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  1. The Art of Independence - a new digital filmmaking blog
  2. Beyond The Lens
  3. The masters of compositing series
  4. Screenplay for a shortfilm
  5. Pitch Your Short Film Scripts
  6. Free professional editing softwware
  7. Books on Film Making.
  8. Business Thread - Post questions here
  9. An American location like Tuscany
  10. BlackMagic Hour - International BlackMagic Film project
  11. BlackMagic Hour - Theme Poll
  12. audio setup: mic, pre-amp and field recorder.
  13. Buying another camera
  14. Zolinger? (Slider Dolly Recommendations)
  15. Do these type of lights flicker? (LED Light strips)
  16. Is it worth buying a dolly, or just renting every job?
  17. Building your own camera
  18. DJI S800 copter with Zenmuse Z15 gimbal
  19. Introducing Vimeo Creator Services: Helping Creators Make Money
  20. Bogen/Manfrotto Replacement Parts?
  21. One of the first 20 at B&H for the camera - hope to shoot my film below with it :)
  22. New tool for scene blocking -impressive
  23. DarkEnergy - now for AE
  24. some great behind the scenes of deakins shooting new bond film
  25. Anyone who's in NYC: can you shoots some Hurricane flood clips for me?
  26. MENTHOL, a feature film
  27. A Little Crime Of Passion - Hopefully one of the first features shot on the BMC
  28. great interview with mitch gross from ablecine on all things hd.
  29. Inventor of Bayer Filter Dies
  30. interview with robby muller on down by law
  31. M4/3 adapter advice needed.
  32. my GH3 is in the mail; anyone else?
  33. Cropping video into tiles?
  34. The Canon C300 saved my butt
  35. Frame rates...NTSC and PAL
  36. Music video we did (dutch)
  37. Zoom H4N with Rode VideoMic Pro
  38. Video Music : Ulrich Forman's I'm In Love
  39. Fake Cigarettes
  40. I have a bmcc music vid in NYC coming up and I want to hire some extra hands.
  41. BMC - Zombies !
  42. Waiting for my camera to come back from Blackmagic and saw this 60D film......
  43. Oz!
  44. Promo/teaser Voice
  45. Nuts! RØDE i16 offers 360º Surround Recording for iOS Devices
  46. Gyro-Stabilized Systems’ C520 (SF aerial footage shot w RED Epic)
  47. NAB 2013 - Who is here and wants to get a beer
  48. Out of focus
  49. Short scenes
  50. Yves Saint Laurent Commercial
  51. Twixtor Tricksters?
  52. Audio: Wired vs Wireless
  53. Article: How to Choose a Camera System
  54. Interesting & inspiring interviews
  55. came across this little clip recently and thought i'd share it :)
  56. How to shoot, and record audio, for this kind of wide angle scene?
  57. Best Custom Export settings for Vimeo/YouTube and UK Broadcast?
  58. Collecting Speedgrade and Premiere CC workflow tips.
  59. BMCC MFT's in stock at B&H Photo
  60. storaro doc i never saw it on line - about to watch :)
  61. How does a Wave form monitor work?
  62. SDI Compatibility
  63. Mic input levels BMC
  64. SDI capable of an analog signal ? [Marshall Electronics V-R70P-HDA ?]
  65. BMCC & iRig PRE?
  66. Siemens star app / focus tool app for Android?
  67. apples boxes
  68. Synching audio and video advice needed.
  69. trailer to indy feature shot on bmc - why do you smell like the ocean? kevin baggott
  70. BMCC cage?
  71. compressing for DVD
  72. need to test a pal dvd here in the states before sending abroad?
  73. Free online lectures "The Future Of Storytelling"
  74. Best Short Films Thread
  75. MOVI M10 vs Besteady one (or 4) vs Defy G5
  76. roland r26 owners? Cant get sound out of headphone jack for monitoring.
  77. When will we be able to use H265?
  78. 2014 - Return of the epic biblical films?
  79. Banding issues...always with the banding issues
  80. Testing the Canon M
  81. TWO BMCC EF for rent in L.A.
  82. Chroma Key studio
  83. In the market for some new monitor speakers...
  84. are 2013 cameras that only do 2k obsolete for 4k??
  85. Putting a quote in your screenplay
  86. Looking for a script writer to fine tune/finish a shortfall film script.
  87. My first feature length documentary w/o BMC
  88. Fight scene and "treasure hunters"
  89. Monitor for editing/color correction
  90. Scheduling and clapper question???
  91. Is L.A. the new LA?
  92. Tschaggatta - Short Film (BMPCC / GH2 / GH3) - Let's help?!
  93. Best small portable LED?
  94. New Aputure 95+ CRI Light Tests
  95. Thinking of quitting corporate video and getting another job.
  96. Attaching a fluid head to a slider
  97. On Site Sound Recorder Back Up
  98. 10k-250k film grants from Mountain Dew
  99. SMOKESTACK - SCI-FI London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2014 Using the BMPC 4K
  100. Promoting your work?
  101. Video content services?
  102. Nimia?
  103. starting a production using BMPCC
  104. Pixco M43 -> M43 No Workie on BMCC
  105. question about audio
  106. Question regarding documentary work
  107. Great client monitors? ($2K-3K budget)
  108. American History X Producer shooting new film with BMCC and BMPCC
  109. MōVI M5 and BMPCC with SB and Sigma 18-35 in Nicaragua
  110. Tascam dr100 mkii and the rode videomic pro
  111. The perfect storage quest
  112. stanley's boxes...
  113. Harbinger Down
  114. Building battery powered lantern
  115. Buying the Pocket or a new PC to be able to use Resolve?
  116. DCP looks a bit muddy in some areas - Bluray does not - what's wrong?
  117. Free music resource for anyone who is interested
  118. My free music is available (Creative Commons Share-A-Like Non-Commercial)
  119. Inexpensive motorized slider/dolly
  120. How to get into rental houses videography
  121. Davis & Sanford 5-25 Fluid Head only?
  122. "THE GREAT FEAR" A Feature-length film shot on the BMPCC!
  123. Anyone in Berlin/Potsdam to rent me a gimbal for the Pocket?
  124. Where to buy a Hirose(4 pin female) to D-Tap???
  125. Actual Film grading?
  126. WHITE AWAKE: a BMCC/16mm short film
  127. My 2nd attempt at a short film
  128. BMPCC Tripod and Rod Support System
  129. .Film top level domain coming soon...
  130. Spider Color too orange?
  131. CHINARE -Music video trailer
  132. Tural ezimov-Nefesimsen (official music video2014)
  133. New Vocas Follow Focus - Wooden Knob with Palm Rest
  134. GoT SFX
  135. Nightmare client thread!
  136. Beachtek-Why bottom mounted?
  137. how do i achieve this look . Flashing sex scene
  138. Credits in multiple categories
  139. I want to shoot in Super 16mm (film film)
  140. Selling a contract/T&Cs?
  141. The Letter -shot film trailer by DrNicat Zeynalli
  142. Chinara & Elshad Xoce-Isterem(make of by director Dr Nijat)
  143. The pitfalls of a long broken shoot?
  144. Talib Tale-Bilirsenmi( trailer directed by DrNijat )
  145. TV Title Sequence (shot on BMPCC)
  146. LA vs SF ~ Film Industry?
  147. Need help with a costume/science fiction suit.
  148. Has anyone watched Anomoly (The short film yet)
  149. Film Festivals submission, BMPCC?
  150. Using Archival Footage
  151. I bought a 7 in 1 promaster reflector kit and the wrinkles....so
  152. New Audio Gear from Rode
  153. Talib Tale -Bilirsenki (directed cut by DrNIcat 2015 full hd)
  154. Best FS7 test I have seen so far...
  155. OFFICIAL TRAILER of "The Great Fear" A feature shot on the BMPCC
  156. The Letter ( short film by Dr.Nicat Zeynalli)
  157. Composite Window
  158. Good examples of corporate video showreels?
  159. Tascam Dr 40 + rode video mic Hiss
  160. Any tips for camera related job interviews?
  161. SHARM -offical music video 2015 by Dr.Nicat
  162. Arzularin Ardinca-Official film trailer 2015 (Azerbaijan film)
  163. Title Sequence - Phantom 2K
  164. BMPCC Documentary Filmed in Northern Iraq
  165. Ruben Latre Color Grading look
  166. An alternative to Vimeo / Youtube
  167. Recording an airplane takeoff
  168. Sevda Elekberzade-Getme-Getme(OST Arzularin Ardinca)
  169. $649 10bit SDI Monitor with LUT, waveform and all
  170. Licensing Agreement
  171. Thinking of getting a C100.
  172. Gratical HDMI Problems
  173. Fury Road is Saturated! Do you like the look?
  174. Help Export Settings WEB
  175. New "drone law" in Germany
  176. Found in a Dumpster, what is it??
  177. ISO Advice: Client Management
  178. A little Help spending my money... please
  179. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 - Review
  180. Have I overcharged or is this OK? (UK)
  181. visual ANTMAN type effects.
  182. Elshad iman -Tek Sen (official music video )
  183. Legality of using candid pictures?
  184. Offered TV Work (Read for a laugh)
  185. bulk dvd recommendations?
  186. Sennheiser AVX mic or lavalier
  187. Zoom F8 Audio Recorder
  188. ZiKO(ZS) - EY QIZ ( officia music video 2015)
  189. Production insurance
  190. You can afford to shoot film rather than digital
  191. Business Advice - Client Delays
  192. Advice for filming a number of videos across the world.
  193. rental gear and "weather days"
  194. What are some of your favourite short comedy films?
  195. HUGE price drop on Atomos HD recorders, get Samurai Blade or wait for Video Assist?
  196. super specialized cinematography institute LA
  197. DEVIL`S GAME promo film trailer
  198. Chingiz Mustafayev-Palmas live Confessa (music video)
  199. Chingiz Mustafayev & Palmas - Solamente tu - Live!
  200. Anyone watching Fargo Season 2?
  201. Who owns the footage you shoot?
  202. C100: The Cider Maker
  203. Chingiz Mustafayev & Palmas - olmuyor - Live!( music video)
  204. Say no to spec
  205. Freelance rates as a BMD shooter
  206. Chingiz Mustafayev ft Roya&Palmas - Sen getdin (Official Trailer 2015)
  207. Adorama purchase of ZACUTO SCORPION
  208. Help with Premiere Audio Channels
  209. Ebay bargain
  210. Music/Score Resources
  211. Repair my SmallHD DP4 or spend a little more for BM VA?
  212. Labeling gear
  213. Flanders Scientific and SmallHD compatability issue
  214. Chingiz Mustafayev & Palmas - Sen getdin (official music video )
  215. Storage on a trip
  216. Nikon D500
  217. Took 6 years - new sensor demos released
  218. nMacPro to 5.1
  219. Tutorial for non-colorist on making your own film look
  220. Qayidish-movie trailer
  221. This might allow you to use a tablet as a field monitor.
  222. CRAFT - A "digital cinema camera for under $1,000"
  223. DARTH MAUL Apprentice - best Fan-Film I ever saw
  224. Dumb question about speedrail t6 pipe
  225. CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Microphone Boom - Anyone tried?
  226. The Hackintosh thread - build a $3800 mac pro for $1100
  227. Microphones for interior "silent" shots, no dialogues
  228. need to make a DCP file of an indy feature - nyc - any suggestions for post house?
  229. Can anyone post pic of slim SmallHD battery charger?
  230. FREE Sound effect maker
  231. "OBJECT 77" action short film 2016
  232. Kumiko, the Treasure hunter film
  233. Watch : The Survivalist - Alexa and BMCC
  234. A7sii vs GH4
  235. URSA Mini 4.6k Kit - Help with accessories
  236. Examples of good portfolio or video-production websites?
  237. See My Short Motor Rail Kit
  238. When production life gives you lemons....
  239. The One Shot - 1st Place for Video Challenge
  240. Silencer
  241. Have film festivals become a racket ?
  242. Local BlackMagic owners and filmmaker collaborators
  243. A journey to film with just a bare-bone BMPCC and 1 lens
  244. Panasonic GH5 has been announced
  245. Laptop for Work!
  246. Question on copyright with using video game material in a short film.
  247. What's with Vimeo's changing black levels?
  248. Anyone here know anything about painting props?
  249. what constitutes a Horror film?
  250. Roland R-88 got a *massive* price drop! (fierce F8 competition?)