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  1. Is anyone using the Teradek Clip?
  2. GoPro Hero 4's Avice
  3. sites for sound guys/gals?
  4. Key Grip needs Desperate Medical Help
  5. How much does it cost to make a “commercially viable” film?
  6. Problem importing an xml with subtitles into Premiere
  7. Binaural Microphones for Pocket Camera
  8. Wide camera base blocks locking screw on head...
  9. Sennheiser EW 100-ENG G3 - A Band vs Sennheiser AVX?
  10. Definitely seeing FPN at 343,000 frames per second
  11. Multi-track Audio recording
  12. Building a Library of Images for Everyone
  13. Zoom F8 Keyboard
  14. The Riise and Fall of Digital Bolex
  15. Help Me To Learn... From Documentary Filmmakers Please
  16. Who here works out of the Seattle area?
  17. Buying a Special Effects kit for a Makeup Artist
  18. What shotgun mic for BMCC?!
  19. Who's going to NAB 2017? And Hans Zimmer?
  20. Quasar Science LED Tubes
  21. Help with a practical effect
  22. To comp or not to comp? That is the question....
  23. Non flickering white string lights?
  24. Connecting Mix-Pre to Tascam DR-100 using CS3
  25. Vlydeo V3 Assessment-- Great Features
  26. iPad Pro + C Fast 2.0?
  27. Drone Recovery Systems
  28. Stock footage request - how to handle this inquiry?
  29. Test screening: 'only 78' feature documentary in toronto
  30. RAW 3:1 in Premiere update?
  31. aorus unboxing video
  32. Free Templares after effect, and preset very cool for anyone who is interested
  33. Whats the best way to crowdfund these days? IndieGoGo/KickStarter/SeedAndSpark ?
  34. Flying in North America with Li Ion batteries
  35. Nice piece of gear I found on Amazon
  36. led light cob without multiple shadows
  37. Getting Actors for my fun / non-professional short film.
  38. Call for entries: Short horror films!
  39. The format of online gambling games.
  40. Call for entries: Create a short film in any genre
  41. The buzz, stress and eventual fatigue of a new project and preparing to shoot...
  42. Marantz PMD 706 is now shipping at last. The new ultra low budget recorder of choice?
  43. bathtub man #1
  44. bathtub man #2
  45. bathtub man #3
  46. bathtub man #4
  47. bathtub man #5
  48. An indy feature I made up on Amazon. Shot with the black magic cinema camera
  49. bathtub man #8
  50. bathtub man #9 - bathtub man has a new sponsor
  51. How do you deal with rude attitudes between crew members?
  52. Zoom F1 recorder
  53. Need a Blu Ray creator program
  54. Looking to start film scoring, what do I need?
  55. Finding 1 ¼ inch pipe in the UK?
  56. DJI Ronin Help - App not finding any bluetooth devices
  57. DP for 48hr film fest shoot. This Saturday.
  58. Timecode boxes: Ultrasync ONE vs Ambient NanoLockit vs Tentacle Sync
  59. bathtub man - new
  60. Form factor vs. Capability
  61. mavic 2 pro in ireland. for a small indy feature I'm developing.
  62. a teaser for something I will be working on next year. shot with the osmo pocket.
  63. drone thief - lookout....
  64. Was there any feature film shot with the big URSA 4K?
  65. Free Video Footage for Your Projects
  66. O'Connor Vintage Head - Pricing Advice
  67. iZotope RX Elements on sale for $10 at B&H