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  1. Anamorphic FOV and the BMCC 2.5k
  2. In the DC-MD-VA area?
  3. Bower MFT adapter
  4. Question to those who already have their BMPC
  5. What's the best buy SSD drives for BMPC 4K ? ???
  6. Introducing the BLACK MAGIC ECLIPSE CAMERA 4k NAB 2014
  7. Kowa announces MF MFT lenses
  8. Hondogarage Big Rig for BMPCC
  9. Weird Color Artifacts in highlights
  10. What kind of DC cable are you using to power your ikan field monitor?
  11. What kind of issues are common with field monitors? Is some edge bleed normal?
  12. Zebra and exposure Woe's
  13. I once used regular handles like everyone else... until today.
  14. Well I'm lucky enough to be in L.A. shooting...
  15. ProRes and Charts
  16. Extra simple, extra cheap BMPCC cage on ebay
  17. Very cheap tripo that doesn't look so bad
  18. Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Lens & Accessory Roundup
  19. Black Magic 4K adapter question
  20. Alpahtron EVF - converting SDI to HDMI...or NOT?
  21. --Field Monitors with AUDIO METERS--
  22. TV Logic VFM058W - anyone tried one yet?
  23. BMC Pocket emergency battery
  24. Where do you guys get your short right angled hdsdi cables?
  25. Best place to purchase lanparte battery pinch
  26. BMPCC monitor banding.
  27. BM 4K production camera on its way to L.A. Anyone interested?
  28. Reply to BlackCake (Re: DXA-BMD)
  29. Deal on sandisk 64gb cards at b&h!!!
  30. Best bang for the buck SSD for 4K
  31. BMCC crackling audio issue.
  32. Nikon to Canon Mount w. easy release?
  33. Going to India, pointers?
  34. BMPC IR cut, which one?
  35. Pocketjkitter
  36. BMCC 4K w/ EF to PL Adapter
  37. Best design for blackmagic cameras
  38. Portable/lightweight Jib and BMCC.
  39. Shane Hurlbut tests new Tiffen Vari IRND on the BMCC
  40. Lens Help :Shooting with the BMC 4k in March
  41. BMPC 4k & Fixed Pattern Noise
  42. Pocket - bottom thread gone loose
  43. BM4k turn on for the first time, not Date?
  44. Dana Dolly - Tube size / Alternatives etc.
  45. IndiPRO and A-Box limitations
  46. Sachtler FSB-6 and flatbase tripod
  47. Monitor with Multi Aspect ratio markers
  48. Anything wrong with using a Mini RG59 Belden 1855a cable?
  49. Is there a M4/3 to EF Mount?
  50. How to add IR filters
  51. SDI to HDMI Converter questions
  52. Testing 1080 vs 4k, zoom in post, Video vs film dynamic range, etc...
  53. Formatt Hot Mirror for IR reduction
  54. Pulling stills from the video w/the 4K
  55. Baseplate from CoolLCD rod clamp
  56. Zacuto Enforcer and Marauder
  57. BMPCC - Says card is full but is really only halfway filled up.
  58. My 4k doesn't like the cold.
  59. Tilta Shoulder Mount w/ Wooden Trigger Handles
  60. Pocket Camera Help - SD Card & Recording
  61. BMCC handles not as useless as I thought they would be...
  62. BMCC - BMCC 4K slider Recommendations???
  63. Purple shades on 4k screen
  64. Laptop Specs BMCC4K
  65. ATOMOS new HDMI Ninja Blade
  66. 4K monitor suggestions
  67. strange exposure and zebra on 4k?
  68. Sensor spots?
  69. BMPC-4K Footage Calculator
  70. New to Black Magic, looking for some answers please.
  71. Add Audio Meters and Waveform Monitor for Under $400.
  72. Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Unboxing
  73. Atomos Nnja Blade
  74. What Do You Want In A BMPC4K Review?
  75. Vizelex ND Throttle Adapter
  76. hd-sdi converter with what monitor?
  77. Battery Life on the 4K seems to be a lot shorter than the 2.5K
  78. NEW to the Battery situation, please help
  79. Looking to hire 3 owner/operators in Los Angeles
  80. Blackmagic Pocket Camera Bundles Now Available at AbelCine!
  81. BMCC Camera Replacement - Did they just send me a refurbished item?
  82. BMPC4K gets really warm
  83. Manual
  84. Easy DR-60D mounting - and it's a nice recorder.
  85. BM 4K CVP Orders
  86. Higher amps internal batteries for Pocket
  87. View Finder for BMCC
  88. Improving the Tilta Pocket cage
  89. Need Lighting Help
  90. BMPCC hot pixel fault and BM's lack of quality control / proper support
  91. Anybody ever rolled back the firmware on their camera?
  92. Identifying issues with the 4K camera
  93. Got My BMPC4K In.... Disappointed :(
  94. C-Mount Lenses
  95. BMPC 4K monitor options?
  96. Stick with my BMC MFT or go for 4K?
  97. Advice on dumping a DSLR B-Cam for a BMPCC run-and-gun outfit
  98. Switronix Powerbase 70. 2 devices?
  99. 5dmkiii or gh4k for stills and 1080p video with BMPCC as b cam?
  100. 4-bay Thunderbolt RAID enclosure
  101. Tested the 4K with some of the miniatures I am shooting today
  102. does exposure stay on last setting on active mount lenses on the bmc4k, or…no?
  103. WOW
  104. B&H Kit DEAL For BMPCC
  105. Prod. Diary on BMPC 4k about a Short Film I will be DP'ing
  106. Got a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema should I sell my DSLR?
  107. zeiss contax 50mm 1.4 vs 1.7
  108. Tonight my BMPCC broke my heart a little
  109. Help me build/finish my BMPCC rig for Doc production!
  110. Tripods: Spreader vs no spreader
  111. Is there a comparison 4K / 2,5K / pocket regarding color moire?
  112. Cheap pre-amp for the BMPCC - iRig Pre
  113. How to power a Marshall Monitor from the Tilta battery plate
  114. using a GH2 as an exposure device for the BMPCC
  115. Pocket Camera Saved Me
  116. Miller Compass or an old 50D O'connor
  117. Blackmagic 4K vs Sony FS700 4K comparisons?
  118. Assembling a DIY battery for camera, monitor and audio recorder
  119. 280mb per second
  120. White pixel problem with BMPC 4K
  121. What If Apple Worked With BM For Better Internal Software?
  122. BMCC and Sony BPU-60?
  123. 4K Power/Footage Issue
  124. Can you make the BM cameras look like this?
  125. How Long Can I Record Full HD? BMPC4K
  126. dilemma
  127. New BMCC kit suggestions
  128. BMCC SDI out issue
  129. At last! A decent lens gear.
  130. BMPC power cable
  131. Camera will not read EXFAT Sandisk SSD's. NEED HELP FAST!
  132. PB D16 Review.
  133. Selling my gear...
  134. BMPCC Speed Booster focus issue
  135. LANC remote that controls focus and iris?
  136. Ikan Over / Under Battery Plate issues
  137. Why don't kodak and fuji make digital cinema cameras ?
  138. External Monitor for BMCC
  139. Just got my 4K, black sun again? Are they kidding?
  140. External Audio Help (Shure FP24)
  141. Shock mount stabilizer for cameras?
  142. Reviewed the $115 cage for cinema & 4k cameras, with top handle and 15mm rods
  143. Why does my SD card slow down as it fills.
  144. False color
  145. BMPCC 4K Power Issue
  146. Follow Focus for Cine lenses?
  147. 4K Satisfaction
  148. View Factor clamp
  149. Mounting Atomos Connect To Rails?
  150. Tascam DR-60D vs Zoom H4N
  151. New names for cameras.
  152. High Birds Eye Shots???
  153. Body adapter for Nikon lenses.
  154. Proper test & review of the new 4K camera!
  155. New feature begins on March 26th using The BMCC!
  156. Choosing an EVF
  157. Accidentally recorded files with Backslash in file name, HELP!
  158. Sigma - 18-35mm f/1.8 with BMPCC Speedbooster
  159. Will BlackMagic make a pocket EF?
  160. Fotodiox Vizelex ND Trottle
  161. New Nikon zoom
  162. How to mount shotgun mic and lavs to BMPC4K
  163. Totally confused. Faulty Tilta plate fried EVF?
  164. Bescor BM-EPIC Battery & Charger for the Blackmagic Camera and 4K camera
  165. Bike portable LED light
  166. a really smart adapter for MFT --> EF?
  167. BMPCC issue
  168. BMPC 4K EF Lomo OCT 19 adapter anyone?
  169. Paralinx Arrow not working with BM Pocket Cam
  170. Recommended SSD Reader and V-Mount BMPC4k
  171. Green Screen Help
  172. Phantom Power mics for Pocket
  173. Different SSD tested for use on BMCC 4k
  174. Received the No-Name BMPCC cage rig.
  175. Stable firmware update
  176. Those that have 4K cameras, curious where from?
  177. HDMI out on pocket camera flat look no matter what?
  178. Kit and Accessories for sale.
  179. ETTR on 4k?
  180. MICS-Shure VP83F LensHopper???
  181. Looking for a power cable for BMPCC
  182. BMPCC Power Cable Extension Solution?
  183. BMPCC Current Lens MUST HAVES
  184. Coiled HDMI cable for the BMPCC in the UK?
  185. My theoretical audio setup
  186. Denz custom PL mount on the BMPC
  187. Tilta Handlebar Loose?
  188. SmallHD DP7 Pro
  189. Exploding Battery?
  190. ISOs
  191. does this adapter work
  192. The Great Exposure Mystery - BMCC/BMPCC
  193. The case for Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 vs Atomos Ninja Blade
  194. A line on 4K
  195. Got the 4k and already a problem
  196. Bmc4k and odyssey 7q lut support?
  197. Is the sensor of the 4K BMPC really Super 35?
  198. Low priced quality tripods
  199. BMPCC Warm after accidentally being left on/chargine overnight.. Problem??
  200. Does Watson duo charger charge 2 batts as fast as 2 Nikon chargers?
  201. LockPort Pocket for the BMPCC
  202. Cheap Speed Booster
  203. Switronix PB70 user...
  204. TRIPODS - Kessler K-Pod and Hercules Head
  205. Shooting 1080p on the 4K camera
  206. BMPC-4K: Mount a Hoodman HRT5 LCD sunshade.
  207. How are you watching 4K ?
  208. My simple thoughts on BMPC 4k vs GH4
  209. 1.33-4:3 question
  210. Need help with ssd
  211. BMPC Speedbooster play issue
  212. Paralinx Giving Away Free Exhibit Entrance Passes to NAB 2014
  213. Great battery and rig solutions for Cinema and 4K cameras?
  214. Any new info pre-NAB 2014 on new Pocket?
  215. Hair Issues?
  216. indipro tools hdsdi to hdmi converter
  217. Black magic kinefinity
  218. Pistol Grip Lanc???????
  219. BMCC Raw Workflow w/ Resolve
  220. 1080P TV that upscales to 4K
  221. HDMI output stopped working on Blackmagic Pocket
  222. Nikon d to ef adaptor?
  223. ML and BMD?
  224. Davis and Sanford Pro Elite 100 - A viable option?
  225. Effing dropped frames -- how do they work?
  226. SmallHD AC7 with Pocket Micro-HDMI?
  227. The best setup for 4K camera? Plus battery solution?
  228. Fotga DP3000 weak points
  229. Is this lens fugus or condensation or ?? And if so, what are my options?
  230. HDMI out setting in BMPCC
  231. Moire in BMPCC
  232. Wooden Camera BMPCC cage knock off
  233. what do you want to next nabshow ?
  234. False color accuracy from sdi question
  235. Wireless record trigger
  236. Anybody know if anyone's making a cheap loupe for the BMPCC?
  237. Positive defective camera and RMA thread
  238. Which and when...bmcc ef or bmcc
  239. BMPCC/BMCC, Fixed Pattern Noise, "Hot Pixels", and Black Shading...
  240. PDMOVIE Wireless Lens Control System
  241. Production Camera Green Screen Advice
  242. BMCC Cage or C Cage? Advice?
  243. Find The FPN.
  244. Which fisheyed lens do i get for my bmcc ef
  245. What is the sweet spot I can leave the setting on
  246. Nothing like shooting for twenty minutes out of focus.
  247. Cage identification help
  248. Can't record RAW on the pocket since 1.6.2 update
  249. Great Deal or Did I get Scammed??????
  250. Now that the BMPC 4K has been out, worth still holding on to the BMCC 2.5K?