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  1. Tell us about yourself?
  2. Francis ford coppola's dream come true?
  3. How to feel good about your BMCC pre-order
  4. What is the first thing you will shoot with the Magic Cam?
  5. Is this the BMC sensor?
  6. Ikonoscop A-cam dII vs BMC
  7. Any advice on budget monitor to use with resolve
  8. Anybody else scrambling to save enough money for the July ship date?
  9. Anybody else glad that DOF will be harder to abuse than it was in the 5D?
  10. Do you think the Magic Cam can look as good as the Ikonoskop footage
  11. Red user here.... others as well ?
  12. IS BMD the new RED?
  13. Another company dipping their toe in the digital camera market.
  14. Avengers at the Odeon IMAX...
  15. Hitler learns about the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  16. Red Speculation
  17. Sundance Winner shot S16... really don't care
  18. Just exactly what is this?!?!?
  19. BMC release price has gone down from CVP (UK) - Excellent news!
  20. Too many cooks
  21. Arduino Lens Controller - Synchronized Zoom/Focus with Wii Classic Controller - GH2
  22. Ia Stu Maschwitz working with the BMC?
  23. Adobe predicted "onslaught" of DSLR raw videos before 200?
  24. Bad industry talk about the BMC
  25. "House" Finale Tonight
  26. Recommended Films for Cinematography
  27. Types of Narrative Storytelling Projects, -commercial, -clients, -music videos
  28. Trading resolution for feeling.
  29. Why BMC and not Digital Bolex?
  30. mainstream coverage of Black Magic
  31. Film Lighting Tips For A Photographer
  32. Marketplace?
  33. A Mentality Check
  34. What were you shooting with before the NAB announcement?
  35. Grading & Stylisation
  36. Mac editing questions from a Vegas user
  37. Best Editing Software for Windows
  38. John Brawley and the Alexa
  39. Zacuto Revenge Of The Great Camera Shootout 2012
  40. alan zavacky newbie here..
  41. BMD Cinema Camera Facebook Page
  42. My 48 hour guerilla film fest entry
  43. help me choose a motherboard and a RAM
  44. Snap focus
  45. Shooting "2001" (BTS photos)
  46. My favourite "deep focus" film of all time.
  47. About last night...
  48. BMC and BMD ATEM 1 M/E switcher
  49. A short I shot is playing before "Ted" this opening weekend at the Mall of America
  50. The perfect host.
  51. How to optimize After Effects Memory and Multiproccessing?
  52. What does RED sueing WOODEN CAMERA mean to BMC accessories?
  53. Work opportunities when owning a new camera like the BMC.
  54. What is a reliable decent dolly system? (no sliders)
  55. Bruce Block Seminar
  56. Rig for resolve and editing?
  57. a lengthy lecture on common misunderstandings in Digital Camera Specifications
  58. Puberty Blues promo
  59. Any Mid South Users?
  60. The need for 4K.
  61. Download raw footage from the KineRAW S35
  62. REFERENCE IMAGE - 2.5K raw vs. 2K 2.39:1 crop
  63. Um, it's July
  64. Black Magic compared to Digital Bolex: Horses for courses of course
  65. Let's see your stuff!
  66. Apertus Axiom - Open Source Cinema Camera Announced
  67. Just saw the new Spider-Man. Did you find the pov shots distracting?
  68. Custom cut Pelican case foam
  69. The Axiom Camera: 4K, 150fps, 15 Stops Range, Sub $10K
  70. Recommend a good book on film editing.
  71. Portland Lens Test (7 sets of glass go head to head) - For Those That Missed It.
  72. The Dark Knight Rises?
  73. New EOS adapter for m43
  74. a list of broadcast and documentary type workflow cameras
  75. Back to incessant barking ...
  76. Part Two - Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012
  77. Request for new thread category :rolleyes:
  78. How many posts?
  79. What did I miss..... ;-)
  80. Hello Kitty Camera
  81. Resolution needed for cinema?
  82. The Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time
  83. My First BMCC Project Production Diary
  84. For those of you that do commercial / corporate work
  85. Top 10 movies?
  86. Anyone drooling over the KineRAW S35?
  87. Puberty Blues
  88. A place to vent or complain about the Blackmagic, the BMC, etc
  89. Forum issue: logging out
  90. Yolk Y2 - The most beautiful camera I've ever seen
  91. 16 bit 4k Raw for $1k
  92. Who owns this website ?
  93. CINEFEX App at last.
  94. International Co-Productions. Who has interest and/or experience?
  95. Show us your workspace!
  96. Tilta rigs
  97. Going freelance. Your experiences? The do's, the dont's and the horror stories.
  98. Scarletuser Refugees
  99. Zacoto Revenge part 3
  100. How many of you are familiar with the Panasonic GH2?
  101. Only for The SHIPPING STATUS thread Refugees
  102. How much would you have charged for this commercial?
  103. Team GB adidas video
  104. Black Magic Cinema Camera Workshops New York
  105. DNA storage
  106. Clones Blackmagi -Design Cinema Camera 480GB SSD USD 499
  107. My next camera
  108. Can't see the pictures in treads anymore.
  109. For International Producers/Distributors...a quick rant.
  110. Have you heard?
  111. Recommended External Hard Drive?
  112. Tony Scott dies
  113. Blackmagic Cinema Camera Demo
  114. Ebay LED Fresnel
  115. Take my mind off things...
  116. 1 Trillion FPS
  117. Lance Armstrong
  118. Never been able to view pictures in BMCUSER posts. Any suggestions
  119. An interesting conversation going on over at reduser about resolution
  120. New Canon EOS C100: Zzzz I think
  121. A very funny article with much truth
  122. Starting a new production company. Gear list...Thoughts? Suggestions?
  123. Got my Camera!!!!!!
  124. Someone is Pissed!
  125. Kubrick // One-Point Perspective
  126. Gumtree UK Lenses scam
  127. Post your favorite short films
  128. Are there women on the forum?
  129. Stories?? The triumph or the failure, the funny or the just plain dumb
  130. Tone of the forum
  131. Make your old Nikon Lenses really work for you. on a 350 Camera
  132. Michael Clarke Duncan
  133. Win a BMCC!
  134. Mine Arrived !!!
  135. Second best filmic alternative to BMC? (Besides RED & Film Camera)
  136. Epic BW?
  137. Gear you can't live without
  138. My guesses on what we are going to hear from apple today
  139. Opinions on Sony-nex-vg900
  140. Sony RX1. The best stealth/undercover/gorilla filming camera?
  141. Ranting about Fashion Photography
  142. The Master in 70mm
  143. GH3 Video Leaked
  144. Capturing reality website
  145. Canon 6D
  146. Leica M shooting (all-I) video
  147. Video ads in print magazines
  148. Camera Boys song
  149. Woodencamera shows wooden BMC
  150. Nikon D600 Moire issues
  151. Nikon D600 Video Footage Nikon 15mm F/3.5 AIS lens, Nikon 28mm F/2.8 AIS lens
  152. craigslist producers. haha
  153. The natives are getting restless... so let's talk film scores.
  154. Don't make your girlfriend mad
  155. Nikon D600 going back to amazon
  156. Jack Fall - Test shoot for a feature film
  157. The Aussie who shook up world's film industry (Grant Petty profile piece)
  158. Advice regarding Pro Res 422 LT converted from EX3 footage
  159. 4k 900fps FT-ONE from FOR-A
  160. I just really liked this short - unique maybe?
  161. kodak news
  162. New Aaton Delta Penelope s35 ccd camera
  163. The lens kit used in Game of Thrones
  164. New Short Film is also First Kickstarter Project
  165. red's meizler module
  166. End of Watch.
  167. EV Difference Calculator... Thing
  168. GoPro Protune is out as of yesterday.
  169. compare bmc to digital bolex
  170. Red Scarlet within reach for some, for now
  171. Color-accurate monitor
  172. New Sony F?
  173. GoPro with "epic and gamechanging" announcement tonight
  174. The Black and Blue Digital Cinema Pocket Guides
  175. Digital Bolex may get my money.
  176. Favourite recent music video. What 's yours?
  177. Is the BMC already OBSOLETE? >> Ultra HD
  178. Australian Dog Rescue Group
  179. Apple ProRes Option...
  180. FCP X 10.0.6 update is a big deal
  181. I bought a Camera!!!
  182. What about this monitor?
  183. Which Mount for new GH2 owner?
  184. Whoa. Didn't plan on this. Got a BMC today
  185. 5D3 uncompressed video?
  186. RED to drop Epic and Scarlet-X prices - Oct 31
  187. Why Jeff and HHL are awesome
  188. Sony F5 & F55.
  189. Isn't RED supposed to announce major price drops today?
  190. New RED Pricing For Those Interested
  191. Red drops!
  192. Sony f55 Global Shutter - End of Days for Rolling Shutter CMOS
  193. Waiting for BM Camera but just bought a Red One MX. Next stop side by side comps
  194. Another one bites the dust.
  195. Red's attempt to kill BMC?
  196. How much to kit out a RED ONE?
  197. BMC vs RED Scarlet-X
  198. The Next Move
  199. Impressive crane shot
  200. EF mount cameras
  201. European R1 order: Huge price difference
  202. Anyone know what happens if you cancel through Red?
  203. 4K Delivery. Are we safe for a while?
  204. Panasonic drops the ball again with the AF100A
  205. The Red One Camera Sucks
  206. Music Video
  207. Must see docu-THE FIRST 36 HOURS: An inside look at Hurricane Sandy
  208. an interesting comment from Roger Deakins
  209. Am I nuts? Converting a sony z1 to s35 with pro res output.
  210. BTS of shooting a bank commercial with my FS100
  211. Short Film "Dry"
  212. SDI viewfinders - why so expensive?
  213. TS3 Cine 3
  214. Coke vs. Pepsi
  215. Eclipse in NZ
  216. 2012 Showreel Cinematographer/Editor
  217. Red BT 4k for 4k sold out. BMC to begin shipping ASAP
  218. 22HD Cintiq
  219. The Grandmasters trailer..
  220. Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs the DSLR video world
  221. Just got thrown out of the cinema.
  222. KineRAW S35 cinema camera short film "The Iron Psyche" by Matthew Allard
  223. Trouble with HDD
  224. BMC jitters
  225. need a good alternative to DropBox for sharing video
  226. S35 Mini Kineraw Camera
  227. Kickstart Theft, Vilmos Zsigmond cinematographer
  228. Data Management with BMCC
  229. SDDs Weekend deals
  230. Sony 4K Study
  231. Little raw cam side project...
  232. So I bought... an FS100
  233. Prices of the F5 and F55 are now official
  234. Need help with U-matic
  235. any new info on the APERTUS AXIOM
  236. Blackmagic Cinema Camera is late, who is excited about the new Imac?
  237. Nikon D800 $200 price drop coming in December.
  238. Upgrade path for BMCC v2 (hypothetical)
  239. F55 (not 65) short Film DIG - 4K Raw to 1080 download
  240. Really cool sitdown discussion with some of Hollywoods top directors
  241. BMCC RIG Recommendation
  242. How to deal with cancellations
  243. Where's it all leading to?
  244. GH2 vs GH3 - Slow Motion
  245. The Hobbit 48fps
  246. Keeping occupied whilst waiting for the BMCC
  247. Interesting new light
  248. Laughs from Youtube: BANE OUTAKES
  249. Tricky new slider from Edelkrone
  250. Vector graphic and video codecs