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  1. gopro 2.7K and DJI3 4K import in davinci Windows
  2. Is there a way to simply review and delete unused footage in Resolve?
  3. Davinci 12 Studio slow render...
  4. Crash Course - Editing in Resolve 12
  5. Node linking
  6. display seconds as time code?
  7. DaVinci Resolve 12.3 is now available
  8. Tangent Element Mappings for DaVinci Resolve 12?
  9. Resolve 12 - Can I program a right-click Ripple-Delete?
  10. Experiences with Resolve as an Editor
  11. Anyone using a mouse with extra programmable buttons with good results?
  12. Unwanted Zoom-In for Preview Monitor
  13. Ideal storage configuration for post production
  14. Geforce 640M 2GB enough for editing?
  15. The right GPU for just grading
  16. How to clean up the mess in your LUT folder
  17. Titles: drop shadow blur
  18. How can I optimize my storage for use with Da Vinci Resolve?
  19. Windows 10 and Resolve
  20. Questions about Resolve 12, GPU/RAM, Luts/Presets
  21. SSD for scratch disks
  22. DNxHR with AMD processor anyone?
  23. Colour Calibration
  24. Cant Make Black and White
  25. Filmconvert and Resolve
  26. RAW camera question
  27. Importing AVCHD to Resolve
  28. DaVinci Resolve 12.3.2 is now available
  29. 4.6K RAW files won't render
  30. Multiple user Windows account have access to Resolve on same PC
  31. Purple Glitch - Can anyone tell me what this could be?? BMPCC/DR v12
  32. does anyone knows how to do a HiPass for audio in davinci resolve?
  33. Bitdepth of DNxHR delivery in Resolve
  34. new workstations and servers
  35. H.264 Delivery in DaVinci Resolve 12 has no audio
  36. Nodes method when applying cineon conversions
  37. XML From Resolve to Premiere then back to Resolve Question
  38. Nodes key output
  39. Is working with Prores or DXNHQ faster as working with XAVC-i in davinci resolve?
  40. Has anyone seen or use this control surface with Da Vinci?
  41. Grading test
  42. Problem with time remapping and Resolve
  43. Power windows noob question.
  44. How to make Proxies for all imported clips
  45. Audio Sync problem on delivery
  46. Mac to Windows - Da Vinci transition
  47. How Can I Change the Debayering Algorithm?
  48. Using a Steam Controller with DaVinci Resolve
  49. Saving project for migration to new system
  50. Applying two power windows
  51. The right codec
  52. Midi twister controller that works with mac and PC
  53. Proper settings for grading RAW 4:1 shot in film mode?
  54. Resolve 12.5 Bugs
  55. Any tips for grading skin tones?
  56. Project disappeared in Resolve?
  57. New System for Resolve, Nuke, 3Ds Max and Premiere
  58. Backing up database
  59. 2012 mac pro ??
  60. Resolve on ubuntu
  61. Syncing audio in DaVinci Resolve 12
  62. Curves and Highlights - What's Right and What's Wrong?
  63. DaVinci Resolve 12.5 beta 2 is now available
  64. I would love some advice on choosing looks etc
  65. merge projects
  66. XAVC-S Lag in Resolve
  67. New Nvidia 1080 and 1070 GTX's on the way.
  68. Change timeline framerate from 24 to 25 easy steps
  69. Copying node structure for a set of clips
  70. Need advice. Can anyone explain me what this guys is talking about
  71. Help, how I get audio back?
  72. is there a way to add shortcuts?
  73. Unable to Make a Disk Database Backup
  74. Resolve dongle upgrade?
  75. 2016 Automotive Color Reel
  76. resolve studio 12.5 Noise Reduction not visible
  77. Keyboarding multiple in/out points in one clip
  78. Davinci opened but UI doesnt show
  79. Rendered video quality ?
  80. Help me understand Resolve - Premiere Roundtrip Options
  81. Final release of DaVinci Resolve 12.5
  82. Timecode overlay in Resolve?
  83. gtx 1070/1080 benchmarks
  84. Project 180GB big + exporting
  85. Sharp vs Smooth debayer setting problem
  86. GUI card with GTX 1080 ?
  87. what features do you want in a controller configuration?
  88. YRGB Alexa LogC vs ACES workflow test and problems
  89. Moving Audio Clips by Half-Frames
  90. Resolve Monitor Window - Color Issue (Not Achieving Real Black/Grey)
  91. DaVinci Resolve 12.5 crashes when creating new projects
  92. Highlight Recovery - Downside?
  93. Force Resolve to output files starting at 00:00:00:00:?
  94. Proxy workflow - replacing GoPro low-res files with high-res versions?
  95. 5D project settings scale
  96. Can't get a good export!
  97. Username/Password linked with Dongle?
  98. DR 12.5 GPU Out of Memory on AMD R9 390X 8GB GPU
  99. Resolve GUI window accurate for grading?
  100. Resolve 12.5 tutorials
  101. Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Disk Write Permission Issue
  102. Davinci Adding contrast on export?
  103. <!> Warning on clips after XML import
  104. Copy ALL edits to another clip of the same length--in Resolve or Adobe AFX or Pr???
  105. resolve studio 12.5 Windows MP3 support?
  106. Better hsl qualifying
  107. BM PCI deck link card and monitoring BMCC RAW
  108. Release of DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1.
  109. Has anyone with New Mac Pro 2013 used a thunderbolt expansion chassis with...
  110. Capt Hook and others, looking for advice... 12.5.1 is crashing on 1 of 3 machines.
  111. Older Mainboard and CPU to slow down AMD RX480 ?
  112. New dual 14-core Xeon, where to install/cache/render/read footage for Davinci?
  113. Matching 4.6k with Clog3
  114. DaVinci Full screen color screen color page . Ultra Studio Mini monitor
  115. Should i keep my Gtx-760 alongside my new Gtx 1080
  116. Reasonable technique for removing IR pollution? (images)
  117. Resolve studio stabilizer vs premiere warp stabilizer
  118. Quick performance test with upgrade from GTX 970 to 1080
  120. DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2 Released
  121. Editing 9h of clips: what do guage and red <!> icons mean
  122. SDI TO HDMA Resolve
  123. BMD LUT for Normaliztion
  124. Sound Mix Delivery..any advice?
  125. Exporting from Resolve
  126. Cheapest control surface for Da Vinci Resolve you'll ever find
  127. Color Grading Basics for a Beginner :)
  128. Editing 4.6k raw
  129. recording live feed via thunderbolt on davinci resolve
  130. DaVinci 12.5.2 No Longer Opens MP4 Files
  131. Extracting a single DNG
  132. Resolve & Premiere Pro Round Tripping Best Practices to Avoid Sync Errors
  133. Resolve 12.5.2 suddenly horrible frame rates and pausing....why?
  134. Resolve Audio encoding
  135. Tracking a composited alpha clip to the clip beneath it?
  136. scene cut detection and remote grades?
  137. Does anyone even use the color chart match function in Resolve?
  138. How can I get Davinci to run properly without spending a lot of money?
  139. Resolve and Premiere Color/Saturation Mismatch
  140. How to get out 4K 10-bit signal to my monitor
  141. Bought a dongle - how do I upgrade from Free/Lite to Studio?
  142. want to export dnxhd to vimeo
  143. epic w helium s35
  144. Installing resolve 12.5
  145. Release of DaVinci Resolve 12.5.3
  146. A good video training serials on DaVinci Resolve 12.5 from Goat's Eye
  147. Generating Optimized Media
  148. Problem with ProRes HQ playback in Resolve
  149. Render problem
  150. Equivalent transform OFX for Resolve that comes standard in Premier Pro
  151. Wich Mac Pro?
  152. Only grading half the image???
  153. Keyframing points on a motion track
  154. A different cyan/amber look
  155. Resolve, DnXHD and Premiere round trip.
  156. Can't do 2.35 anymore?
  157. Batch track all clips in a project?
  158. Removing Magenta from FS7 footge
  159. batch change text blocks
  160. another batch question
  161. Resolve 12.5.3 : I can´t import H.264 footage.
  162. Problem Generate 3D luts and use in Premiere CC
  163. Resolve 12.5.2 crashes when importing .CR2 stills
  164. Optimalt storage format and codec för YouTube and Vimeo
  165. Optimal storage file and codec for YouTube
  166. PowerGrade stills
  167. FIlmconvert camera profile
  168. YouTube vs. Vimeo, which presents best image quality when uploading your video files?
  169. Light Rays - Bright outlines appear after rendering
  170. To DAVINCI RESOLVE TEAM - Please Support H264 Level 5.2
  171. DaVinci Resolve 12.5.4 update
  172. One RAW clip - combine two/three ISO
  173. Does the UltraStudio Mini Monitor Actually Work with FCPX?
  174. Resolve Displaying Raw DNGs in folders instead of thumbnails
  175. Showing the curve representation of lift/gamma/gain
  176. audio mixer tips
  177. Alternative for Neat Video as plug-in for (free version of) Resolve?
  178. Midi controller Davinci windows
  179. 30, 48, 60 FPS Media Offline In Resolve
  180. To SSD Raid 0 or HDD Raid 0 for Resolve sceatch
  181. Grading with LUTs
  182. Log to rec709
  183. Google Chrome optimal for upload on YouTube
  184. A working formula for Image Stabilization
  185. Some Keyboard shortcuts not working on mac
  186. Premiere Pro CC Lumetri vs Resolve for color
  187. Output blanking for individual clips in the same timeline
  188. problem wit F11 key in premiere on Mac
  189. Can't get "Non Ripple delete" and deleting only audio or video when unlinked to work
  190. How to show Display Name in Edit-Timeline?
  191. Question regarding 2nd monitor for scopes for Resolve
  192. Controller idea for Resolve?
  193. latency
  194. Downscale 4.6k
  195. Does Anyone Else Do this Color/White Balancing Trick...?
  196. Current Resolve mapping on Avid Artists Color
  197. question regarding your 4K RAW workflow in Resolve
  198. ACES?
  199. UltraStudio Express via USB-C (Thunderbolt 3)
  200. Dual Screen question
  201. Question regarding RAIDS
  202. Log controls vs lift gamma gain controls
  203. How do I make the colors look bright and vivid without looking oversaturated and fake
  204. Color correction using the Camera Raw Tab
  205. DaVinci Resolve 12.5.5 released - Supports new panels
  206. What Codec do you support in Resolve Linux?
  207. Multiple GPU cards
  208. Need help with OFX installs
  209. Micro/Mini Panels with DaVinci Dongle?
  210. Missing Multicam audio tracks
  211. Still grab quality
  212. can you play back 4.6k raw footage in real time?
  213. HitFilm Ignite Pro 2017 plugins
  214. Len Flare blocking
  215. Question for those who have bought Resolve Mini Panel
  216. Advised scratch disk size?
  217. With Apple's Mac Pro announcement - Windows or Mac for Resolve?
  218. Cinema DNG , audio sync, and timecode Resolve 12.5.5
  219. Now that Nvidia Pascal cards run on OS X
  220. HIghlight and shadow rolloff
  221. Upgrading monitor + Which Decklink?
  222. NAB 2017 DaVinci Resolve 14
  223. Public beta 14 crashing on start
  224. sound stops after few seconds davincie 14
  225. worse performance playing back video in resolve 14 beta?
  226. Exporting DNGs in resolve
  227. Resolve 14 Playback on a 4 year old laptop with 860m graphics card Mini 4k & Red
  228. Resolve 14 with 4.6k RAW performance challenge
  229. Resolve 14 will not open
  230. davinci resolve 14 gtx 1080ti performance w/um4k/red scarlet/a7sii 4K
  231. Anti flicker plugin or solution
  232. Loss of viewer zoom pan in Resolve 14
  233. What happened with Davinci Resolve 13.0 ?
  234. Davinci Resolve 14 No Audio Fix
  235. What happened to the Retime Frame drop down menue in DaVinci Resolve 12.5.5?
  236. Zoom in out ,crop anamorphic de sequezed footage and keeping aspect ratio
  237. Recommendations for a raid
  238. Resolve Public Beta 2 is available
  239. Resolve 14 Color Stabilizer
  240. Optimal Tint setting with the BMPCC in Resolve Camera Raw
  241. Surface dial with resolve?
  242. quickly viewing compressed dng sequences
  243. Resolve - How to properly save project versions
  244. Choppy playback from media storage & media pool? (Resolve 14)
  245. Need help maximizing throughput of external SSDs
  246. Workflow for sending a timeline to an editor?
  247. Resolve 14 beta 3 is now available
  248. DaVinc Resolve 14 beta 1,2 & 3 still crashes at start up (any solution)
  249. A little help choosing between imac quad core intel i5 or i7?
  250. Resolve start up crash fix (video tut)