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  1. Does this look choppy or am I going crazy?
  2. Simulating police car lights?
  3. Teaser shot with BMCC
  4. Lightning Kit upgrade questions
  5. Kood P Series + Hood ?
  6. Follow Focus Sigma 18-35
  7. balancing and using glidecam hd4000
  8. Ring Lights
  9. Daylight practical bulbs?
  10. House of Power Shoulder Pad
  11. Carl Zeiss S16 Prime Lenses on BMC Camera EF Mount
  12. How to hide clear tape reflections on camera
  13. HibJib
  14. Is anyone using the SmallHD DP7 Pro High Bright?
  15. sigma 18-35 speedboster or not?
  16. Boda Jib
  17. Interview Lighting Threrad
  18. DJI Ronin vs. DEFY G5
  19. Some craft and lighting videos I came across today...
  20. Nature shooters help
  21. Video on crop factors
  22. Music Video w/ BMPCC Speedbooster & Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 and Zacuto Enforcer & ZFinder
  23. DVD / Blu-Ray burning
  24. Shooting an Apple Style ad - How?
  25. Lighting and color correction Recommendations
  26. Is this my Speedbooster or lens Physics?
  27. Diy electronic follow focus with old spare parts - tutorial
  28. Olympus 9mm fisheye body cap lens
  29. Dracast 160a review
  30. El Cheapo Gear Head
  31. Ikan Wireless FF
  32. New TV Spot With BMPC 4K and BMPCC
  33. Band performance - Lighting advice
  34. 1.9.4 Only for URSA
  35. Interesting new steady device. A little box that sits on top of any camera
  36. Advices for shooting with natural light: Exteriors in a Forest & Car Interiors
  37. How to light night similar to this ad?
  38. Event shooting...
  39. help How to transition into letterbox
  40. Raw test
  41. Is there away to create this colored flare with filters?
  42. balancing steadicam with arm and vest
  43. LED Light with Battery Power
  44. Post Your Lighting Set Ups...
  45. Deakins is back shooting on film
  46. PrimeCircle cine filters thread
  47. RED's Gio Scope Tool Zone System
  48. what do you use to focus the bmcpc?
  49. BMPC 4k Skin tones test
  50. Alzo 3000 LED color
  51. Lowell Omni-light pro changes color from tungsten to flourescent
  52. Best, Low priceed Kino Diva Knock Off Option
  53. Analysis of Edgar Wright's Visual Style
  54. Metabones SB Leica R for BMCC / BMPCC
  55. Leica R with Leitaz mod on Nikon-BMPCC SB
  56. Top Ten Tips for Cinematographers
  57. Fist of Fury
  58. "High CRI" LED tape with bmpcc/bmcc
  59. Chinara & Elshad Xoce-Isterem(trailer by director Dr.Nijat)
  60. High CRI bulbs - YUJI LED
  61. Hollywood Rep Round Table - Deakins, Cronenweth, Beebe, Delhomme, Libatique, Pope
  62. Sekonic Spectromaster C-700 announced
  63. Scene with mixed color temperature - shoot it that way or do it in post?
  64. 7Q or Shogun with Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5
  65. 370$ handheld 3 axis gimbal for bmpcc ? Yes it works !
  66. question about something that could or could not be VFX heavy.
  67. Best budget lighting setup for narrative.
  68. BMPC 4K DOES NOT WORK with Atomos Shogun!
  69. Anyone have experience with the RONIN or the BlackSwan GYROVU gimbal?
  70. New Budget Duel FollowFocus
  71. Steadicam vs gimbal such as the Ronin
  72. Helix Jr. Gimbal Group Buy
  73. Interesting Pocket rig
  74. What is the most beautiful BMPCC footage you have seen online?
  75. Great Interview with Geoff Boyle
  76. Good site about light rig and "behind the scenes", lhow it was lit.
  77. improved AUDIO Control - separate levels for a single mic / split onto 2 channels
  78. Finding light in the darkness
  79. Lowel Caselite 4 advice
  80. Shot by shot: Jaws
  81. All GIMBAL experts help needed!
  82. Wintertime - storyboarding time
  83. The Man In The High Castle - Stupidly good cinematography
  84. L'Aigle Exoskeleton G w/Helix gimbal setup
  85. Making of GoT
  86. How do you approach shooting sunny daytime car interiors?
  87. 25p (BMCC) and 60p (GH4)
  88. Ski-Dolly with Ronin
  89. James Miller deluts LUT sets
  90. Canon New 4K Video Camera
  91. PilotFly H1 3 Axis Gimbal for BMPCC
  92. Log Lut to REC 709 LUt
  93. Contemporary Cinematography Stills Blog
  94. Shooting on 8mm Video
  95. juicedlink bmc388 and bmpcc...
  96. Shape iSee+ Gimbal for BMPCC
  97. Crash Cam cage for new Micro Camera
  98. Lenzhound budget wireless follow focus
  99. Any good Android apps for scripting/shots?
  100. Blackmagic URSA MINI by Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media
  101. Cheaper alternatives to Dedolights?
  102. What temps to gel 4500k, 5000k, or 2700K?????
  103. URSA as a 4K Recorder
  104. This looks like an interesting ND filter...
  105. Finally, a smartphone panel as an (inexpensive, DIY) EVF/monitor?
  106. Cinematography: Candlelight, Sunset, Kelvin and BMPCC
  107. PCam App- Pocket Cam showing less DOF than BMCC?
  108. Centre Framing actions in Mad Max
  109. L.A. Creative Pro User Group Meeting - Wed. June 24th
  110. Pandora rig - great function, bad design
  111. Mosaic OLPF examples
  112. New BLackmagic backed Scifi trailer looks amazing! (Not a plug!!!)
  113. Free Screening of BMCC Feature in L.A. This Monday Jun 22
  114. Tips for shooting interviews outside? Examples?
  115. Relio - Small portale LED lights
  116. Interview lighting - which side do you prefer for key and kicker?
  117. shooting melting/burning film?
  118. Alex Buono's Visual storytelling
  119. OCONNOR 1030d or other options for fully rigged URSA Min
  120. Best Tripod Setup balancing value/cost for URSA
  121. Is an IR CUT filter really needed/important for Blackmagic cameras
  122. Filming Bar Scene -Low Light Lens?
  123. What are the most common densities to have for ND filters.
  124. Gym commercial
  125. Color in storytelling
  126. Theatrical Release/VOD for BMCC Feature - Harbinger Down
  127. Bright Tangerine Revolvr follow focus
  128. DON MCVEY - LEE Filters Diffusion Test
  129. I made my own URSA slider rig
  130. Anyone tried Aputure Light Storm LEDs?
  131. Shoot 35 dual follow focus
  132. True Detectives style opening.
  133. want Gimbal for BMPCC w/ Sigma 18-35 and speedbooster
  134. Outstanding documentary
  135. Final Cut Pro X Sucks? - Color Grading
  136. How do you shoot Working Out Scene?
  137. Roger Deakins Sicario Q&A (1.5hrs)
  138. Need BMPCC external battery solution
  139. Does anyone have a Really Right Stuff FH-350 Fluid head in London, UK?
  140. Tiffen Black Pro-Mist 1/4 and 1/8
  141. What cheap lighting kit can you suggest for narrative filming?
  142. Anamorphic Lovin'
  143. Feedback from the professionals!
  144. Killer new 32' round soft 1k equiv. LED panel
  145. Using minus green on fluorescent tubes
  146. follow focus for shoulder rig
  147. Quicktime Colour Issues
  148. Laing M30P or Came-TV Load Pro Steadicam systems
  149. Sliders
  150. Need lighting help please
  151. Fog in a can
  152. Best LED lighting rigs - late 2015/early 2016
  153. El Capitan 10.11.2
  154. Question about Dynamic Range
  155. Best way to mount a BMCC to Kessler Stealth Slider
  156. Mole-Richardson (Used Lighting)
  157. What if Lenses were not curved?
  158. Cinema Lens Comparison Zeiss vs. Schneider
  159. Tripod head "spring hysteresis"
  160. Attaching gels to LED Panel Lights
  161. UK Alternative's
  162. In-Depth Review: CAME-TV 1200 Watt HMI (Economic Version)
  163. ZHdK - ANALOG vs. DIGITAL
  164. While We're Waiting for the 4.6k Release...
  165. Light meters for Black magic
  166. 360 pan via motorized head questions
  167. Super compact external battery for Pocket
  168. Video Review: CAME-TV CE-1500WS LED Fresnel-Style Light
  169. Amazing Wireless Streaming System
  170. URSA Mini Reference Clock / Timecode
  171. SmallHD + LUTs + URSA Mini
  172. Vinten Vision Blue head + Manfrotto 535 experiences?
  173. How to know whether or not your highlights are clipping?
  174. Scarlet-W is shipping now!
  175. Previs software that I like to use
  176. What does everyone think of the way 4k+ looks?
  177. Arzularin Ardinca-Official film 2015
  178. LF Studio Lighting Recommendations
  179. litepanels Hilio?
  180. OST "Sher Qarishanda" official video
  181. Has Anyone had any Experience with Red Devil Fluorescent Fixtures?
  182. ND Filtration strength for 800 ISO shooting...
  183. Ursa Mini 4.6k PL arrived today but I'm disappointed
  184. NEW Gratical Eye Micro-OLED EVF
  185. Relamp - Visionsmith
  186. Best gels for temperature change
  187. BMCC obsolete? Legacy?
  188. Fluorescent Flicker Effect
  189. Question: ETTR
  190. Ticking from tungsten light?
  191. Any lighting advice for music video in this warehouse (images)?
  192. Ursa Mini Timecode in
  193. Hands on the new BladeLight by FloLight
  194. CAME-TV 1200 Watt HMI PAR Video Review
  195. Is Digital Bolex doomed? 😁
  196. Spinning Product Shot
  197. CFAST data backup on the go
  198. Best way to get a creepy slow track in shot without a Dolly/Track setup
  199. Tripod advice.
  200. Shoulder Rig for Ursa Mini
  201. High res but beautifully soft
  202. Everything I shouldn't do with the BMPCC
  203. SONY FS7 Music Video
  204. How do the pros do it? Shot list, organizing shots
  205. The new Aputure light is out now
  206. URSA Mini 4.6 VS Scarlet W
  207. URSA Mini on a Kessler pocket jib, unusable
  208. Manfrotto hihat for 99 bucks
  209. Frames from Music Vid shot on Carbon fibre Weapon
  210. Intellytech Light Cannon F-485 5600k - High Output 485W LED reviews?
  211. Field monitor that can scale image width?
  212. Remote control gimbal handle
  213. Mounting a Ronin M to Kessler Pocket Jib
  214. aspect ratio questions
  215. Lighting Advice for this Office Space (Video Inside)
  216. Purge Anarchy
  217. Lens advice for the URSA Mini 4K shooting inside a concert show
  218. Complete led color rendering database of 2016
  219. What ND do I need to shoot wide open during full daylight. how many stops?
  220. Inexpensive COB LED strips
  221. Wescott Flex cheaper version flexible LED
  222. Blackmagic URSA 4K V1 resolution
  223. Hazer
  224. Mounting a camera & Video Assist 4K on a stabilizer
  225. Matching URSA 4K to BMCC 2.5K
  226. Another Light Meter App
  227. BMPCC or Micro Cam?
  228. Proper exposure for prores
  229. What is this???
  230. Color temperature change in bulb when adjusting knob
  231. Toronto International Film Festival
  232. StudioPRO Bi-color LED lights
  233. Spotlight || Film vs Digital: The Big Debate
  234. I really need some help ASAP lighting this scene, It is a Dramatic bar scene.
  235. The "aesthetical" use of letterboxes
  236. Raw 3:1 Tungsten and ISO
  237. What are your favorite practical lights ? Any cool LED strip practical solutions?
  238. Building your own lights with LED Strips
  240. How to expose for bmd sensors
  241. Stop motion with Micro Cinema Camera
  242. Exteral Monitor -- Cleaning Product (?)
  243. Shooting 2.5K resolution from an URSA
  244. 3 axis gimbal technique ?
  245. 5 Ursa minis 4.6k PL Available now from PNC Engineering!
  246. Using False color on marshall vlcd50 vs smalldp 501
  247. Screen shots from Micro Cinema Camera Short
  248. How are you capturing audio? (Lavs)
  249. Official 4.0 - viewfinder doesn't show LUT
  250. Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 Owner/Operator in Da Houzz - Salt Lake City