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  1. Help me pick a lighting kit for interviews.
  2. Creating Maximum Depth with Mimimum Fixtures
  3. The Dark Knight cinematography lighting how to?
  4. Recommending fluorescents?
  5. Arri Fresnel Lights...
  6. Cinematography: Theory & Practice, 2nd Edition
  7. Help a Lighting noob
  8. Cinematography : Steadicam with a jib combined - Tango steadicam and ?
  9. Light meter question... Probably dum but I''ll put it out there...
  10. Artemis viewfinder iPhone app
  11. Lighting setups
  12. Follow focus choice around the 2000$ bar? Arri MFF2?
  13. Cliches that make you cringe...
  14. Skin Tones
  15. RAW lighting and tests
  16. Comparing DOF and SNR between sensor sizes.
  17. Roger Deakins on 2k vs 4k
  18. A Study In Colour, Contrast & Saturation - blog post
  19. Fog lights reflecting chrome?
  20. harris savides rip - I did not know this.... :(
  21. low contrast cinematography looks
  22. Time Laps and with z-map
  23. Lighting a forrest scene
  24. storaro doc - been looking for this a long time :)
  25. Roger Deakins interview
  26. Forced Perspective with the BMC
  27. Rain effect lighting
  28. Exposing for RAW
  29. Skyfall - behind the scenes
  30. 48 Hour Film Festival
  31. Zero Tolerance for poor framing/composition
  32. Children of Men & long takes
  33. Covered Wagon & the China Ball
  34. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
  35. gh3 slow mo
  36. impeccable Cinematography Chanel Commercial
  37. 5DMkII HTP ON
  38. A hidden gem in cinema - Highlight Tone Priority
  39. 48p
  40. Hazers
  41. Excellent lecture by David Mullen on lighting
  42. Samsara
  43. The right way to use the BMCC and Resolve ?
  44. IMO nice lighting on music video, typical budget, lighting/camera they use questions
  45. My Frustrations with BMCC so far. You should also brace yourselves for a change
  46. Ever heard of Gregory Crewdson ?
  47. FREE digital post grads for your NLE & tutorial - No plugins required!
  48. Mono pods
  49. Can you zoom on the BMC screen? (To get a closer look if you're sharp)
  50. Tom Hooper & the Art of Cinematic Affectation
  51. Just some thoughts
  52. Secret of the eyeline?
  53. BMC and night / dark exposures
  54. bullets shot thru a windshield anyone? Snow cgi on the cheap?
  55. ETTR, how do you see anything on the screen?
  56. LUT query
  57. ND / Filter Stickers
  58. Minus Green aka Magenta
  59. Best value slider recommendation
  60. I want 1080p slow motion, is a gh3 my best affordable option?
  61. My new favourite setup
  62. How would you do this kind of lighting?
  63. F&V K4000 LED Lights
  64. How would you light these 2 scenes?
  65. The Art of Steadicam
  66. Show Us Your Rig!
  67. Using a monitor with Waveforms in RAW
  68. AC7 OLED vs NON-OLED
  69. Small lights for backgrounds
  70. How to Attach 75mm ball tripod to Konova slider
  71. Need some help troubleshooting my light meter
  72. Inherent DOF characteristics tied to sensor size
  73. Want to spend $1,000 - $1,200 on Tripod + Head
  74. 2-axis gimbal stabilisation system in development
  75. Wanted/Searching highquality hotel-videos (up to 3-4min) for/on websites
  76. new gordon willis interview - video - there's a part 2 as well :)
  77. Cool movie color analysis site
  78. "60 Minutes" prison interview lighting
  79. Dealing with IR pollution from ND filters
  80. Leveling a slider on two tripods tips?
  81. extended trailer for new low budgeted feature I just directed with the bmc camera
  82. Studio limbo lighting
  83. Reflective Windows at night / skyrise shoot
  84. Great lecture on LED light quality
  85. BMCC EF on Steadicam Merlin with Vest
  86. Good Chart for Sensor Sizes (including BMCC)
  87. Lighting a Scene = How to avoid flares?
  88. Zeiss 18mm VS 21
  89. A look at David Finchers color palette
  90. Taking shots beyond a single-axis...
  91. 1st monitoring solution
  92. Can I use 5600k balanced light for this scene
  93. The Art of Resolution
  94. Shiny noses
  95. Cinematographer who wants to be The Cinematographer required (London)
  96. Deakins Advice
  97. Ghost Stabilizer
  98. Flickering or similar problems with this particular outfit
  99. Beautiful Work John Brawley
  100. Spinning a child around
  101. vfx for indy film - aprox rate?
  102. Evoking emotion in a short film.
  103. 15.6" Broadcast quality HD-SDI HDMI LCD Monitor
  104. Android equivalent of pCAM?
  105. First test of our brushless stabilizer Portahead and BMCC
  106. IRND 4x5.6 Tiffen vs. Skier
  107. Time Lapse pet hate
  108. Camera Op/DP needed for workshop this evening (London)
  109. Why do so many filmmakers advocate breaking the rules of filmmaking?
  110. HMI Choices
  111. Online Film Schools/Courses?
  112. Photometrics
  113. 3-axis camera stabilizing systems Overview
  114. Fluid head and Total Gear Weight Capacity question.
  115. HD-SDI Splitter for BMCC
  116. General: Anamorphic Lenses
  117. Emmanuel Lubezki & Terrence Malick shooting next film on the Alexa!
  118. anyone tested the Light Source Pro app and the PocketLD app?
  119. Lighting - How to get certain looks
  120. BMCC cut with 5DMKIII?
  121. BMCC EF and BMPC in doco, To match or not to match?
  122. Bowl Head Tripod on a Budget
  123. How to light this scene for a music performance?
  124. Practise shooting narrative scenes (London)
  125. Interesting move by Sony - 2k filter for 4k camera
  126. Dynamic Range from 5D Mark III
  127. conrad hall short doc - wonderful :)
  128. A Cam/B Cam: BMCC/BMPCC or BMCC/6D
  129. Full Spectrum Conversion: Blackmagic IR
  130. 2.55:1 , 3:1... why or why not?
  131. Getting different Light Situations explained?
  132. Saw this Walimex Pro (Samyang 24mm 1.5) 88 Euro
  133. BMCC via Helicopter?
  134. Any recommendations on Autopoles/Polecats?
  135. Dedolight 650w versus Arri 650w Fresnel?
  136. Help Needed: Paint "Filter" for Video
  137. How to shoot dialogues?
  138. 12 Years a Slave, Mother, and the aesthetic politics of filming black skin
  139. Any Australian Cinematographers?
  140. Lighting for an all white "void"
  141. monocam
  142. Shooting on water
  143. Green screen advice BMPCC, exposure, WB, gray card
  144. Flag kit
  145. Best general purpose portable light kit
  146. ND Filters: Am I Doing it Right?
  147. M&S Xmas advert
  148. Jib/Crane for BMCC
  149. Ginirig just added a BMPCC cage to their Facebook page
  150. "Making of The One" is online
  151. How do you tell if you are over of under without a meter
  152. What are your favorite iPad/iPhone iOS apps for Cinematography??????
  153. Best First Person Rigs
  154. Creative camera case labeling systems
  155. 11 short films by Janusz Kaminsk
  156. Learning how to use a Sekonic L-758Cine light meter
  157. ASA when shooting RAW on the Pocket
  158. Importance of using viewfinder with dominant eye
  159. How anal are you with your lighting
  160. What aperture are used for exterior shots on major motion pictures?
  161. Trost Slider Group Buy
  162. Comparison Handheld and Tripod - IMPORTANT
  163. Optimal Length for a Slider?
  164. Cinevate Duzi v2 Slider
  165. John Brawley's 2014 Showreel: "Like" it!
  166. best Camera Operator's external mount Z-Finder w/ Pocket Cinema rig
  167. Question for those who shoot music videos
  168. Decent Fluid Heads?
  169. Lighting Scenes
  170. Fog Filter
  171. BMCC lighting on this video?
  172. Finally have something to show for myself!
  173. Black Pro Mist 1/8 or 1/4 for the BMCC
  174. Any advise on BMPCC w/Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 lens + metabone speed booster
  175. Any suggestions for an External video recorder with Raw recording for BMPCC ?
  176. BMPCC Footage
  177. Any tripod head with adjustable hard stop when tilting?
  178. versatile rig/cage for BMPCC?
  179. 5D vs BMPCC?
  180. Fresnel LEDs
  181. Budget Junior Light Stand
  182. Shoulder rig for BMPCC - help
  183. My First BMPCC TEST
  184. How necessary is an IR reduction filter?
  185. Thoughts on the Panny GH4 compared to BMCC and BMPCC...
  186. DIY striplights
  187. Polarizer(s), ND Filters & IR Filters Question??????
  188. Any cheap adapter for Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Normal Auto Focus for BMPCC?
  189. Looking for a sub 1k steadycam system
  190. How to make a studio shot music video interesting?
  191. Composition Questions
  192. Camera and Monitor Calibration
  193. Scriptwriter needed, please! ;-)
  194. fake an interior car scene by night
  195. "Doubt"
  196. Cinematography Podcast
  197. Filters to change Tung. to Fluorscent
  198. lighting-for-matching-closeups-lighting-workshop-with eric kress
  199. Filming a club scene with strobe lights.. Alexa, Epic, F55, or BMPC??
  200. smartphone screens
  201. lighting interviews with LED panels x1000
  202. Maintaining Exposure for a Scene
  203. Filming in the desert - which IRND ?
  204. Lighting Conference Room with Large Window
  205. Comodo Orbit...Anyone had a play with one yet?
  206. bm 4k vs sony f55 vs canon 5d mark 3
  207. Looking to "Apprentice" to any DP's in NYC
  208. Conan's 'The Walking Dead' parody and BTS
  209. The Scorpion Light, Opinions?
  210. Dallas Buyers Club shot on 2 lenses and without lights
  211. Decent Quality screw mount m42 > M43 adapter
  212. First attempt at low light shooting... comments and suggestions welcome!
  213. GH4 - Panasonic is claiming 13-stops DR with CineLike
  214. Help in choosing lightweight PL zoom lens
  215. Wes Anderson // Centered
  216. Using LED bulbs for lighting
  217. The Grand 4:3 Ratio Thread
  218. Red Color & Digital Noise
  219. Flolight Microbeam 1024/800
  220. ASC Interview with Bruno Delbonnel RE: Inside Llewyn Davis
  221. Underwater Filming in UK
  222. Nifty new autofocus system for all lenses
  223. Testing BlackMagic Production Camera in Central America
  224. Zacuto EVF at NAB
  225. GH4 Skin-tones Look Great!
  226. Is anyone elses Kipon EOS-m4/3 w/ Aperture control too loose?
  227. Backdrop or green screen for windows
  228. Question about shoulder rig use
  229. Ultimate slider
  230. Nanguang Fluorescent
  231. lighting for car interiors at night, no genny
  232. Chinese lights; What Do you think?
  233. 2 camera interview idea
  234. Neutral Density Filters and the BMCC (Video link)
  235. BMCC Camera Package (No Resolve)
  236. Getting the prisoners 'Look'
  237. Cinematography Question Moonlight Scene with BMPCC
  238. Black is Beautifull (music video) - Shooting malediction
  239. Best 60p to 24p Settings
  240. how RAW cinematography will effect the future
  241. festivals for cinematographer
  242. Luxi For All Kickstarter
  243. Regional Tourism Spots For Va and NC Shot on BMPC 4K
  244. Lowel GL-1 LED
  245. A MUST HAVE app for all Bmc users
  246. Arrilite Plus
  247. Shooting a feature film with limited lighting options.
  248. Moire and IR pollution when shooting black and white
  249. a New Commercial shot with BMCC
  250. Anyone looking for a DJI Phantom Quad-copter