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  1. What this section is for
  2. BMCC filmmaker in UK looking for interesting projects
  3. Producer/Writer/Director/DP/Editor/Colorist in US for hire.
  4. Slough based studio for hire
  5. BMCC and FS700 Kits with Leica R set (28, 35, 50, 80, 100, 135) in Lancaster, PA
  6. steadicam hawaii
  7. Looking for a DP in NYC to shoot a feature film this fall
  8. DP with BMCC in Montreal looking for hire
  9. 1st AC/2nd AC for hire: SLC, LV, LA
  10. BMC with operator for Hire.
  11. anybody in WA with bmc?
  12. Looking for a colourist in Melbourne to help with a Tropfest film.
  13. Video Effects, Motion Graphics, Video Guy for Hire.
  14. BMC IN NYC Avaialble for Rent!
  15. Blackmagic Cinema (Based in Seattle) for rent.
  16. BMC in Austin - Available for Rent
  18. Blackmagic camera for rent in NYC/CT area
  19. BMCC rentals in the UK
  20. BMC in UK - with DoP or Operator, etc.
  21. Brisbane, Australia. BMCC Production package for hire from Feb 1
  22. Blackmagic Cinema Camera for rent in Los Angeles
  23. Want to RENT: BMCC in SF Bay Area
  24. BMCC Available for hire in Newcastle, Australia
  25. Film Colorist for hire
  26. Want to Rent: BMCC
  27. Blackmagic camera hire London, UK
  28. BMCC For Hire in South Florida
  29. Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Rent In Calgary Canada
  30. BMC In Las Vegas
  31. BMC for rent in New York City
  32. BMC for rent in Austria
  33. BMC for Rent in Los Angeles
  34. Need Crane work? Put some motion in your project
  35. Potential BMCC packages, rig configurations
  36. Scarlet owner op/tech phantom miro/alexa tech available NYC/CT will travel anywhere
  37. BMC in Chicago
  38. BMC for rent - Bratislava / Slovakia
  39. BMCC and Gear for Rent in Los Angeles
  40. Any BMCC to rent in Atlanta?
  41. Bmcc/Gear Rental NYC-Connecticut-Albany
  42. BMCC in Omaha and Midwest
  43. EVF Shoulder Rig needed for shoot. London based please.
  44. bmcc to rent in Europe this summer
  45. BMCC in Gothenburg, Sweden
  46. BMC & extras For hire in London
  47. South Florida BMCC with Zeiss Super Speeds RENTAL
  48. BMC for rent in Buenos Aires / Argentina
  49. BMCC PACKAGE in Los Angeles
  50. BMCC for RENT in Poland.
  51. BMCC EF for Hire in London
  52. BLackmagic Cinema EF package in MIDWEST, rent & hire
  53. BMCC package for rent in Edinburgh, Scotland
  54. NYC DP for Monday 5/6/13
  55. BMCC in NYC for rent/hire
  56. Studio for Hire in UK (Near Pinewood)
  57. For Rent: BMCC EF Package - Toronto, Canada
  58. FOR RENT: 4x BMCC + accessories + Studio in Berlin, Germany
  59. Looking for Cameraman/Cinematographer in Southern CA
  60. Looking for: Bmcc package / la
  61. FOR RENT: Black Magic Cinema Camera Packages / LA
  62. Urgent: Panasonic LA7200 Adapter
  63. Looking to Rent - Sydney Australia
  64. Bmc mft - for rent - lens package - o'connor tripod - monitor - handheld - nyc
  65. BMCC 2.5K Canon EF mount Shooting Kit for Hire in London, UK
  66. Want to Hire: BMCC (MFT Mount) in London
  67. need of camera with or without operator for feature film
  68. Toronto-based Director of Photography/BMCC owner
  69. Rent bmcc body for $75/day in calgary
  70. how do vfx artist usually get paid?
  71. BMCC available for rent in Los Angeles (No insurance necessary!)
  72. International Rental of Kit
  73. BMCC Camera for rental/operator for hire Tampa Bay Area, Florida
  74. Looking for BMCC Cinematographer for Film-
  75. Looking for a London based BMCC shooter for a few hours 28th September
  76. Looking for BMCC DP in Southern CA
  77. Black Magic Pocket Camera Wanted to rent in NYC
  78. Looking for BMPCC rental + old Angeniuex zooms in LA
  79. I'd like to work on a Black Magic Cinema production (For Free!)
  80. Hire/Borrow Switronix PB70 Battery for Octo 12-13 Weekend, London UK
  81. Looking for a Australian based Cinematographer
  83. micro four thirds - nikon speedbooster rental NYC
  84. Look for NYC Steadicam/Gyro/Gimbal
  85. BMCC shooter in Kansas City area
  86. For rent: Black magic pocket cinema camera - sweden, stockholm
  87. BMCC EF & BMPCC for Rent Sydney Australia
  88. BMCC MFT for hire, London.
  89. BMCC EF + MFT + 5d Mark III raw - For Hire - Los Angeles
  90. Remote Colorist Wanted
  91. Anyone in LA with a BMPCC?
  92. BMPCC in NYC!
  93. Red Epic owner op DIT Phantom Tech and post services available I wear a lot of hats:)
  94. Looking for a Talented Compositor for Opening Title Sequence
  95. Looking to Rent a Defy G2 or G5
  96. BMCC in Miami
  97. TWO BMCC EF for rent in L.A.
  98. UK Insurance Help?
  99. underwater housings bmcc bmpcc available in NYC?
  100. Looking to rent BMCC support GEar
  101. Shooting a horror feature in LA
  102. BMCC MFT Kit // London
  103. Pittsburgh- BM Pocket cam w/ speed booster and..
  104. Black Magic Pocket Cam with Zeiss Super Speed S16 set for rent SF Bay Area
  105. Pocket Cameras for rent in St Louis
  106. For Rent: Blackmagic Production Camera Package - Toronto, Canada
  107. For Rent: Black Magic Production Camera, Lenses, Lights and more - NYC Metro Area
  108. BMCC 4K Operator for hire in Tampa Bay, FL
  109. BM Operators in Los Angeles area
  110. URGENT! Looking for a battery solution for this Sunday (SAN FRANCISCO)
  111. BMCC and BMCP operators needed in LA next friday April 4th
  112. For Rent/Hire: BMCC (2.5K, EF) full rig in Detroit
  113. For Rent/Hire - DP with Pocket Kit NYC
  114. [FOR HIRE] MOVI hire & training London, UK
  115. BMPC 4K DP for Hire - Los Angeles, San Francisco
  116. V-Mount battery and Lav Mic hire in Oslo recommend?
  117. Need to rent a BMPCC Speed booster for this weekend 6/27-7/01
  118. BMPCC rental + old Angeniuex zooms in LA
  119. [TO HIRE] Canadian Shooters needed - Various Cities
  120. For Hire: Complete Anamorphic Package / BMCC 2.5k + Iscorama 54 / Southern California
  121. URGENT: Need a Shoulder Rig and Support Gear for BMPC 4K
  122. [for hire] Need shooter in New Jersey for corporate B-roll
  123. Bmpc, bmcc mft, 2x bmpcc - dp - crew - grip - sound - aerial - oregon
  124. LOOKING TO RENT IN LA: Skier or Hoya NDs
  125. Hire Facility For BMPC4K In Brisbane Australia ?
  126. Need Shooter in Los Angeles for Friday
  127. Seeking PL Mount Anamorphic Rental in LA
  128. Mentor needed
  129. FOR RENT: BMCC with a set of 3 Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed 35, 50 & 85mm - $400/day
  130. 2nd Unit Needed for B-Roll in Paris
  131. Looking to Rent DJI Ronin package
  132. Looking to rent 1.5x anamorphic - NYC
  133. Looking to rent 4k Cam package. Los Angeles 10-19 thru 10-20
  134. FOR HIRE - Can I be your assistant?
  135. BMPC 4k in/near london
  136. Looking to rent BMCC body in Los Angeles
  137. Anamorphot in Toronto? (want to rent)
  138. Hiring: post sound mixer for short
  139. Anyone going to be around Suindance this year?
  140. LA DP for Web Series Jan 31st
  141. Blackmagic URSA Package Available in the Tri-State Area
  142. Austin, Texas... Freelance Camera Op - Director - Editor - Cinematographer
  143. Job Offer
  144. Looking to rent URSA in Melbourne
  145. Seeking colorist for short music video
  146. Looking for BMC and Shooter in New Jersey
  147. Seeking BMPCC Shooter for Occasional Jobs in New York Area
  148. Seeking Camera op San Paulo Brazil
  149. Looking for lighting/grip accessories - NYC/LI
  150. Looking for 2nd Cam-op Dallas, Texas.
  151. Needed- Gimbal NE of USA
  152. One Stop Filming Service in China
  153. Gimbal owner in Melbourne
  154. LF simple BMPCC package rental in Toronto
  155. Looking for a Movie Editor
  156. Anyone with BMPCC Kit in NYC for Hire?
  157. Seeking colorist for 7 ep. Series - nyc or remote
  158. Looking for BM owner operator in Philadelphia for One day shoot.
  159. Looking for bmc shooter in Schaumburg, Illinois. It wo
  160. I'm a Professional 2D and 3D animator who heads up a studio in South West England.
  161. DJI Phantom 4k in or near london?
  162. Looking for Shooter NEW YORK Hicksville Long Island
  163. Just moved to DC
  164. DJI Phantom Pro 4K Drone owner/Op for hire - LA, SF
  165. 2:00 short needs lens rings cleaned
  166. Anamorphic Adapter in Melbourne?
  167. Camera Op | West Kowloon, Hong Kong | Clockenflap Festival
  168. URGENT: Leica R with EF Mounts wanted!!
  169. Toronto - Cinematographer - BMCC - Max F. Sims
  170. Maine/New Hampshire Second shooter
  171. Sitting in the dark - Tom Parish quitting
  172. Looking for BMCC rental 2-4-16 in Chicago area
  173. Looking for Magic SLR anamorphic 1.5x rental in Los Angeles
  174. Seeking NYC-based DP for low budget feature
  175. Vintage TLS Cooke Speed Panchro Lenses for Rent
  176. Looking to rent a Ursa Mini EF Sydney
  177. 4.6K Mini Hire near DC metropolitan Area
  178. Editor for Feature Film
  179. Ursa Mini 4.6K PL camera package available in LA
  180. DP with URSA Mini 4.6K EF - Los Angeles
  181. Dallas Drone Op??
  182. SLR Magic 10mm need for Rental in LA
  183. Vfx editor needed
  184. Anyone here experienced in visual effects using MAYA or 3ds max? Looking to hire.
  185. Looking to rent the Black Magic EVF for a week
  186. DP/Editor/FX needed
  187. URSA MINI 4.6k PL mount available in LOS ANGELES
  188. The A.R.T. in AirFox
  189. Need to rent BMCC and Pocket Camera body in Los Angeles for August 8
  190. DP with URSA Mini 4.6K and a Phantom 4 drone availible for your projects!
  191. URSA Mini 4.6K package with lenses + AC 200$/day! No insurance needed. Los Angeles
  192. Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 Owner/Operator in Da Houzz - Salt Lake City
  193. Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k Mini owner/op or rental for Livestream in LA
  194. Cooke Speed Panchro 7 lens set Dogo Special!
  195. URsa Mini 4.6K PL and TLS Cooke Speed Panchros
  196. [AUS] URSA/BMPC Swap for October
  197. I am an Audio Editor for hire
  198. I am an original Score Writer / Soundtrack Composer for hire. Very reasonable.
  199. Looking for an editor
  200. URSA Mini pro + operator
  201. Dallas URSA Mini owners/OPS?
  202. URSA mini kit needed for shoot tomorrow - Sunday 3 Sept
  203. Looking for camera man in Edison, NJ.
  204. Need an experienced keyer for a few RED 6K clips
  205. For hire: Storyboards
  206. URGENT: Amsterdam 2 V-Mount Batteries needed
  207. 2 x UM4.6K or UMPro needed for Singapore shoot - 3-5 April