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  1. will there ever be a metabones speedbooster for bmcc nikon to ef?
  2. DJI S900 - Very sweet Aerial Platform for the Pocket Cam
  3. Zacuto Z Finder BMPCC = DISAPPOINTMENT!!!
  4. So what is the general recommendation for ND/IR Cut.
  5. BMPC4K Recording Times (FYI)
  6. SSD door not closing on BM4K
  7. Analysis Paralysis on EVF choices for BMPCC
  8. Any concern with buying reshimmed camera?
  9. Metabones EF = Stabilization at last!!
  10. Will this C-Mount to MFT adapter work??
  11. When is firmware 1.9 coming for the Pocket?
  12. BMPCC /w SpeedBooster & Sigma 18-35mm Losing contact to the camera
  13. Speedbooster and Sigma 10-20mm 3.5
  14. good traveling case
  15. I thought the price reduction was until Aug. 31
  16. Would you like some of the BMC metadata in the filename?
  18. Delkin Skin for BMPCC?
  19. BM Pocket color
  20. Atomos Ninja 2 or SmallHD?
  21. DJI Ronin Test Request
  22. Brand new SmallHD DP7 OLED is on but doesn't have any display
  23. Ursa test
  24. Has anyone used a MotionNine Cage?
  25. Paralinx Demonstration at Abel Cine UAV Seminar
  26. Shane Hurlbut says the BMCC is the perfect training ground for Cinematographers.
  27. Inside Cinema-DNG - Excellent article on DNG and debayering
  28. Mosaic Engineering Blackmagic OLPF / AA Filter (pt 2) -- Footage and Tests
  29. BMPCC Feature Request - crop to 16mm please
  30. BMPCC microHDMI port broken.
  31. Technicolor
  32. how to conform 2.5k raw files shot at 30fps in to 23.98fps for slight slow motion
  33. BMC users survey
  34. Help w new SSD (kingston hyperx 240gb)
  35. 4k editing system help
  36. Dead Pixels
  37. Recommend Best shoulder Rig for BMCCP
  38. Can someone make this LUT?
  39. Lanc for BMPCC
  40. Hontoo or Viewfactor BMPCC rig with Metabones EF Speedbooster?
  41. SHORT HORROR film made by a ONE GUY
  42. focus assist stopped working after 1.52 - 1.82 update
  43. Blackmagic Camera Utility 1.9.1
  44. Brisbane Azden reseller ?
  45. Proper right angle audio adapter?
  46. BMPCC battery problem?
  47. Anyone move from the BMPCC to a GH4?
  48. I lost my power supply for the Black Magic Production Camera 4k. Where to get 1?
  49. Honesty is a virtue
  50. Camera Watts? How much Power do they use?
  51. links to narratives shot on BMCC?
  52. Thoughts on my proposed BMCC Kit? Specifically for Documentaries.
  53. Ursa at BM nyc event
  54. How is my FPN on the BMPC?
  55. Tilta 15mm quick-release baseplate smell, knob alignment, and shoulder pad problems
  56. Green Screen Help
  57. Portahead 10 brushless gimbal on steadicam compatible with URSA
  58. 1.9.2 Adds URSA support, nothing else.
  59. Spec out a DELL pc
  60. ProRes on ipad
  61. SmallHD DP7-LCD or Convergent Design Odyssey7
  62. New BMCC 2.5K Owner
  63. pocket speedbooster on gh4, will the sigma 18-35mm vignette?
  64. Best Option For Stedicam/Glidecam?
  65. Problem with Blackmagic footage and Premiere CS5
  66. battery percentage indicator
  67. shot tv programme on BM station says its too heavy!!
  68. Fangoria did an article on my film.
  69. Do you need a specific switcher to output 59.94 for BMPC4K?
  70. TV Logic Monitor Settings
  71. SmallRig BMPCC Kit aka Wooden Camera Knock Off
  72. Question for Movcam Pocket Cage Kit Owners
  73. BMPC 4k - Vertical white dotted lines
  74. Should new BMPCC units no longer suffer from the grid flare defect?
  75. Need cheap Rig to Mount an External Battery, Tascam and Shotgun Mic.
  76. Sell my t3i for a BMPCC or purchase 24-105 L lens?
  77. Blackmagic Camera 1.9.3 - BMCC histo's etc
  78. BMCC Histograms not accurate?
  79. Help! Firmware 1.93 update gone wrong :/
  80. BMCC screen strobing since 1.9.3 update
  81. BMPCC Feature Request: In camera picture profile or ability to add LUT?
  82. VARAVON Cage Body only for BMPCC and Speedbooster?
  83. Shutter angles.
  84. Anybody use the SpyderCube?
  85. travel slider suggestions
  86. Genus GSS Sun Shade
  87. What's everyone think about Lanparte's rigs?
  88. Filming Paintball - Need help with rig
  89. BMCC Died During 1.9.3 Update. Wont turn on. Help.
  90. Been doing a little searching for shoulder rig for BMCC
  91. Thread about best way to use / settings for BMCC
  92. BMPCC finally came in from B&H..dumb question
  93. BMPCC Sensor Cleaning Method
  94. EF Rokinon 12mm Cine with Metabones EF-MFT adaptor
  95. Are there any BMPCC vs S16mm film side by side tests in existence?
  96. Outputting the BMPCC to a Notebook
  97. Lens Adapters in front of the SpeedBooster
  98. Modern Lens/Prime with 58mm or smaller front thread?
  99. BMCC Firmware 1.9.3 Audio Levels
  100. Macbook Air editing BM Raw?
  101. EOS to M4/3 adapter tight fit on pocket
  102. using the sdi port on bm4k (ikan vk7i)
  103. What do you feel is the best BMPCC rig?
  104. BMCC/MFT/1.9.3 Audio Meter and Waveform Disappeared
  105. Blackmagic 4k shooting length?
  106. Anyone tried this Ebay rig?
  107. Could the new Metabones SB work on BMPCC?
  108. BMC Camera Rig & Video Monitor
  109. Everyone's BMPCC Rain Solutions?
  110. Active (for IS) but not "boosting" adapter EF to MFT...?
  111. A drive question
  112. Vertical lines in blue channel since update 1.8.2 on BMCC
  113. BMPC price drops to $2,495 USD
  114. Gini Rig BMPCC M1Xtreme?
  115. HORROR SHORT winning the web
  116. New BMPCC owner with a couple of questions
  117. Attaching a Sennheiser as a Shotgun Mic to BMCC
  118. HDMI port on my Pocket melted!!
  119. Unobtrusive / stealthy cage for Pocket Cinema Camera?
  120. Canon vs Black Magic. The Camera Battle Royal Video. Enjoy!
  121. Tascam DR-60D $149 with FREE shipping at B&H till Sept 2, 2014
  122. Shutter
  123. Address Metabones company
  124. How the BMCC Could Have as Much Resolution as the Amira in 4K
  125. Juiced Link BMC388 vs. SD Mix Pre D for use with a BMCC & Firmware 1.9.3
  126. newb question - not getting image from pocket camera to my ikan d7w -
  127. BMPCC HDMI Lock/Clamp Users
  128. URSA Beta Footage
  129. Tascam DR60D Audio Drifting Against BMPCC Audio - Help?
  130. Blackmagic 17" HD Monitor
  131. The Plot Thickens... $500 off 4k Camera
  132. Hi, I am new here. I need your thoughts. TY.
  133. Basic Rec.709 LUT for DP7
  134. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras Used in "The Expendables 3"
  135. Using Computer display as BM studio monitor: SCALER box options?
  136. Mobile SD / CFAST card off-loader
  137. $35K film shot on Scarlet, BMCC, and BMPCC
  138. BMPCC with non-BMPCC m43 speedbooster
  139. Using the Zacuto EVF with BMCC, what SDI to HDMI converter to purchase?
  140. Have I fried my SDI port?
  141. Blackmagic Design
  142. Letus AnamorphX Adapter
  143. I upscaled HD to 4K and No One Noticed :)
  144. Cold Shoe Adapter Question
  145. SD won't play on MediaExpress! Help, please.
  146. Led lights
  147. Firmware 1.9.5
  148. This stabilization device could be awesome!
  149. SD Card Backup Devices Compilation
  150. Dell 27" 5K monitor
  151. 1.9.5 Histogram??
  152. INSANE High Quality 24" 1920x1080 Calibrated On-Set Monitor Now on Special @ PARALINX
  153. Will this external power bank work on bmpcc?
  154. FPN but NOT
  155. B&H and Amazon have the Tiffen 77mm Variable ND for $109 ($40 off) ends 9/8/14
  156. Problem/Bug with my BMCC EF
  157. Strange Audio issue with the BMCC
  158. Pocket Cam sale again?
  159. The Rivalry
  160. Setting shutter angle with bmpcc
  161. BMPCC : Formatting SD card on filed !
  162. Seamless follow focus rings
  163. BMPCC and Rode VideoMic...Anyway to make it work?
  164. Small portable headphone booster
  165. Interesting var nd test
  166. Help! Cineroid EVF-4L compatibility with BMPCC?
  167. Ursa is shipping
  168. BMPC 4k Run times per SSD size
  169. Affordable Anamorphic Primes?
  170. Will the BMPCC work powered directly just with with one Sony NP-F970 7.2v battery?
  171. BMPC initial impressions
  172. Updated power solution for your Pocket?
  173. Video Quality compromised in new firmware FPN
  174. Best port saver for BMPCC?
  175. Shooting outdoors? BMPCC
  176. Circular Filters + MatteBox
  177. New Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards announced
  178. LUTS for BMCC and DP7 and green tint
  179. BMPC 4K RAW Resolution
  180. PL lens mount models of Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  181. Blackmagic SmartView 4K monitor
  182. Ikan BMD Armor Rig - IBC
  183. 2160p60 on BMPC 4K?
  184. Which is the right DC plug for the BMPCC?
  185. Metabones BMPCC Speedbooster stuck on camera
  186. Trouble Powering On BMCC
  187. 60p on the BMPCC. Will this ever happen?
  188. new viewfinder kinotehnic
  189. New low cost HDMI to SDI
  190. Spots
  191. Light Panels and Field Monitors Up to Win
  192. BMPCC Clicks When Zooming IN/OUT With Pano 12-35mm. Why?
  193. How bad is this FPN?
  194. Feelworld FW56D & the BMPCC... what am I doing wrong?
  195. What's the cheapest way to get 1080 50/60P of BMSC?
  196. Vision Color Impulz vs FilmConvert
  197. Pocket Cam 2 with fixed lens
  198. EF speed booster IS q?
  199. Juicedlink Pre-amps question
  200. Waveform feature in a Field Monitor
  201. Metabones Speed Booster
  202. MB Speedbooster with Vari ND
  203. Can I adapt a Manfrotto MVH500AH to 50mm half-ball?
  204. Minimal attachment of FS700 LANC Grip to BMCC EF for Documentary
  205. Pro K Solutions HTP Anti-Glare Screen Protector
  206. Is something wrong with my Pocket Camera
  207. How to test my BMPCC for manufacturing defects before the exchange policy is up
  208. Blackbird Camera Stabilizer and BMCC or maybe a little Sony camcord with Balanced Opt
  209. Pocket cam draining overnight
  210. How long will you wait for your half-price BMPCC?
  211. Tascam 60d MKII
  212. Help me back on the BM wagon!
  213. Thoughts on the 5DtoBMD picture style?
  214. SmallHD DP7 LCD experiences
  215. SSD Blackmagic 4k
  216. Which brand audio cables are you using, XLR, 3.5mm, etc
  217. I need a good screw on ND filter
  218. Audio on the BMPCC (shotgun mic choices)
  219. BMPCC - Is This Normal Or Do I Need To Send My Camera Back
  220. Our 67th Cannes experience with our BMCC Short
  221. Correcting audio BMCC
  222. Trouble: BMPC 4k won't turn on!
  223. My friend got his URSA!
  224. New commercial shot in BMCC
  225. Dahhh Bear - Three Days with URSA EF
  226. Lens issue using the BMC Pocket with Panasonic lens and Canon lenses with Speedbooste
  227. Would this pre amp work with bmcpcc?
  228. BM PL mount
  229. Fusion 7
  230. BMP monitor discrepancies
  231. Matching BMCC to HVX
  232. Drones legalise in US
  233. Choosing a SD card for the bmpcc?
  234. Something odd happening with my BMCC
  235. Manfrotto MVR901ECLA lanc controller
  236. Anker Pro 2 Battery Pack, Cannot find Proper Wires for Black Magic Pocket
  237. Getting video out from my BMCC on my Cinestar 8
  238. Is this iMac Enough for 2.5k & 4k Raw Editing?
  239. Anker Pro 2 cable lost....need help
  240. CLEVO laptops and BMPCC raw on Resolve
  241. MOVI M5 or DJI RONIN any opinion?
  242. Sun shade for BMCC
  243. What are your gear acquisition mistakes?
  244. Pocket - intriquing problem.
  245. Glidecam X-10 With XR-4000 or HD4000?
  246. SDI monitor conundrum
  247. Ikan BMCC baseplate wobble
  248. current image quality issues with BMC/Ursa can anyone fill me in?
  249. Seeking Work - Is everyone this friendly?
  250. New GoPro 4K mixed with BMPC 4K for theatrical release.