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  1. Desert Trip's Bob Dylan show shot on Micro Studio Cameras
  2. The Latest Flavour of LED flexible waterproof light
  3. Shooting fire
  4. Sale: Dracast led1000 bi-color
  5. Exposing with UM46 False Color
  6. Arri Rental Channel- Anthony Dod Mantle
  7. Matching UM 4.6K with a 4K
  8. 180 or 360 rotating head
  9. Feelworld new monitor F7
  10. Lowel Omni / Tota Lights LED Question
  11. When shooting RAW, is it better to overexpose or underexpose?
  12. SLR Magic Vari ND Mk2 - questions for owners
  13. Ir cut filter when no nd is needed?
  14. Buying C Stands directly from china. - anyone has experience?
  15. Let's talk about eliminating reflections off the back of filters in your stack!
  16. Strobe Effect
  17. DIY sub $150 Bowens S Mount LED.
  18. Any suggestions on matching BMPCC Raw and URSA 4K Raw in Post?
  19. Filter stuck
  20. The Hollywood Reporter | Cinematographer Roundtable 2016
  21. visions of light: the art of cinematography
  22. How would you light this?
  23. The Witches of Eastwick
  24. A7Sii Questions
  25. Identify this light for me?
  26. Coming from BM to other cameras/exposing c-log
  27. General Lighting Advice + Considerations
  28. Sirui P204 monopod recommendation
  29. Lighting for BMPCC Daylight to Tungsten
  30. Spy Cameras
  31. My new showreel - with a lot of Ursa Mini 4.6K stuff
  32. Matching 5D Mrk3 w/ Ursa Mini 4.6k - Need tips suggestions
  33. USA Based Drone Rental Company?
  34. Right or Left Follow Focus?
  35. White Balancing the BMD Cameras
  36. Fuse/lighting question (or 'please help me not catch fire')
  37. Advice on the purchase of A light.
  38. DP Geoff Boyle Discusses the Evolution and Future of LED Lighting
  39. 28-Light LED Shootout | No Film School Test
  40. Aputure 300d (2K HMI equivalent)
  41. Hidden cameras
  42. Gimbal time!!
  43. radio-head | short narrative
  44. Offloading Arriraw from Alexa Mini Cfast 2.0
  45. Teaser for feature filmed with BMMCC and Ursa Mini 4.6k
  46. Variable IRND?
  47. Optar Illumina and Elite lenses and 4K URSA.
  48. How to deal with natural light URSA mini 4.6k
  49. Canvasgrip quality?
  50. Exposing with the Video Assist 5
  51. Kodak and BM it's the cheapest time to film on film in film history
  52. mini jib for tripod?
  53. Small DTap battery suggestions?
  54. How do I toggle the audio meters / battery indicator on the LCD screen?
  55. Quasar Tube sale
  56. Copying Lubezki - tell me what I am doing wrong.
  57. smoke vs haze
  58. Best article on resolution ever
  59. Passing of time in movies
  60. CRONUS LUTs package (3 Free LUTs)
  62. Del Pino's cinematography in Ozark
  63. Beachtek DXA-MICRO PRO Audio Adapter
  64. Lighting at night (outdoor)
  65. Red Raven
  66. New Tiffen NATural ND (IR ND)
  67. Case for Quasar Science LED tubes?
  68. Straight vs Flexible Tracks
  69. Aputure 300d vs Rayzr 7 300
  70. What kind of external could i use for my BMPCC
  71. About to do a Canon c200 vs ursa mini 4.6k test
  72. Feed back on Cinematography Reel
  73. Land of The Wind | Short Doc shot on a BMMCC hits Camerimage! N1 Cinematography Fest
  74. Lighting a village hall school scene for BMPCC
  75. Breaking down the lighting used in outward looking theatre shot from Scorsese's Hugo
  76. Looking for a good dedicated hairlight
  77. URSA mini speedbooster - first test
  78. Dual System Sound/Time Code Sync
  79. Trying to expose the subject correctly after fixing background clipping
  80. You have $6000
  81. blackmagic video assist 4k
  82. The cinematography and colour grading of the first 3 Harry Potter film
  83. Litra Torch, Who's used it? Who else wants to miniaturize your light kit?
  84. Finally - The Oscars acknowledge Roger Deakins
  85. Shaky distortion when panning
  86. Anyone try Smith-Victor Ladybug light yet?
  87. Exposing with the BMPC 4K
  88. C stands - does this example look like a reasonable option?
  89. Arri Suction cups
  90. Advice - another shooter asking for credit
  91. Seeking Advice - Matching shots between URSA and BMPCC
  92. URSA MINI EWA Marine housing
  93. DIY LED Beauty Dish Eyelight (High CRI + Variable Color Temp)
  94. Stacking filters
  95. Quasar Science Q-LED Q-LION Bi-Color Battery Lights Video Review
  96. Exposing skin tones FC
  97. Mount/Tracking shots from a Car [URSA Mini]
  98. Liliput A5, a 5" HDMI pass through monitor for only US$149!!
  99. Experience with Van Diemen diffusion filters?
  100. Seeking advice - My freedom as a DoP?
  101. Recommendations for folding equipment trolley?
  102. hazers and sharpness
  103. shutter questions
  104. Camera 6.0 Beta Update
  105. Why the obsession with highlight detail?
  106. BBMPCC 4K is not recognized on my Mac Pro ?
  107. tips on shooting with the Alexa
  108. DIY Speed Rail Dolly Slider For large Cameras
  109. P4K users: Good deal on a USB-C Powerbank
  110. wirelessly color tunable, dimmable, flickerfree, cheap practial lights
  111. I'm shooting my second feature length film with a GH5S
  112. Light Meter Calibration
  113. Good LED key light for Ursa mini 4.6k?
  114. What Level Of ND Is IRND Essential On BMPCC4K?
  115. Shooting Real Estate?
  116. C-stand maintenance advice
  117. LiteMat 40" x 21" or Alladin 48" x 12"
  118. Light meters
  119. Lighting a small intimate space -- ideas?
  120. Attaching Kowa Anamorphic lens to URSA mini pro
  121. Shooting in Direct sunlight
  122. RED mixed with P4K
  123. Sachtler DV12SB
  124. Make BMPCC4K truely Cinematic
  125. URGENT. Need Lighting Tips for shoot tomorrow night.
  126. Frame / speed math for syncing slow motion
  127. Sneak preview: BMPCC4K ergonomic Bluetooth grip
  128. UM EVF on BMPCC 4k ISSUE - Need suggestions
  129. Cinematographer David Leitner discusses his experiences shooting "hand-held"
  131. Suggestions shooting might scenes with BMCC 2.5K
  132. Ninja V False Color Discrepancy
  133. Cyc wall color
  134. Weipu polarity
  135. Light Stand Question
  136. any gimbal tips trying to shoot frontal walk/talk scenes without a spotter?
  137. BM viewfinder smoothness
  138. Solution for mounting the pocket 4k/6k on ronin-s/sc simply.
  139. Documentary Frame Rate - BMPCC 6k
  140. Short slider for flexibility on sticks - iFootage Shark Slider? Copies?
  141. Easier Proxy workflow for G2 plus Video assist