity!
  20. Ronin + bmpcc + smallhd dp7 powered via ronin
  21. Anker 20000mah to power DP4 & BMPCC?
  22. Problem with F stop display on BMPCC EF Speedbooster with zoom lenses
  23. SmallHD AC7 or DP4?
  24. Strict budget! will these lights suffice for the time being?
  25. I already own a BM4K and I am looking to add a second camera
  26. SmallHD has made the perfect monitor for the BMPCC
  27. Spotted "Rhett & Link" putting the URSA to good use
  28. Universal camera cage
  29. Am I On The Right Track: BMCC + Sigma + Speedbooster
  30. closer match in BMC to a Red One
  31. Thinking of getting the BMPCC
  32. American Idol winner - Kris Allen, shot on 3 BMPCC's and a RED Scarlet.
  33. Critique My Student Work
  34. Blackmagic Design SmartView 4K?
  35. Hand held Rig or cage options for BMPC
  36. Fed 15V to a 12V monitor. Repairable?
  37. Footage Will Not Copy From SSD. 1 Clip. All Others Copy. Whats Wrong Here....?
  38. Lens advice - Avoiding fitting problems with MB EF>BMPCC Speedbooster
  39. is this the famous fixed pattern noise? BMPCC
  40. Filter Stacking Order
  41. Blackmagic Cinema Camera Teardown and Repair
  42. Scaling blackmagic 2.5k - limit?
  43. Kinemax sensor for black magic please
  44. BMCC 2.5k Teardown and Rebuild!
  45. CINEROID EVF4C working on pocket?
  46. M42 lenses on BMCC via Canon BMCC edition Speed Booster
  47. Best ways going about booking locations
  48. Water protection
  49. Sandisk and fried SD cards
  50. Fusion at NAB
  51. Color Accuity
  52. Whats the best way to key using bmpcc with green screen ?
  53. BMPC4k 4000x2160
  54. Zoom H5 questions
  55. 6 minutes of use and Blackmagic Production touch screen not working
  56. Schedule for Blackmagic Design Announcements @ NAB
  57. Tilta BMPCC Cage on sale at BandH
  58. Documentary/Interview work. How to get clients?
  59. This Hoya and Tiffen?
  60. BMPCC + Tascam DR-05? Ideal settings?
  61. is it time for BMCFEST!?
  62. Small HD "sidefinder"
  63. microphone upgrade question.
  64. "Before NAB" announcements - Canon C300 II & Jackie Chan 4K something
  65. Breaking the Myth of the Pocket's lowlight abilities!
  66. Camera rod twist
  67. Comedy Video shot on BMCC
  68. Raw plays back in" REC 709 aspect" in the BMCC
  69. Adobe NAB update
  70. Kessler Crane Ends Business Relationship with Philip Bloom
  71. BMCC Panning Motion blur
  72. Wait - WHAT? New Ursa Sensor? HD 150fps and 120fps @4k
  73. External battery
  74. Invite to my movie premiere in the Ziegfeld theater in NY
  75. Custom Follow Focus
  76. Anker batteries for external supply
  77. Blackmagic URSA Mini
  78. shoulder rig extras for the BMCC
  79. New NAB '15 (micro) Pocket Camera
  80. 3rd Camera To Be Announced at NAB?
  81. Fusion 8 & new cameras
  82. Nab news
  83. Its live
  84. Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K
  85. new blackmagic 5" monitor
  86. Gorilla Grain 50% off for NAB... worth it?
  87. Availability of New Blackmagic Cameras
  88. URSA 4.6K Footage
  89. Well they just stole the show.
  90. pre-orders?
  91. Mini with old sensor... just wondering about 80p
  92. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC) Expansion Port discussion
  93. URSA Mini 4.6K VS Sony FS7
  94. Blackmagic (URSA & others) ACCESSORIES
  95. the future of S16 cameras?
  96. Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder not compatible with BMPCC
  97. BMD Stream on Newsshooter on NOW
  98. Ursa Mini 4.6k vs C300 Mark II - What looks better?
  99. NAB "Show Bitch" Day - You Tell Me What You Want To See And I'll Make It Happen!
  100. Davinci Resolve 12 Release Date?
  101. Tilta Rig Quick Question
  102. does anyone know when the 2.2 upgrade would be available.
  103. Who Else is Considering the Micro?
  104. Well I'm just impressed as hell
  105. NAB 2015 Landmine Video Bites and Twitter feed
  106. Canon xc10 4k first short film
  107. ONE EDITOR TO RULE THEM ALL Davinci resolve/ long term plan for the software
  108. Global shutter for Pocket/BMCC?
  109. PL or EF mount for URSA Mini 4.6K?
  110. Black Magic Design Net Worth?
  111. Possible quad for the micros with advanced flight control
  112. Ursa Minor and lens choices
  113. BlackMagic Cameras and Micro Four Thirds
  114. BMPCC UV/IR Cut Opinion
  115. URSA Mini 4k vs BMPC4k
  116. ProRes Proxy - How good is it?
  117. "My camera paid for itself"
  118. Why false colors so popular?
  119. URSA Mini 4k vs 4.6k
  120. Bummed by moire
  121. Side hand grip for BMPCC
  122. Shoud we divide the forum into different sections now?
  123. V2 4K Sensor in URSA
  124. BMCC Repair
  125. NAB 2015; ARRI SkyPanel LED Light.
  126. The darkest secret of all Blackmagic cameras
  127. Ursa turret
  128. Micro Rig? Screen + XLR?
  129. Retractable legs for monopod
  130. Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro (3.2")
  131. Guys it's here! Lagless realtime video into a iPad.
  132. My URSA handheld Rig
  133. Cheap alternative to C-Fast for Ursa-Ursa Mini
  134. Battery Alternatives for Ursa Mini
  135. Ursa now then upgrade to the 4.6k when it comes out...
  136. NAB 2015 Highlights
  137. How much Warp Stabilizer do you add to your gimbal footage?
  138. Ursa mini nikon mount?
  139. 3.5K MFT Ursa Mini possible?
  140. Atomos Blade 2 vs Samurai
  141. Rigless Pocket Idea
  142. Why No Ursa Mini 2.5k CC?
  143. Liliput 663 o / p2 monitor
  144. Everything is amazing but nobody's happy
  145. URSA vs fs700
  146. Blackmagic Design Brain Trust
  147. Ursa 4.6k major vs. Ursa 4.6k mini
  148. Who's good at math? Crop factors for windowed modes on URSA Mini?
  149. So what happens to the old cameras?
  150. Great new Coloristas Podcast on Resolve 12 and Ursa
  151. SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB on amazon
  152. Student Discount on BM Cameras?
  153. Group buy: Smallhd 502
  154. Filter Protection
  155. Which VCT - 14 plate for URSA?
  156. USRA Mini 4K High Framerates
  157. Any issues sharing SD cards between pocket camera and gh4?
  158. Hitler and the ursa mini
  159. URSA Mini - GPS and Gyro questions and thoughts
  160. Compress your old raw files
  161. Zacuto Gratical LT project abandoned?
  162. Alternatives to Nebula 4000
  163. $649 10bit SDI Monitor with LUT, waveform and all
  164. BMPCC audio - what to buy?
  165. BMCC: audio quality with latest firmware
  166. Your new pocket rig?
  167. Another cheap alternative to C-Fast
  168. Perfect for the Micro
  169. Adam JARVIS X NIKE FREE SB - Release Time
  170. Doing audio with shoulder mount
  171. URSA -Fast Cards
  172. BMD camera in extreme weather condition
  173. Which storage options for mobile grading and editing?
  174. Rokinon vs. Canon L glass...
  175. GPS and 9-axis gyroscope on Ursa Mini
  176. ND Filter
  177. Is this a fake speedbooster?
  178. Shooting 1.2f wide open in bright/daylight--how many stops reduction?
  179. Manfrotto 504 and big ursa
  180. FCP creatore left Apple
  181. BMCC 4K vertical line
  182. Embedded Metadata on Ursa Mini (not sure its on the Major or not)
  183. Intercutting footage among BM cams and is Micro OK for A-cam?
  184. Wise CFast 2.0 cards - $299.00 - Adorama on Ebay
  185. Features of new URSA EVF ?
  186. How to not get noise in the shadows?
  187. URSA Mini 4K Thread
  188. help me please (rj turbo question)
  189. BMPCC dropped frames from over heating?
  190. Ursa EF Iris Adjustment
  191. URSA Micro?
  192. What if Blackmagic Design disappeared?
  193. Micro Cinema Camera Sample Footage?
  194. BMPCC and Sony F55 images
  195. DJI Ronin M Pricing
  196. Practical use of an Ipad with BMCC and on Set
  197. CFast Cards: Does size really matter?
  198. Turning screens off
  199. SDI out video display on the URSA Mini
  200. Possibility of BM using a native mirrorless mount?
  201. Blackmagic needs to rename their cameras
  202. The reason for no ND in the URSA Mini
  203. Ursa Bricked 2 CFast Cards Today
  204. So much Ursa activity
  205. URSA Battery and Microphone Question
  206. CFast 2.0 Card Feedback
  207. SSD Reader
  208. URSA doesn't always recognize Wise CFast cards
  209. Does the .msi auto-update your firmware if your camera is plugged in?
  210. SpeedBooster alternatives
  211. Huge savings on LEXAR cfast 2 cards.
  212. How Alexa deals with color to create a film-like response
  213. Really good HDMI cable for Motorized Gimbals
  214. aputure put a focal reducer into their ef to mft adapter
  215. EF Speedbooster on BMCC MFT
  216. RMA (How Long Does It Take?)
  217. Does the EF to BMPCC Speedboster fit the BMCC?
  218. Ursa power draw / battery life
  219. Weird Duration issue
  220. URSA BATTERY - What kind of battery / connection is this ?
  221. Alphatron EVF: how to
  222. BMPC 4k VS URSA Mini
  223. Tilta plate and power-u batteries
  224. DNxHD codec why it is not for commercial use?
  225. M42 lenses - infinity focus issues?
  226. whats the holdup with 4k firmware?
  227. Need tear down info for a BMCC
  228. Where do you guys See Blackmagic Design at in 4 to 5 years?
  230. Can't update Black Magic Cinema camera MFT "No desktop Video Device Detected"
  231. No histogram on SDI output (BMCC)
  232. Anyone piece together a shoulder rig?
  233. Custom Power Cables?
  234. How long do you have to go from Ursa to the 4.6k upgrade
  235. Don't do what I did... Speedbooster completely stuck to BMPCC!
  236. LANC controller for BMPCC
  237. Which cord do I need?
  238. Edit Review
  239. SlimRAW Losslessly Compress DNG's
  240. URSA Accessories
  241. Anker battery
  242. C-Box System Record to SSD's on Cfast Cameras
  243. Anyone get BMD to reimburse for FPN RMA shipments and insurance?
  244. The Ronin-M and the Black Magic cinema camera EF
  245. Blackmagic V-Mount Adapter
  246. BMPCC and DP7 HDMI > SDI Out
  247. My BMCC 2.5k rig
  248. FPN 4k--did BMD replace the whole camera or just the sensor/parts?
  249. Splitting Audio signal 3 ways, to 3 cameras
  250. Preamps on Mini Ursa?