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  8. iPhone access?
  9. Meet the BlackMagic Design Team in Los Angeles May 16th & New York May 24th.
  10. 10 bit 4:4:4 DNxHD codec for BMC
  11. Official: Ask Blackmagic Design Q/A (Post your questions)
  12. previews arriving from John Brawley tomorrow?
  13. Less than 20 days until the release and hardly any video previews...
  14. New domain name for Blackmagic Design
  15. A note about advertising/commercial posts on BMCuser.com
  16. Interview with Dan May posted today about the Blackmagic Camera (May 18th)
  17. 3 months, 1,000 members, and almost 10k posts
  18. Today BlackMagic Design announced it has acquired Cintel
  19. Announcement: DaVinci Resolve 9 Beta available now
  20. BMC Delivery pushed back to end of August 2012
  21. Guests allowed to post??
  22. Official manual and utility available for download
  23. Why can't I edit my profile?
  24. Images in forum...
  25. Shipping Started!!
  26. how can I send a private message on this forum?
  27. question for mods regarding a new section for this site
  28. BMC being offered as a prize
  29. Update on Shipping - From the Black Magic Team
  30. Hello all.
  31. Anybody from germany ordered?
  32. New bmc model ?? Active mft mount ??
  33. Switronix Battery
  34. Cheap EVF Mount?
  35. ATTN: All new registrations must be manually approved
  36. Open Letter to BMCC RE Active M43 Mount
  37. new member difficulty
  38. Zipgear for Voigtlander and SLR Magic
  39. SpeedLooks Black Friday Sale - Up to 65% OFF
  40. Cineroid EVF-4MSS (EVF4MSS) HD SDI
  41. Rick Young Review Part 2
  42. BMCC scores Popular Science "Best of what's New" award
  43. Mini update from Christine at Blackmagic Design
  44. Which Cinema Camera to Buy?
  45. Combativeness and Personal Attacks
  46. Watch out for Ebay hacks.
  47. What will BMD announce at NAB?
  48. New Black Magic Camera 4K for 3,995 and Pocket Cinema Camera for 995 ? ...wow...
  49. Pomfort Cliphouse DNG software
  50. DVXuser HORRORFEST II : Great Prizes, MAKE SHORT!
  51. DVXUser Facebook Giveaway! Win One of FIVE Free Copies of the book "DSLR Cinema"
  52. UserTalks…with Writer/Director Jay Duplass
  53. Sorry about that
  54. PARALINX Exhibits at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam
  55. Forum Suggestions.
  56. Ultimate Blackmagic Pocket lens
  57. HolyManta - Lens adapter with internal ND filter
  58. Paralinx Tomahawk - Ultra Long Range Latency Free HD Transmitter Debuts November 23
  59. Cinec v2.7 with hevc encoding on release next week, encode to h.265 on windows pc's
  60. Pomfort releases Clip House cinema DNG processor
  61. Paralinx Tomahawk - HD Long Range Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Great for Aerials
  62. BMCC 2.5 KRAW Conversion (I searched the site first but found no answer to my issue.)
  63. Firmware 1.61 available
  64. Thread errors!
  65. EBU APPROVAL/ Broadcast HD
  66. BMPCC and McDonalds? I'm lovin' it!
  67. Blackmagic Studio Camera at NAB 2014 Update
  68. Grant Petty NAB 2014 Red Shark Interview
  69. Lightworks Beta released for Mac
  70. Audio Changes with Firmware 1.8
  71. Price Drop on the Pocket
  72. Histogram, Time Remaining & Audio Levels Added to 4k Camera!! Firmware 1.9!
  73. SSDs for 4K Raw?
  74. Pocket sales
  75. Blackmagic's purchase of Eyeon Fusion
  76. Bolex/Kish Series 1 prime lens set released today
  77. Report Abuse
  78. Account privileges - unable to private message
  79. Name Change - spelling error!
  80. Ursa Upgrade and MAC 10.6
  81. NAB 2015 news! BMPCC II???
  82. ATTN: Large increase in login bot attempts
  83. Maestro 4k?
  84. B&W for firmware upgrade
  85. Banner for a new Cinema Camera
  86. Can't access the site on my work computer
  87. DaVinci Resolve 12 Released
  88. Anyone got an EVF or Mini 4k yet?
  89. BMD Video Assist now shipping!
  90. ERROR Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested thread
  91. Super Deal on Lightworks Pro with Boris FX10 and Graffiti
  92. URSA Mini 4.6K production camera
  93. Will I live long enough to see a Micro Cinema Camera?
  94. Any news on the URSA Major/Mini 4.6K (PL Version) ?
  95. [VIDEO] Unboxing URSA mini and acessories
  96. Forum Improvements
  97. Just a cool random observation.
  98. End result
  99. URSA Mini EF 4K Resolution question
  100. Menu navigation without opening screen with Ursa mini
  101. unscheduled downtime during early morning hours of Oct 26th
  102. Additional intermittent downtime next few days
  103. Trouble seeing jpegs here
  104. New (impressive) DJI products
  105. LANC and FOCUS STOPS for One Little Remote
  106. Big Ursa with 4.6K Sensor
  107. Server Maintenance Complete
  108. Nikon mount for Ursa Mini Pro
  109. New Micro remote that supports Frame rate and codec changes
  110. URSA Mini Handle, Micro Cinema and One Little Remote
  111. Mini breakout cable for Wooden Cage, Sine8 Cage for One Little Remote Lite
  112. Genlock and composite video out on One Little Remote Lite
  113. How to change my user name
  114. server patches
  115. 3d models of BMMCC cages
  116. One Little Remote firmware update for V3 remotes
  117. One Little Remote Firmware Update 4.0.1
  118. One Little Remote V4 - taking pre orders
  119. Pre-orders for micro camera closing 31 March 2018
  120. Micro Camera USB power bank adapter/breakout box
  121. The POCKET 4K
  122. Post on the for sale / wtb
  123. Camera 5.0.2 Update for Blackmagic Camera & Studio Fiber Converters
  124. New Canon 70-200mm F2.8 & F5 Lenses, Pre-Order Links, and Info Texas Media Systems
  125. Forum Changes
  126. Last Micro Cinema Camera controller bunch
  127. Pocket Cinema 4k battery pack - crowd funding soon
  128. Pocket 4K Battery Handle Crowd funding is live!
  129. Battery Handle for Pocket 4K and Micro - more info
  130. One Little Remote is done. Thanks for the support.
  131. Black Magic Pocket 6k!!!
  132. LCDVF for BMPCC 4K / 6K